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Mpow Flame Earphones Series

This Era is undoubtedly is an Era of Wireless Technology. Each and every thing in this world is moving ahead looking for the betterment. There was an era in which people used to use Wired Headphones but as far as time is moving, invention and innovation had taken place with such a rapid pace due to which Wireless Technology came into the world and left behind the era of Headphones. Now people are moving towards the Wireless Bluetooth Earphones. Now the Question is where you can find the Top-Quality Wireless Bluetooth Earphones in Pakistan which will meet the expectations and make you feel satisfied throughout the usage period.

Dablew, is a Branded Tech Store of Pakistan which is pleased and feels honored in serving its customers with excessive first-class products. Dablew is an Official Seller of Mpow in Pakistan and  is right here yet again with the first-class Earphones with a view to provide you with an enchanting enjoy and a peace of mind in such a decent prices with after sale services . Let’s have a glance at the Best Mpow bluetooth earphones price

Mpow Flame:

Mpow Flame earphones are the one which made a great place in the world of electronics, that’s why these earphones are considered as the Top Rated Earphones in Pakistan. Its breath-taking features and comfortability have made the people to choose it over others. Mpoe Flame has equipped with a latest Bluetooth version of 5.0 which has taken the responsibility to provide the never ending and the most stable connection. Mpow Flame Earphones has been able to assist 2 devices at the same time with the steadiest connectivity. Mpow Flame can produce an Immersive Sound with its 11mm dynamic drivers that can deliver sound with Powerful Bass. Mpow Flame Earphones will never allow the external noise and distortion to interrupt you with the help of its built-in cVc 6.0 Noise Cancelling Technology. Mpow Flame gives an imaginative and mind-blowing sound quality no matter what the level of volume is. Also with at a very attractive Mpow bluetooth earphones price

Being an electronic product, the best thing Mpow Flame Earphones can give to its customers is its Water Proof ability, Mpow Flame Earphones are IPX7 waterproof as its Nano coating Technology defends the earphones from getting wet so you can enjoy a quality sound at anytime in any condition and even more in any weather. Mpow Flame Earphones will take only 2 hours for complete charge and then become able to give a playback of around 7 to 9 hours of remarkable audio performance with its built-in Polymer Lithium battery, and provides a facility to check the rest of the battery life at your mobile screen. It is very convenient to wear. Mpow Flame as it is extremely light weighted and it is a merger of comfort  and safety with ear hook and in ear fitting. Mpow Flame comes with replaceable ear-tips so that you can replace them with whatever size you are in comfort with. Mpow Flame has enabled with Google Activation Assistant (Siri) which will help in saving time.

Mpow Flame 2:

Mpow Flame 2 are the Amazon’s Top Sellers in Pakistan. Mpow Flame 2 comes with a newest Bluetooth version of 5.0 which dispatches a quicker and sturdy connection. Mpow flame 2 can give a 2 times faster speed by switching on another device which can add excitement and more entertainment in your sound. While using Mpow Flame 2, you can enjoy the feature of Instant Chatting with your friends or loved ones anytime by simply pressing the button on the right sided earphone. Mpow Flame 2 can fire up your workout with its crystal-clear high notes and Dynamic plus Enrich deep bass sound with the help of its 10mm dynamic diaphragm.

Mpow Flame 2, the Original Mpow Earphones in Pakistan, can run up to 13 hours in just a single charge. It can even give a playback of 1 hour in a quick charge of just 15 minutes. Mpow flame 2 is often called as Sports wear Earphones because it is very convenient for outdoor workouts or gaming as its IPX7 Water Proof Technology will protect the earphones from being damaged in rough weather conditions or from sweating. Mpow Flame 2 is Perfectly Ergonomic because it has been especially designed with Flexible Loop which is perfectly in tone with your ear shape and provides extreme comfortability. Mpow Flame 2 comes with Silicon Ear tips so you can choose what size is suitable for your ears as per your comfort.

Mpow Flame S:

Mpow Flame is the Aliexpress Top sellers in Pakistan. Mpow Flame S is the best and top-rated Bluetooth earphones of the recent times. Mpow Flame S is capable of delivering an immersive and focused sound with the cooperation of its Qualcomm aptX HD Technology which will never let you alone no matter how tough your workout or routine is. Mpow Flame S crushes all the background noises with its latest Noise Cancellation Technology so no distortion can put an affect on your calls or music. Mpow Flame S has been equipped with the outstanding Bluetooth Version of 5.0 which will enable you to have the most steady, stable and powerful connectivity and even more while using Mpow Flame S you can pair 2 devices at the same time for better experience of sound.

Mpow Flame S is quite easy to use as its all features are just one press away at the right earphone. Mpow Flame S can give a return of 12 hours of playtime in just a single span of complete charge so you can enjoy a quality time without being aware of the battery life. Its remaining battery life can be easily shown on the earphones as it is equipped with LED Indicator which will keep you up to date about the battery life. These earphones are considered as High-Performance Earphones as it is equipped with IPX7 sweat proof and waterproof Technology that will always be there to motivate you even in any kind of weather or condition. It is built with improved materials and with such a comfort design that will allow you to move freely without being afraid of the cord length. For best Mpow bluetooth earphones price visit here

Mpow Flame Solo:

Mpow Flame Solo is one of the most Top-Rated Bluetooth Earbuds which influenced the people to attract towards it with its mesmerizing and fascinating features. Mpow Flame Solo is expert in delivering the enriched, punchy and deep bass sounds, both of its earphones have built-in ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation Technology) with highly sensitive microphones that can easily detect every minor sound and cancels the external background noises so that those noises will never be able to be a part of your calls. Mpow Flame Solo has said a good bye to the stress of untangled wire as these earbuds are completely wireless and each of the bud can be used separately depending upon your wish, either you can use both the earbuds or just a single earbud in mono mode. These earbuds have 3 multi-functional physical buttons to control music, calls, mute settings, or Voice Assistant.

After a single charge, Mpow Flame Solo can be truly called The Best Energetic Earbuds as these earbuds are being able to dispatch a quality playback of upto 28 hours to provide you a long lasting experience. The best thing about Mpow Flame Solo is that it can also be able to give 1 hours of listening time after a quick recharge of just 15 minutes. Mpow Flame Solo has been especially designed for Sports Wear as its moldable ear hooks facilitates you with comfortable and unshakeable earbuds that never falls during a workout or even in a running period. Wearing them for a pro long period of time will never hurt your ears because of its ergonomic design. Mpow Flame Solo is compatible with multi-platform 3devices including mobile phones, tablets, Computers, Laptops etc. its Nano coating design will protect the earbuds from getting wet as these earbuds are equipped with IPX7 Waterproof technology that supports all kinds of workouts whether indoor or outdoor. Its cool 4 LED Indicators will let you know about the rest of the battery at every instant.



[ Mpow Flame VS Mpow Flame 2 VS Mpow Flame S VS Mpow Flame Solo]


  Mpow Flame Mpow Flame 2 Mpow Flame S Mpow Flame Solo
Bluetooth version 5.0 5.0 5.0 5.0
Water Proof IPX7 IPX7 IPX7 IPX7
Playing Time 9 Hours 12 hours 12 hours 28 hours
Noise Cancellation Technology Included Included Included Included
Charging Slot Micro USB Micro USB Micro USB Portable USB
aptX Support Not Included Not Included Included Included
LED Indicators Not Included Not Included Included Included
Memory Foam Ear tip Included Included Included Included
Voice Assistant Included Included Included Included
Compatibility with other devices Not Included Not Included Not Included Included

Best Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds: QCY HT01 VS MPOW X6

Comparison between one of the best Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds: QCY HT01 VS MPOW X6

If you’re looking for a new set of earbuds, you already know how difficult it can be. There are simply so many options available that the average person may struggle to find the best active noise cancelling earbuds from the lot. However, focusing on brands you already know, and trust can help you pick the best earbuds. Of course, this isn’t to imply that up-and-comers can’t build a decent pair of buds.

It simply means that you’re more likely to get consistently good quality from a reliable brand. Mpow and QCY are some of the best in this regard, and we’re about to review the Mpow X6 ANC Headphones and the QCY HT01.

Active noise cancellation (ANC) headphones function by creating a mirror image sound wave in your ear to counterbalance or “cancel out” extraneous noise electronically.

The technology works best in noisy situations, such as those caused by a jet engine, so Bose ANC wireless headphones have become a status symbol at airports. So let’s see what the latest Mpow X6 and QCY HT01 Have in store for us.

QCY HT01 Features


  • Great Built Quality.
  • Effective noise canceling.
  • Good audio performance.
  • Comfortable and protected fit.
  • Reduced Delay game mode for gaming.
  • Four ANC modes to choose from.


  • Short continuous battery life.
  • No multi-device pairing capability.

QCY HT01 ANC Build Quality & Design

QCY was determined to create a unique earphone! The HT01 has a stunning loading base with a matte finish and metal accents. The earphones will last longer with this package of care! The base also features two LEDs that indicate the battery level to don’t forget to load it!

The model is also splash-proof, with an IPX4 rating. Because of the metallic feel and blue-gold color scheme, it fits more easily into your pocket and feels more premium. Two LED lights indicate the charging state.

QCY HT01 TWS Audio Quality

The QCY HT01 wireless earphones outperformed numerous competitors in the audio quality test! Even at maximum level, the earphone provides a beautiful stereo effect and a very high volume that does not explode the tones. Despite its higher price, the ANC HT01 earbuds became a far superior earphone by combining the convenience of wireless charging with excellent design and durability.

The QCY HT01 TWS earphones also have hybrid noise cancellation technology, which adds to the whole experience! It outperforms several competitors in terms of sound quality because of its effective noise cancellation capabilities. It’s also a good earphone if you want to play without pausing or require an audible microphone for video lectures. In terms of audio performance QCY HT01 outperforms the Mpow X6.

QCY HT01 Earphones Battery & Connectivity

When it comes to charging, the model includes a USB Type-C port for faster charging, as well as the ability to charge wirelessly! Making the QCY HT01 ANC earbuds an even more complete headphone achieves an astonishing 6 hours of continuous music listening. Even with the ANC mode turned on, the playtime offered by the earphones is 4 hours!

The QCY HT01 Truly Wireless Earbuds also has solid base functionality, with a strong Bluetooth connection up to ten meters away from your device. It works well in regions with a lot of wireless signals. It’s also simple to switch between one and two earbuds at any time.

MPOW X6 ANC Earphones Features


  • Stable and robust build quality
  • Varied color choice availability
  • Good audio quality and loud maximum volume.
  • Hybrid ANC earbuds with transparency mode.
  • Ergonomic design with excellent noise isolation.
  • Supports wireless charging.


  • Mediocre battery life.
  • Some hiss in transparency mode.
  • Charging case and buds size unsuitable for small fingers
  • Low latency mode should be faster
  • ANC isn’t super effective

MPOW X6 ANC Build Quality & Design

The Mpow X6 Hybrid ANC Headphones are designed in a small “shell” style. They have silicone tips that go within your ears and are relatively unobtrusive.

Metallic blue and metallic purple are the two hues available for the shells. It’s unlikely that they’ll be seen much. They hardly protrude from your ears when correctly inserted. However, properly inserting them requires obtaining a comfortable fit.

MPOW X6 TWS Audio Quality

The sound quality of any earbud is the most crucial aspect of every sound TWS earbud. All headphones are useless without good audio, no matter how brilliant they are in other ways. Fortunately, the Mpow X6 Hybrid ANC Headphones excel in this aspect.

The Mpow X6 ANC earbuds audio comes with plenty of bass. The sound is rich and deep and great for listening to music. There’s also an incredible, wide soundstage with superb separation between the instruments. When there’s too much bass, your vocals won’t get muddy, and when there’s too much treble, they won’t sound shrill. When the volume is turned up, these earphones are loud. If you want something louder, a Bluetooth speaker is a better choice.

MPOW X6 Battery & Connectivity

No matter how great your earphones are, they’re useless if the batteries aren’t up to par. The X6 headphones are in the lower middle of the pack in this regard. The Mpow X6 wireless earbuds have a five-hour rating, which isn’t half-bad but could be better.

Keep in mind; however, those manufacturer ratings are based on playback at half-volume. Therefore, you’ll obtain a lower level of performance if you use your earbuds at total volume.

The Verdict: Mpow X6 Vs QCY HT01 ANC Earbuds

Looking for a set of truly wireless earphones with active noise cancellation features? Now you know there are better, budget-friendly options than just Apple’s AirPods Pro.

The ultimate decision between which of the two earphones is better, narrows down to a very small margin. Both TWS earphones are great in all regards; however the QCY HT01 stands out in terms of performance, built, and playback. Overall both are a great buy if you are looking for affordable ANC earphones with attractive features.

How to Buy ANC Earphones in Pakistan

If you’re interested in the genuinely wireless ANC Mpow X6 or the superior QCY HT01, is the ideal place to shop for these great TWS earbuds in Pakistan. Because the site is the official seller of QCY and Mpow in Pakistan, you can get high-quality, original products backed by an official warranty. provides a one-year warranty, allowing you to have faulty or damaged items replaced by the company quickly. So that was everything there was to know about the new QCY HT01 and Mpow X2 ANC earbuds. Both are excellent noise-canceling headphones with the latest features, fantastic audio, and superior call quality.

QCY HT01 VS MPOW X6 Specifications


Brand QCY Brand Mpow
Model HT01 Model X6
Color Black Wearing Type In-ear
Wearing Type In-ear Microphone Yes
Material ABS+PC Bluetooth Version V 5.1
Microphone Yes Charging Time (h) 2hrs
Bluetooth Version V5.0 Interface Type-C
Supported Profiles HSP/HFP/A2DP/AVRCP ANC Yes
Transmission Distance 33 feet (10m) Codecs AAC
Frequency Response 20-20kHz Weight 0.15 oz per bud; 1.9 oz case plus buds
Battery Capacity Charging Box: 600mAh Noise Cancelling Up to 28 dB
Charging Time (h) 1.5h Modes True Wireless Stereo or Mono
Battery Time (h) 4.5/3.5hr of calling(ANC on/off);

6/4.5hr of playback(ANC on/off)

Water resistance IPX6 – can get wet
Interface Type-C Listening time up to 5 hours, up to 25 hours with the case
Memory Card No Memory Card No
Waterproof Yes Waterproof Yes

About Author

Rimsha Salam is a tech-enthusiast, writer, blogger, ex-quality assurance engineer, and freelancer. She writes on the latest tech trends, gadgets, Information technology, and more. Always eager to learn and ready for new experiences, she is a self-proclaimed tech geek, bookaholic, introvert, and gamer.

Rimsha Salam

The Perks of Buying Business Headphones

Top Five Benefits of Using Business Headphones

Business headsets these days are the need of the hour. Every office employee has to have one, the companies buy them in bulk, and everyday users need them for work and entertainment, and they make meetings, calls, and video conferencing a ton more convenient and easier on the ears.

While the available perks like improved audio, call quality, microphone, and noise cancellation are excellent, there are still many more to these handy headsets. They are a style statement as well as an essential office accessory. Additionally, they help improve your posture and provide background music to your work hours so you can ultimately relax and enjoy your favorite beats as you focus on your work.

The Best Features of Business Headphones

Here are some of the best features and perks of business headphones that make them a worthy buy. To view the list of best business headphones, you can buy in Pakistan, visit Dablew.Pk.

Improve Music and Audio Experience

When musicians and artists record a song, a podcast, or an audio track, they usually put a massive amount of effort into offering the best possible sound quality. This is because they want you to experience the best possible audio. At one time or another, most of us spent heavily on all sorts of devices that provide excellent sound quality or improve the audio experience. Still, if we fail to do the same regarding this last link in the chain, we will never achieve the peak music and audio experience.

That’s why you should think about buying something like the fantastic JBL TUNE 500 BT, which offers top-quality sound and many customizable options that help you get the most out of the experience.

Noise Cancellation Features

The stuffy design of headsets makes it possible for the user to cover the entire ear with cushioning material, which blocks out a great degree of noise and external audio feedback. Headphones that provide active noise cancellation have extra cushions and technical features that help block out all the sounds from outside and focus on the audio you listen to. It won’t be entirely improper to say that it cuts you off from the world and transports you to the world of the music or the audio you listen to. These types of headsets help create a noise-free bubble where you can sit and isolate yourself from others while listening. Besides this, the latest versions are even smart enough to separate sources and signals, neutralizing all of the external sounds and feedback noise. That way, you won’t have to worry about being assaulted with noise in a reasonably loud environment if you want to attend calls or enjoy some music.

If you are looking for something top-notch, check out the Mpow H19 Active Noise Canceling Headphones, they are one of the best business headphones available in Pakistan.

Increased Productivity & Focus

As business headphones are so easy to use. and are equipped with noise cancellation features and audio enhancing features, they allow you to have greater and improved focus while at work. It enables employees to have a smooth thought process, multitask, avoid interruptions, type faster, and be more productive with their respective roles. Hence, resulting in improved works performances, increased efficiency, and better outcomes. That is why you can consider it a piece of helpful advice to prefer using fully-featured business headsets over basic earphones.

For work, meeting, and call, you should check the Mpow 071 USB Headset, which will surely make your business calls and zoom meetings a lot easier.

Why Buy Business Headphones?

  1. Work And Enjoy Music
    Music can be a great mood shifter and motivator. In addition to isolating you, your music can serve to pump up your energy and mood.
  2. Avoid Unnecessary Interruptions
    When you concentrate on a challenging task, the last thing you need is to be distracted by the latest corridor chat about politics, clothes, office drama, or sports scores. Let your music eliminate distractions and keep you on task.
  3. Stay Busy And Avoid Banter
    When you put your headphones on, you are setting an expectation that you are working or immersed in deep thought. People will be less willing to interrupt you when your headphones are on.
  4. Noise Proof of your Work Zone
    If you work in a noisy or busy environment, putting your headphones on can instantly allow you to have some relief from the constant unending hustle and bustle. So sit back, put on your headset, tune into your music and turn off the office chaos soundtrack.
  5. Free Up Your Hands
    Easily use a computer, handle documents, type, make notes, eat, etc. All of which makes you more productive through ease of use. Wireless headsets also give you the additional freedom to leave your desk and move around.

Six Business Headsets To Buy in Pakistan

Here are six of the very best headsets that you can buy in Pakistan.

1.    Best Overall: Mpow H19 IPO Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, Wirele

2.    Best for Gaming: Mpow HC6 USB Headset with Microphone

3.    Best for Work: Mpow Pro BH453A Wireless Headphones

4.    Best Wireless: Mpow H7 Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear

5.    Best Budget: Mpow 071 USB Headset with Noise Cancellation

6.    Best Microphone: Mpow M5 Pro Bluetooth Headset with Microphone

If you haven’t bought headphones recently or ever, then be ready for a pleasant surprise. It’s hard to describe how quality headphones improve your audio and communication experience. A good business headset is a worthy buy in 2021, especially if your job requires online meetings and video conferencing.

Where to Buy Business Headsets in Pakistan

If you are convinced by our article and have decided to buy a pair of new business headphones, head over to store is an all-in-one tech, smartwatch, and smartphone accessory store where you can find all the latest gadgets at the best possible rates. The store offers a warranty so that if you get a defective product, you can easily have it exchanged in no time. If you are looking to purchase business headsets at affordable rates, click here to view the best options available at Dablew.PK.


About Author

Rimsha Salam is a tech-enthusiast, writer, blogger, ex-quality assurance engineer, and freelancer. She writes on the latest tech trends, gadgets, Information technology, and more. Always eager to learn and ready for new experiences, she is a self-proclaimed tech geek, bookaholic, introvert, and gamer.

Rimsha Salam

The Ultimate Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds Buying Guide

Active Noise Canceling True Wireless Earbuds Available in Pakistan

Active Noise Canceling True Wireless Earbuds– are all the rage right now. Every mobile accessory manufacturer is rushing to get a pair launched in the market. While consumers are rapidly buying the latest earphones to make sure they don’t miss the boat of the wireless earbud craze. And it is the same in Pakistan, however choosing the right product isn’t an easy task. So, if you are looking for some earbuds as well, here is the list of four best active noise canceling TWS earbuds to choose from:

1. Haylou T16 TWS Noise Cancelling Earbuds

The Haylou T16 has a sleek design and cool audio features. The shape of the earbud is oval, and it comes with a medium-sized charging case. The case hosts a single LED light up-front to indicate battery life status. That way, once it is empty, you will be notified and can recharge the Haylou T16 case via USB-C. The earbud supports wireless charging as well. For best Active Noise Canceling True Wireless Earbuds options visit

The best part! The T16 comes with front and rear dual-feedback high-sensitivity microphones, which are capable of monitoring and identification of external noises and can generate correction signals as well. The noise cancellation depth can reach up to 35dB. Whether you are in a crowded subway, a busy office, a loud gym, or bustling stations, it can instantly shield and cover all kinds of environmental noise.

Haylou has been dishing out some tremendous TWS earbuds and has been successful in this category of headphones. The T16 is an excellent buy if you are looking for a fully featured option. For best Active Noise Canceling True Wireless Earbuds options visit


2. SoundPeats T2 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling TWS Earbuds

The Soundpeats T2 Hybrid wireless noise-canceling earphones are one of the best in the market. They are combined with ANC technology and are one of the best in the market. The T2 TWS headphone suppresses ambient noise in a more extensive range by up to 30dB effectively. This feature will help you better your focus on music, video, or even a private conversation.

Unlike other TWS earbuds from Soundpeats, the SoundPEATS T2 comes in a carry-friendly charging case, which can easily fit in a jeans pocket or a small purse. The charging case can recharge the earphones three times before needing a recharge itself. The cable used for charging USB-C. It also supports three LED lights on the front indicate the charging status of the case. The earbuds don’t look super stylish, but their oval shape with a slight bump on the inside follows your ears’ shape, which makes them comfortable to wear for hours without them dropping out or hurting your ear. For best Active Noise Canceling True Wireless Earbuds options visit


SoundPeats has been making waves in the music and audio accessories industry for quite some time. The exceptional audio quality, long battery life, and sleep ergonomic design make the SoundPeats earbuds and headphones stand out

Out of stock
Original price was: ₨13,999.Current price is: ₨11,999.

3. Mpow X3 Wireless Earbuds with Noise Cancellation

Mpow is a brand with many followers, but it’s not for everyone; however, the Mpow X3 earphones are! The earbuds host an advanced built-in chipset that continuously monitors the environmental low-frequency noise. Then calculates in advance to cancel the ambient feedback and noise before you hear it. They are providing adequate noise reduction levels up to 25dB. Mpow’s range of ANC earbuds is designed to serve you with more immersive music but with less harmful outside noises to protect your hearing.

When it comes to audio quality, the Mpow X3 performs very well. The earbuds come with two earbuds apiece, for a total of four. This allows for excellent noise isolation on your end, even without the use of CVC technology. For best Active Noise Canceling True Wireless Earbuds options visit


Mpow is one of the best mobile accessories’ brands in the market, especially for budget-friendly products.


4. Aukey EP-N5 Active Noise Cancelling BT 5.0 True Wireless Earbuds

If you are looking for an all-in-one TWS earbud that prioritizes comfort, then the Aukey EP-N5 is the one for you. With advanced ANC technology, these earbuds detect and cancel a maximum of 28dB of ambient noise so you can entirely focus on your calls and music. The 10mm dynamic drivers enhance the bass and deliver incredible sound quality.

Comfort is where the EP-N5 wins among the other active noise-canceling earbuds. The Aukey EP-N5 earbuds house a medium-length stem that doesn’t brush your cheeks. The small part that goes in your ears is oval and compact. The earphones are easy to wear in for long hours – providing a level of comfort that isn’t reached by other competitive noise-canceling earbuds.

Aukey is a brand that offers lots of fantastic audio gadgets. They receive some of the best ratings on all of their products and are similar to Anker. Overall, all their products feature competitive pricing, and they are an excellent value for money.

Active Noise Canceling Earbuds Specs Comparison

Earbuds Haylou T16 SoundPeats T2 Mpow X3 Aukey EP-N5
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0 with AAC codec Bluetooth 5.0 with AAC codec Bluetooth 5.0 Bluetooth 5.0
Waterproofing IPX5 waterproof (rain and sweatproof) IPX5 waterproof (rain and sweat resistant) IP7 waterproof rating (heavy rain and sweat resistant) IPX5 waterproof (rain and sweatproof)
Playtime 4-5 hours listening on a full charge (ANC on/off) 5-9 hours listening on a full charge (ANC on/off) 5,5 – 6,5 hours listening on a full charge (ANC on/ off) 3,5-6 hours listening on a full charge (ANC on/ off)
Charging Case The charging case can charge earpieces fully 4 times The charging case can charge earpieces fully 3 times The charging case can charge earpieces fully 2 times The charging case can charge earpieces fully 4 times

Where to Buy Best Noise-Canceling Earbuds in Pakistan

Active noise-reducing in-ear headphones aren’t just for music and audio intake; they are a statement piece these days, so choosing the right one is crucial. I hope this guide helps you select the best earphone that meets your needs.

If you have decided which noise-canceling headphones to purchase, then you should head over to Dablew. Pk. The website houses official stores of various brands like Soundpeats, Haylou, Redmi, QCY, Mpow, and more and is the best place to buy smartphone accessories and products in Pakistan. The store also offers a warranty so that if you get a faulty product, you can easily have it exchanged by Dablew.

About Author

Rimsha Salam is a tech-enthusiast, writer, blogger, ex-quality assurance engineer, and freelancer. She writes on the latest tech trends, gadgets, Information technology, and more. Always eager to learn and ready for new experiences, she is a self-proclaimed tech geek, bookaholic, introvert, and gamer.

Rimsha Salam

What’s Draining Your Phone Battery

What’s Draining Your Phone Battery?

Batteries, in general, are made with a specific amount of charge cycles. Without having best power banks in Pakistan a phone can only charge and discharge according to the number of charge cycles it can support. Once it runs out of them, the user will experience a faster battery draining that affects the usability and talk-time of the device to a great extent.

The deliberate culprits of draining your phone’s battery are high-resolution phone screens, apps that go online for every update, various apps that wake the screen up now and then, and the power that the screen of the phone devours to light up the pretty visuals. Another reason why batteries are prone to draining even in this tech-savvy era is that not many advancements have been made to enhance the quality of batteries in the gadget universe as compared to other parts of a mobile phone. And without having a backup by best power banks in Pakistan, this is seems inevitable.

However, to have a better insight into what are the other contributing factors in draining your phone’s battery, read the following extensive guide that carries all the answers.

Excessive downloading and streaming

When you download apps that take up a lot of MBs, they not only affect the phone’s memory but also drain its battery. Why? Because to process data draining apps, the battery works extra hard so you can run them smoothly. Moreover, streaming on social apps like Facebook, Instagram, Hulu, Netflix, HBO, Snapchat, and Facetime also aggravates the draining of a battery. Thus, when you know that you will have to survive without a charger for a while, avoid downloading and streaming. And without a backup from the best power banks in Pakistan, it seems difficult.

Installing free apps

We all know the temptation free apps carry, which makes us download them without giving it any second thoughts. Well, here is the bad news. According to research, downloading free apps is the fourth battery-draining cause in iPhones and Android phones as well. Free apps come with advertisements that pop up whenever you open the application. Hence, the price of downloading free data is paid by the battery of your phone. So what do to do when you are too in love with an app, but also want to enjoy a smooth battery life? Pay a few more dollars and buy it, so you don’t have to put up with the advertisements anymore.

When to replace the phone battery?

If you observe the following signs in your phone, it is time to get a new battery.

  1. The phone will stop switching on.
  2. Overheating.
  3. Only working when you plug it in with a charger.
  4. Battery swelling.
  5. Draining fast even after you charge it fully.

How can you boost the battery of your phone?

If you want to minimize the draining rate of your battery, the following tips can help you.

  1. Always keep a power banks in Pakistan with yourself to avoid complete battery death.
  2. Use type c cables.
  3. Limit the working of background apps.
  4. Lower the brightness of your phone.
  5. Keep a charge between 40% to 80% at all times.

The bottom line is, the more you take care of your battery, the longer your phone will stay with you.

Smartphone Maintenance Tips to Get the Best Performance

A newly unboxed and touched smartphone is the ultimate dream of a tech-enthusiast. The scent of a new phone is a preferred high for mobile lovers, and they do not ever want to lose it. But that would be possible in a parallel world only. In the real world, things start losing their lustre with time, and no matter how prepared you are for it.

People usually blame the ageing circuitry of the phone or its draining battery when the phone starts losing its glamour. But there is so much more to consider when it comes to maintaining and prolonging the quality of performance of a phone. Slowing down of a gadget is an inevitable reality, as they do not come with life-long guarantees. However, you can still enhance its functionality and increase its lifespan with some tricks and tactics. Want to know some of them? Continue reading.

1) Frequent Cleaning:

With smartphones, downloading interesting and unique apps is tempting and can end up in an installing spree anytime. Yes, it is all fun and games, but once these apps start draining the memory and battery of your phone, the lifespan is badly affected. Furthermore, when you download a handful of free apps, your phone is constantly downloading advertisements. This constant power usage automatically affects the battery life of your mobile and slows it down. Phone cleaning tips like deleting useless apps, pictures, audio files, and making data backups can help you enhance the performance of your phone greatly.

2) Don’t believe in “closing the background apps will save battery”:

This myth can damage the durability of your phone’s battery. In android, the background apps don’t take any power from the battery. Instead, if you keep opening and closing them, it might drain your phone’s charger much faster. Whereas in iPhones, background applications that are not in use, suspend their processing and seize the power extraction. This way, they are not doing any harm to the battery lifespan of your phone. However, just like in android phones, opening and closing the apps can cause early ageing of your battery.

3) Catch up on software updates:

If you want to maintain the performance of your smartphones, don’t lag behind software updates. Install them whenever they are available as they can fix many bugs and interference problems in the software. Furthermore, also keep an update check on all the apps present in your phone. Installing software does not mean that it will automatically update the apps that you use. The old and ancient version of social apps also contributes to excessive battery drain, and you will have to think of battery replacement sooner than you should.

4) Get a screen protector:

There are also a bunch of other culprits that are responsible for affecting the quality and performance of your mobile phones. Trauma, spilling, and fall impacts can minimize the lifespan of your phone as they directly affect the battery. Many screen protector types ensure that your phone is safe from any accident and helps in promoting exceptional durability.

Taking care of the hardware of your phone is vital to make them last longer, and these tips are perfect for doing just that!

Popular Phone Case Trends to Follow

If you’re a true trend-follower, everything that you own must be trending. From clothes to bags and also shoes, you want to look like you’re dripping with style from every inch. But are we forgetting something? We sure are. In this new era of fast fashion, tech accessories are also dominating the marketplace with their unique designs and impeccable visuals.

Just like any other mobile accessory like headphones, wireless earphones, and trendy charging cases, mobile covers have also come a long way. Now, now and then, you will come across a plethora of new patterns and techniques. Bold colours, vibrant designs, and cool logos are all the rage this year! If you’re one of the “get bored easily” kind of a person, below is a list of some futuristic, classy, and elegant mobile phone trends that are on fire in 2020.

1) Logo Mania:

Logo cases are back in fashion with a blast in 2020. The days when logo cases are given the label of “being too much” are gone. Sporting a classy phone case with a logo on it is the new cool in the modern youth. The best thing about logo cases is that you can find them in all colours, sizes, and patterns. From high-end brands like Gucci, Channel, and LV to small scale brands, you can slay any one of them with your phone.

2) Shiny and Glittery:

Who doesn’t like some shine and glam on their phones? If you are a fan of sparkles and glitters, phone cases like these are the perfect fit for you. You can get phone cases with sequin embellishments, crystal studs, gold plating, and much more to get the glamorous look you want for your phones. Additionally, metallic embroidering is also taking the mobile cover market by the storm. However, if you’re more inclined towards sparkles, but not glitter, you should go for a beaded phone case. A bejewelled case will add the elegance element to your phone like nothing else!

3) Floral and fancy:

People might think that floral patterns are old-school, but with the right combination of colours, you can make your phone look super fancy. Whether you like pretty pastels, loud neon colours, or classic black and white, a floral phone case will add the right amount of pizzazz in the overall look of your phone. If you want to embrace the floral trend the right way, go for crystal embroideries with matching blooms and complementary stripes.

4) Crossbody – Convenient and sporty:

Most people want to have easy access to their phones, but carrying it around is also a bit of a handful. So, to combat this issue, you can get a crossbody case for your phone. This way, your phone won’t be in your hands 24/7, and you can also reach it whenever you want to with ease. To go for a more luxe look, you can get a golden chain for the crossbody bag. On the contrary, if you want to sport a classical look, get an all-black leather material for your crossbody phone case.

Are you looking for phone cases that fall into these fantastic trends mentioned above? Check out Dab Lew Tech, where you will find sporty, elegant, and elite mobile covers in Pakistan.

How to Choose an Android TV Box

With the technology getting faster, better, and convenient with each passing year, the gadgets are also evolving at lightning speed. Televisions have been a crucial part of everyday life for a few decades. Initially, it came in the shape of cardboard and could only process pictures. Now, in 2020, the name television is long forgotten, and smart TVs are prevailing in the marketplaces.

Moreover, there are a plethora of devices that can turn an LCD TV into a smart TV. A smart TV allows you to stream different types of content without any limit. They come with impeccable features. However, they are not a cheap investment. So what can you do to enjoy the facilities of a smart TV without getting one? The answer is a dedicated Android TV box.

Android TV boxes come either as a dongle or set-top box and connect with a plug-in to your televisions. You can stream on-demand video apps, games, and also enjoy smartphone features on your television. This way, you can relish what smart TV usually offers without even buying one. How cool is that?

If you want to get your hands on one, below is an extensive guide comprising of four tips that will help you with buying a quality android TV box.

1) Look for a complementary processor:

The crucial part of a television is the RAM and its processing capacity. If it is not up to the mark or, lacks adequacy, it will lag and affect the quality of your entertainment. Thus, the first thing you should check when you are buying an Android TV box is its processing power.

2) Verify the storage options:

The speed and functionality of the operating system depend on the memory storage of the Android TV box. If both of these aspects do not support each other, you will have a pretty bad experience with the said devices. However, you can avoid this by buying an Android TV box that at least offers a 4 GB RAM and can also withstand a 64 GB microSD card.

3) Check the number of USB ports:

A good quality Android TV box must have at least 2 USB ports. One is usually assigned for a Bluetooth receiver, whereas the other one is for the connection of peripheral devices. Furthermore, make sure that the TV box can support a 3.0 USB port as you can easily connect your external hard drives through them.

4) Review the video and display options:

When you want to check the quality of video and display that a TV box offers, ensure that your device has the following systems:

● A dynamic refresh rate switching system:

It maintains the refresh rate between the TV and the source, which enhances the display quality dramatically.

● An HDMI system:

If you are looking forward to 4K streaming, an HDMI 2.0 is a requirement.

● A high-efficiency decoding system (HEVC):

To get to enjoy a video resolution of up to 8K, a high-efficiency decoding system, also known as a 265 hardware decoding system, is a must.

What are the best quality Android TV boxes in Pakistan?

In the market, the best Android TV boxes at the moment are MI box S and MINIX NEO. The MI box S price in Pakistan is extremely affordable and offers impeccable audio, video, and display quality. If you want to enjoy a smart TV experience without investing in one, get one right away!

Common Myths About Phone Charging

Myths have been a part of our society since the human mind evolved. However, in the modern world, with plenty of exposure to the internet and other social assets, debunking myths is a necessity. When it comes to gadgets, there are many foolish myths attached to them. It is crucial to understand that anything which is not handled with care, especially when it runs on batteries, can cause a lot of mishaps. But it does not mean that every gadget like mobile phones, tablets, and laptops are fire-prone.

In general, mobile phones mostly run on lithium-ion batteries. Yes, they are substantially responsible for the recent incidents concerning the phone explosions, but many other factors contributed to this scenario. Small battery cases and other such manufacturing errors are one of the prevalent causes of exploding phones in recent times. Properly manufactured lithium-ion batteries in no way can burn a hole in your pocket!

So let’s discuss some of the most common myths about phone charging and debunk them!

Myth # 1: Putting a phone on charge overnight is wrong

This myth is completely FALSE! There is a reason why mobile phones are now called smartphones. It is because they are smart devices. Apart from some hoverboards, almost every smartphone will know that its battery is fully charged. Once this happens, the system automatically stops the charging process. Thus, you can put your digital buddy on charge without worrying about an apocalyptic fire in your bedroom.

Myth # 2: Using a phone while it’s charging is damaging

It is pretty normal to fear electrocution, as it is one of the prevalent causes of death worldwide. However, thinking that a charging phone can electrocute a person and cause death is wrong. Using your phone, in any way you want to, is safe except if you are close to water like in a bathtub. Otherwise, a charging phone can not harm you in any way.

Myth 3: All chargers are the same

While it is true that all types of chargers have the same function: getting power to your phone, it is a false assumption that the quality of every charger is the same. If you buy counterfeit chargers, you are at grave risk of a potential safety hazard, as low-quality off-brand names often sell problematic chargers. People buy them as they are comparatively cheaper than high-end brands, but they lack greatly when it comes to quality power-generation.

Myth # 4: Using your phone 24/7 is no problem

If you get an idea of how detrimental leaving a phone on 24/7 is to its lifespan, you will be giving your phone rest after every half an hour use. Just like any other battery-dependent device, mobile phones need rebooting once in a while to function smoothly. The trick to enhancing the lifespan of your phone is to use it smartly and responsibly.

Myth # 5: Using location services kills the battery:

Yes, keeping your phone on airplane mode will extend the battery life but then why use a phone when you can not text or make phone calls? Using apps that require the usage of location services do hit the battery, but not in a destructive way like most people think.

Now that you know these surprisingly famous sayings are myths, congratulations! You have successfully debunked the most famous myths in the gadget world!

Understanding USB Cables And Their Types

Understanding USB Cables And Their Types

The universal serial bus or more commonly known as USB is the means for connecting all types of devices. There are various types of best USB Cables in Pakistan and standards available in the market these days.

Let’s take a look at several classifications of USB to help you know which type of lead should connect to which device.

Types Of USB Connectors


Type A is the oldest and also called the standard connector. You’ll mostly see this at the end of most USB Cables in Pakistan. A rectangular-shaped connected that connects only one way is how you identify the type A.

Since this is the most common type of USB cable, you will find its port on almost every device: desktop computers, laptops, gaming consoles, media players, and TVs. One important thing you should know is that no cable has a type A on either end because connecting two computers or devices with USB-A can be damaging for the devices.


Often used in printers and similar hardware, the type B USBs are an old version and not used much recently. It has a square shape at the end that plugs into devices. Apart from plugging into the printer and similar devices, type B has been replaced by newer versions.


Mini USBs are mostly used for mobile devices. Judging by the name you can tell that it has a smaller connection. Mini USBs have lost their place in the market nowadays to micro USBs, but you’ll still see it in some cameras and music devices.

Micro USB

The micro USB cable comes with a very small connector on its end and is used with almost every other portable device in recent times. Almost all the android smartphones to power banks, Bluetooth devices, and headphones use micro-USB ports.


The type C cable in Pakistan is the latest USB type in the market. All the new and expensive versions of android smartphones are connected through the C-cable. In contrast to the USB-A that have another type on its other end, the USB-C can connect two computers/devices that have C-ports, without any risk of damage. The type C cable in Pakistan is also reversible.

Apart from the new models of Samsung, OnePlus, and other android phone manufacturers, Apple is also making use of USB C now. The latest version of MacBook and MacBook pro use USB- C ports.

Lightning Cable

The lightning cable is not considered as a USB standard by most experts, but it’s still counted because it serves the same purpose. Lightning cables in Pakistan are only used by Apple iPhone. The cable was introduced in the year 2012, and as the type C cable in Pakistan, lightning is also reversible. iPhone and IPads owners use a Lightning to type A cable to charge their devices or to connect with computers.

The Speed Standards

USB had kept updating and reforming its types over the years. Apart from the changes we have seen in the kinds of connectors on the ends of a cable, each USB cable has a different speed as well.

Moreover, the USB 1.0: Released in 1996, the USB 1.1 could only use type A and B connectors. Whereas, USB 1x isn’t in the market anymore.

USB 2.0: The update to USB 1.0 came in the year 2000 and was named USB 2.0. This is compatible with fast speeds as compared to the previous version and supports many ports. Although this version has fulfilled its life, it’s still used in all the affordable flash drives and older versions of mouse and keyboards.

USB 3.0: Launched in the year 2008, USB 3 has been updated with 3.1 and 3.2 recently. This is much faster and transfers data at a far better speed than the previous version. You can easily identify the USB 3 cables or ports with their blue color. The backward-compatibility allows you to plug the USB 3.0 cable into USB2 port and in opposite direction as well.


All the latest hard drives like SSD and other top-notch flash drives make use of USB 3.0.

The type C USB cable is USB 3.0 speed. Whereas, the other cable types like micro-USB can be used with USB 3.0 with special connectors.