With the technology getting faster, better, and convenient with each passing year, the gadgets are also evolving at lightning speed. Televisions have been a crucial part of everyday life for a few decades. Initially, it came in the shape of cardboard and could only process pictures. Now, in 2020, the name television is long forgotten, and smart TVs are prevailing in the marketplaces.

Moreover, there are a plethora of devices that can turn an LCD TV into a smart TV. A smart TV allows you to stream different types of content without any limit. They come with impeccable features. However, they are not a cheap investment. So what can you do to enjoy the facilities of a smart TV without getting one? The answer is a dedicated Android TV box.

Android TV boxes come either as a dongle or set-top box and connect with a plug-in to your televisions. You can stream on-demand video apps, games, and also enjoy smartphone features on your television. This way, you can relish what smart TV usually offers without even buying one. How cool is that?

If you want to get your hands on one, below is an extensive guide comprising of four tips that will help you with buying a quality android TV box.

1) Look for a complementary processor:

The crucial part of a television is the RAM and its processing capacity. If it is not up to the mark or, lacks adequacy, it will lag and affect the quality of your entertainment. Thus, the first thing you should check when you are buying an Android TV box is its processing power.

2) Verify the storage options:

The speed and functionality of the operating system depend on the memory storage of the Android TV box. If both of these aspects do not support each other, you will have a pretty bad experience with the said devices. However, you can avoid this by buying an Android TV box that at least offers a 4 GB RAM and can also withstand a 64 GB microSD card.

3) Check the number of USB ports:

A good quality Android TV box must have at least 2 USB ports. One is usually assigned for a Bluetooth receiver, whereas the other one is for the connection of peripheral devices. Furthermore, make sure that the TV box can support a 3.0 USB port as you can easily connect your external hard drives through them.

4) Review the video and display options:

When you want to check the quality of video and display that a TV box offers, ensure that your device has the following systems:

● A dynamic refresh rate switching system:

It maintains the refresh rate between the TV and the source, which enhances the display quality dramatically.

● An HDMI system:

If you are looking forward to 4K streaming, an HDMI 2.0 is a requirement.

● A high-efficiency decoding system (HEVC):

To get to enjoy a video resolution of up to 8K, a high-efficiency decoding system, also known as a 265 hardware decoding system, is a must.

What are the best quality Android TV boxes in Pakistan?

In the market, the best Android TV boxes at the moment are MI box S and MINIX NEO. The MI box S price in Pakistan is extremely affordable and offers impeccable audio, video, and display quality. If you want to enjoy a smart TV experience without investing in one, get one right away!