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Understanding USB Cables And Their Types

The universal serial bus or more commonly known as USB is the means for connecting all types of devices. There are various types of USB connectors and standards available in the market these days.
Let’s take a look at several classifications of USB to help you know which type of lead should connect to which device.

Types Of USB Connectors

1. USB-A

Type A is the oldest and also called the standard connector. You’ll mostly see this at the end of most USB cables. A rectangular-shaped connected that connects only one way is how you identify the type A.
Since this is the most common type of USB cable, you will find its port on almost every device: desktop computers, laptops, gaming consoles, media players, and TVs. One important thing you should know is that no cable has a type A on either end because connecting two computers or devices with USB-A can be damaging for the devices.

2. USB-B

Often used in printers and similar hardware, the type B USBs are an old version and not used much recently. It has a square shape at the end that plugs into devices. Apart from plugging into the printer and similar devices, type B has been replaced by newer versions.

3. Mini-USB

Mini USBs are mostly used for mobile devices. Judging by the name you can tell that it has a smaller connection. Mini USBs have lost their place in the market nowadays to micro USBs, but you’ll still see it in some cameras and music devices.

4. Micro USB

The micro USB cable comes with a very small connector on its end and is used with almost every other portable device in recent times. Almost all the android smartphones to power banks, Bluetooth devices, and headphones use micro-USB ports.

5. USB-C

The type C cable is the latest USB type in the market. All the new and expensive versions of android smartphones are connected through the C-cable. In contrast to the USB-A that have another type on its other end, the USB-C can connect two computers/devices that have C-ports, without any risk of damage. The type C cable is also reversible.
Apart from the new models of Samsung, OnePlus, and other android phone manufacturers, Apple is also making use of USB C now. The latest version of MacBook and MacBook pro use USB- C ports.

6. Lightning Cable

The lightning cable is not considered as a USB standard by most experts, but it’s still counted because it serves the same purpose. Lightning cables are only used by Apple iPhone. The cable was introduced in the year 2012, and as the type C cable, lightning is also reversible. iPhone and IPads owners use a Lightning to type A cable to charge their devices or to connect with computers.

The Speed Standards

USB had kept updating and reforming its types over the years. Apart from the changes we have seen in the kinds of connectors on the ends of a cable, each USB cable has a different speed as well.
USB 1.0: Released in 1996, the USB 1.1 could only use type A and B connectors. USB 1x isn’t in the market anymore.
USB 2.0: The update to USB 1.0 came in the year 2000 and was named USB 2.0. This is compatible with fast speeds as compared to the previous version and supports many ports. Although this version has fulfilled its life, it’s still used in all the affordable flash drives and older versions of mouse and keyboards.
USB 3.0: Launched in the year 2008, USB 3 has been updated with 3.1 and 3.2 recently. This is much faster and transfers data at a far better speed than the previous version. You can easily identify the USB 3 cables or ports with their blue color. The backward-compatibility allows you to plug the USB 3.0 cable into USB2 port and in opposite direction as well.

All the latest hard drives like SSD and other top-notch flash drives make use of USB 3.0. the type C USB cable is USB 3.0 speed, while the other cable types like micro-USB can be used with USB 3.0 with special connectors.

3 Wireless Earbuds with Noise Cancellation

This era is all about wireless technology. Almost every gadget that we own has some wireless mechanism embedded in it. Phones were the initial subject of wireless technology, but now, you can find it in most devices. People can connect their various technical accessories with the help of wireless technologies, called Bluetooth. Primarily, only smartphones, laptops, and computers could take advantage of Bluetooth, but now, wireless speakers and earbuds are also taking the gadget world by storm.

If you’re in search of quality and exceptional earbuds to enjoy music, watch adventurous movies, or play games, without worrying about wires and outside noise disrupting your experience, the following wireless earbuds are just for you!

1) MPOW Flame 2 Earbuds:

Earbuds that offer noise cancellation are a treat to the ears of every music lover. If you’re one of them, you should get your hands on the MPOW flame 2 earbuds as soon as possible. Among many, below are a few facts that make these, the best wireless earbuds out there.

● These earbuds offer you high-quality music with clear notes and dynamic bass.
● With the option of Bluetooth, you can also do other activities like walking, running, and dancing while listening to music without worrying about wires.
● The noise cancellation that comes with MPOW Flame 2 will enhance your music experience to a great extent. With these earbuds stuck in your ears, you’ll only be enjoying the notes of your favorite songs, without any additional noise.
● You can stream numerous songs for up to thirteen hours, and an extra hour for playback, if you charge these earbuds for about fifteen minutes.
● Thanks to IPX7, you can use MPOW Flame 2 earbuds in any weather.



2) MPOW t5 Earbuds:

MPOW keeps manufacturing better and better mobile accessories, and one of them is called MPOW t5 Earbuds. There are many reasons why you should buy these wireless earbuds, but some of them are:

● These earbuds can liberate you from the worry of wiring and complicated pairing. With their user-friendly system, you can connect all your multimedia devices to the earbuds and enjoy the quality sound without any difficulty.
● The Bluetooth 5.0 of MPOW t5 earbuds is easy to catch and use with any device. You only have to take them out from the charging box, and after switching on the Bluetooth option in your smartphone, pair them up with a single click. Simple as that!
● These are designed carefully, so they don’t cause any discomfort even if you wear them for hours and also offer heightened noise cancellation properties.
● Once you buy MPOW t5 earbuds, you will say goodbye to all your low battery worries. If you fully charge these earbuds, you can use them to listen to music for 6 hours straight and 4 hours call time as well.

3) Tronsmart Onyx Ace Earbuds:

One of the best quality wireless earbuds in the market right now are the Tronsmart Onyx Ace earbuds. Want to know why? Read along:

● These wireless earbuds come with not one but four microphones and excellent noise cancellation technology. This is why Tronsmart onyx ace earbuds are known to offer crystal clear and high-quality sound.
● Surprisingly, these earbuds offer super-fast transmission that allows users to enjoy music without any effort.
● You can use Tronsmart onyx ace earbuds for up to five hours if you only charge it once. With the charging case, you can enjoy using it for twenty-four hours.
● The ultra-low latency and low power consumption make these earbuds durable, reliable, and extra-convenient for any type of activity.

You can grab these tech-savvy and top-quality wireless earbuds at the best price in Pakistan, at Dab Lew Tech.




Tips For Using A Cell Phone Car Charger

With the advancement of technology, one more ease we have gained is a car cell phone charger. What is it? Why is there a sudden rise in demand for the best car charger in Pakistan? Read on for all you need to know about it.

What Is A Cell Phone Car Charger?

A cell phone car charger is a small, portable device that enables you to charge your phone in your car. With a car phone charger, you will not need any of the regular charger, plugs, and sockets, or even a wireless charger. Just simply plug it into the given switch and it will use the car’s battery to charge the phone. Due to its rise and popularity in demand, many stores claim to sell the best car charger in Pakistan. Wherever you are using it, here are some tips for using a cell phone car charger.

#1 Keep It in Quick Reach:

Your cell phone car charger will not be of much use if it is not available when you need it. That, or you have to make a stop to obtain the charger and put it to good use. The whole point of it is to have a quick solution at hand when you need to charge your phone on the go. So, keep it in quick reach, like your dashboard compartment, so you won’t have to waste time searching for it.

#2 Unplug It After Use:

As it goes for every other kind of charger, it is best to unplug your cell phone car charger after you are done using it and your phone is fully or sufficiently charged. The reason why this point is emphasized upon is that the car charger harnesses energy from the car battery to forward it to your phone. If it stays plugged even after usage, it will drain the car battery.

#3 Save It for Urgent Situations:

Since a cell phone car charger makes matters so much more convenient for us, one is likely to fall prey to laziness and just reach for the quick solution when required. However, it won’t be very efficient in the long run. One should always charge their cell phones with a regular charger whenever possible, and save the car charger for urgent situations.

#4 Check Its Compatibility:

What makes a cell phone car charger a smart investment is its compatibility. Before you buy a cell phone car charger, make sure that it is compatible with all or most of your devices. That way, you won’t have to buy a bunch of different chargers and keep just one to charge your devices on the go.

#5 Turn It Off While Charging:

What you need to charge your phone quickly and more efficiently is to be smart with energy. If you keep wasting your phone’s battery, it will take a longer time for it to charge. Therefore, when you are charging your phone via a cell phone car charger, it is best to turn it off. That way, not only will your phone save up on energy but you will also be better able to pay attention to driving.

#6 Try Not to Use It While Charging:

If due to some urgent requirement you cannot turn your phone while charging your phone via a cell phone charger, try not to use it too much. This will help you preserve its battery and charge it faster.

There are many stores where you can get the best car charger in Pakistan. Make sure to choose the right one and use it smartly, to make your on-the-go matters much easier and efficient.

How to Choose the Right Soundbar for Your Home

A wafer-thin TV only has the room for a wafer-thin speaker. That is why, no matter how advanced your smart TV is, you might always need to upgrade its sound, and a quality soundbar can take care of that, without any trouble.

You can find a variety of soundbars in the market with ease. The right soundbar for your home depends on your budget and the type of results you want. However, if you act smartly, you can get your hands on a quality soundbar without spending a handsome amount on it.

Before going to buy a soundbar for your home, consider the following things so you can enjoy movie nights and dinner parties with a quality sound system.

1) Where will the soundbar live?

The amount of space your TV allows for another device, along with its type, determines where the soundbar will go. Although soundbars are pretty versatile, when it comes to installation, it still needs to be placed in the right place so that it works efficiently. If you have a mounted TV on the wall, you should hang the soundbar right beneath it. Whereas, if your TV is on a table, place the soundbar right below it. Measure the space that you have underneath your TV, so when you buy a soundbar, you can choose the one that will fit your TV perfectly.

2) What size of the soundbar is suitable for your home?

If you’re looking for an aesthetic appeal, you need to go for a soundbar that has the same length as your TV. To add more perfection to the overall look of your TV lounge, you can also buy a soundbar that has the same width as your TV. However, this is not a necessity. You can use your discretion and buy the one you think looks best paired with your TV. The only thing to make sure is that the soundbar has the right connectivity to link up with the TV and other multimedia devices.

3) Should you go for an active soundbar or a passive soundbar?

● Passive soundbars:

Passive soundbars do not come with built-in receivers. The lack of an embedded power amp in a soundbar means that you need to throw some extra cash and buy a quality amplifier. That is why passive soundbars are more expensive than active soundbars.

● Active soundbars:

An active soundbar possesses built-in amplifiers, which means they don’t need another device to power them up. Moreover, these have channel processors as well, which are responsible for separating left, right, and center speakers of the soundbar. As active soundbars come with less wiring, they offer an overall inclusive look.

Experts prefer active soundbars over passive soundbars, as the former offers a range of features and a better final look than the latter. The price of soundbars in Pakistan, especially the active ones, are cost-friendly and are worth the hype!

You can check Dab Lew Tech’s website to skim through a variety of efficient and trendy soundbars for your home.

The Benefits of Having a Phone Case

Cellphones are not just a gadget for us anymore. A significant part of our lives is dependent on these small electronic devices. From connecting to loved ones, studying and shopping to looking for directions, the mobile phone is the ultimate device to simplify your life. You can gauge the importance of your cell phone by not using it at all for a single day. You’ll realize how dependent you have become on these devices, even for the most mundane things.

Thus, the importance of cell phones in our lives makes it crucial for us to use them responsibly. The most important element that increases the life of mobile phones is the phone case. As there are thousands of different types of phones that you can choose, there is also a wide variety of phone cases. Phone cases are available in every style, size, shape, and colour, depending on the type of your cellphone. If you want to know why your phone needs a phone case, read along.

1) Durability:

Mobile phones, just like any other electronic devices, are prone to external damage as well as internal damage. Research says, more than 80% of phones show a reduced life cycle because of external damages. Since people are glued to their mobiles all the time, they tend to fall, and subsequently, suffer injuries more than often. However, a phone case acts as a barrier between the mobile hardware and the impact surface. The phone case minimizes the injuries and ensures maximum protection and lasting durability for your phones.

2) Aesthetic and trendy appeal:

2020 is all about creativity. The world stresses the importance of self-expression. This is why phone cases are on the rise. One of the crucial benefits of this mobile accessory is that you can design and customize it however you want to. The possibilities are endless. Many like subtle designs with mellow colours, but some also like dramatic designs and loud colours to show off their personality. A trendy phone case enhances your mobile’s visual appeal, taking it to the next level.

3) Cheap cost:

The economical cost of the mobile phone cases is mind-blowing, especially considering the numerous advantages they off. Even after being among the most vital mobile accessories, it is cheaper than most of them. From plastic to silicon, all types of phone cases add value to your phone and are affordable at the same time. People can easily buy phone cases in bulk without spending much money.

4) Offers efficient handling:

All the high-end mobile phones in the market have slim and sleek designs that make it difficult for people to handle them. Manufacturers are now designing slip and fall resistant phone cases to protect mobiles from all sorts of hardware injury. Installing a phone case is a good idea if you’re a clumsy phone handler. Hence, phone cases are not only a style element, but they also protect your cell phones.

5) Easy Installation:

Most mobile accessories are hard to install and even harder to uninstall, but that is not the case with phone cases. They are super easy to install and remove, whenever you crave a change. That is why you can change the look of your phone dramatically by trying different phone cases, without asking for assistance from experts.

If you’re looking for some trendy and affordable mobile covers in Pakistan, check out Dab Lew Tech right now!

5 Wireless Tech Accessories That Make Our Lives Easier

The world has become more and more modern with the help of technology. Not only does it make for flashy additions to our collection, but also makes out lives much easier, especially with wireless technology. Here are 5 wireless tech accessories that make our lives easier.

#1 Wireless Keyboard:

To update your technology and gadgets to the max, what you need to add to the collection is the best wireless keyboard. In the recent few years, wireless keyboards have taken over the technology by a storm. These are much easier than your usual keyboards and are also easy to carry with you on your travels. You simply have to connect the wireless keyboard to your computer via the radio receiving system and go on to use it as a regular keyboard, from the distance of your comfort.

#2 Wireless Earphones:

If you have been up to date with the news and trends in the past couple of years, then you surely know what wireless earphones are. They have been all the hype lately, with everybody grabbing for a pair of wireless earbuds. Several gadget companies have also adapted to this exciting and convenient trend and have introduced wireless earphones or earbuds for their own devices as well. This piece of technology was so well-received upon its introduction that within the short term of its promulgation, the market was full of wireless earphones. After all, who wouldn’t want the ease of enjoying their music without all the hassle of wires?

#3 Bluetooth Speaker:

What you need to get the party started is a Bluetooth speaker. With this amazing convenience brought to us by the blessing of technology, you can say goodbye to all the wires that just connect you to an unpleasant struggle. You can forget all about having to set up a bulky speaker system with a bunch of bothersome wires. Simply get a Bluetooth speaker and connect it to your phone and laptop without having to literally stay attached to the device.

#4 Wireless Charger:

This one is perhaps the most loved gift that technology has given to all of us. How many times have you found yourself in the situation of when your phone runs out of battery while driving. Or when you need to charge your phone but you don’t have any electricity or a cable? That is where a wireless charger swoops in and saves the day.

#5 Bluetooth Receiver:

A Bluetooth receiver is an exceptional result of the smartest technology and takes the convenience in your lives one step further. Say, if you want to connect your phone to the speaker but your speaker doesn’t have the Bluetooth feature, don’t worry. Connect a Bluetooth receiver to the receiving device and stream audios through it without a problem.

Wireless technology has made our lives easier and has rid us of all the problems that got us all tangled up. Try out some of these tech accessories and say goodbye to all the hassle.

Top 3 Smartwatches of 2020

Over the years, smartwatches are ruling the centre stage when it comes to wearable technology. The reason for the rise in the demand for smartwatches is simple. With the advent of technology, smartphones are taking the place of traditional watches. However, the former is only capable of telling the time, acting as an alarm, and also as a calendar. On the other hand, smartwatches are devices that can work as a smartphone, as well as a watch.

From acting as a pedometer to monitoring heart rate and tracking nutrition, a smartwatch can cover all these tasks effortlessly. If you want to take the jump and are looking for the best smartwatches in Pakistan, read the following list of highly modern, super-fast, and reliable smartwatches you can easily find in the market.

1) Xiaomi Haylou LS01 smartwatch:

The Xiaomi Haylou LS01 is among the most futuristic smartwatches in the market right now. Many contributing factors explain the success of these smartwatches. Some of them are:

● Xiaomi Haylou LS01 offers nine sports modes; running, walking, hiking, bodybuilding, treadmill mode, spinning, biking, climbing, and yoga.
● These smartwatches record deep sleep, REM sleep, and the waking period to help you monitor and enhance your sleep management system.
● Almost every product with the brand name Xiaomi offers quality battery life. Similarly, Xiaomi Haylou LS01 smartwatches guarantee a 14 days battery life with a strong 210 mAh battery.
● Many built-in sensors come with this smartwatch. These can help you monitor your heartbeat precisely and acts as a real-time heart rate monitor.
● Also, you can connect to apps Whatsapp, Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Viber, and many more with ease.

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2) Amazfit GTR smartwatch:

This smartwatch is another addition to one of the successful smartwatches in the market. Amazfit GTR smartwatch are popular among the consumer world for a lot more reasons than you think. A few of them are:

Amazfit GTR smartwatch propose 12 sport modes, and these are treadmill, walking, outdoor running, indoor cycling, spinning, outdoor cycling, climbing, skiing, exercise, outdoor swimming, indoor/pool swimming, and electrical training.
● These smartwatches have an embedded bio tracker that helps in monitoring heart rate and other health factors like burning calories during exercise.
● Amazfit GTR smartwatch come in two designs; 47 mm variant and 42 mm variant. The watch faces in both of these designs are aesthetically pleasing and trendy.
● The 47 mm variant offers a battery life of a whopping 24 days with a 410 mAh fueling battery. Whereas, the 42 mm variant comes with a 210 mAh battery offering 10-12 days of charge life.
● Moreover, it acts as a sleep monitoring agent, plays your favorite playlist, and also allows you to connect with your smartphone whenever you want.

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3) Xiaomi Haylou LS05 solar smartwatch:

Another prominent name in the top smartwatches of 2020 is Xiaomi haylou LS05 solar smartwatch. The youth makes a significant number of the consumer base of these smartwatches. The features of this magical device that has taken the technological world by storm are:

● Xiaomi Haylou LS05 smartwatch offer 12 modes; walking, jogging, biking, climbing, yoga, basketball, gym, running, football, indoor running, boating, and free training.
● Since these are solar watches, they come in a metallic watch face that looks trendy and sophisticated at the same time.
● Xiaomi Haylou LS05 solar smartwatch have excellent battery life. They offer 30 days of standby battery and 15 days of battery when the watch is used extensively for GPS.
● The IP68 waterproof makes the smartwatch resistant to sweat, rain, swimming pools, and even the sea.
● The built-in sensors allow the smartwatch to act as a rangefinder and a pedometer.

These breath-taking smartwatches will change how you live your everyday life. Dab Lew Tech encourages you to get one for yourself and see the difference a smartwatch can make in your life.

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Mistakes You Should Avoid Making While Cleaning Your Phone

We are all heavily attached to our phones. In today’s world, when technology is more focused on portability and convenience, smartphones are the best answer to all our needs and wants. Regardless of how careful we are with our phones, it is inevitable that someday, you will find your phone slathered in the dirt. When this happens, not only is your phone screen unhygienic, but it can also compromise your physical health. Therefore, it is natural for you to want to have it cleaned. However, smartphones are sensitive devices, and any carelessness can damage your phone.
Most people do not want to take any risk when it comes to their smartphones, but the other group is more inclined towards the DIY approach. If you belong to the latter, read on to learn some mistakes you should avoid when cleaning your phone:

1. Avoid Using All-Purpose Cleaners

People often make the mistake of using dishwasher liquids or soaps to clean off the dirt stuck on their phones. This is a mistake you do NOT want to make. These all-purpose cleaners have harsh chemicals in them and if they seep into any of the openings in your phone, these chemicals will totally destroy the circuit and won’t leave any chance for repair. Also, these chemicals should never touch the glass in front of your phone, as they will erode the oleophobic coating that your phone has.

2. Don’t Keep Your Phone On While Cleaning

It’s a good idea to turn your phone off when you start to clean so that, if accidentally, any moisture seeps in, you have a chance to have it dried off by keeping it in a warm place.

3. Do Not Dip Your Phone In Water

Never make the mistake to completely soak your phone in water to clean the body, unless your phone has an IP67 or IP68 certification, which makes phones water and dust resistant.

4. Avoid Paper Towels

Any rough material like paper towels or rough tissues should not be used to clean the phone. These products can damage the screen.

5. Don’t Use Hairdryer To Dry The Phone

If, by chance, moisture or liquid seeps into your phone, or your phone is wet, the best approach to deal with this is to cover it with a glass bowl and keep it under a warm light or sunlight. This approach will help dry up the phone without causing any damage to its circuits. Hairdryers will warp the interior of your phone.

Some Important Tips To Safely Clean Your Phone:

● The safest approach is to make use of wipes. Wet tissues or 70% alcohol wipes are the ideal equipment for phone cleaning. These wipes can be used on all parts of your phone; screen, rear side, sides, and even the openings.
● If your phone has a lot of dirt attached to it, make use of lint-free cloth, dip it lightly in water or mild soap, but make sure it’s not dripping wet.
● If your phone is still not clean, you may give it a light wash, but only if your phone has Ip67 or above waterproof certification. If your phone has Ip67, you can immerse it into 1 meter of water for around half an hour, whereas for IP68 certification, the phone can be dipped into 1.5 meters of water for a relatively longer duration.
● Don’t forget to clean your phone cover or case. For leather covers, use a damp cloth and soak it into the water to clean it. If you own a plastic or silicone casing, you can dip it into a water container and warm it for a few minutes and dry it up with a cloth. In the case of wooden cases, use a dry microfiber cloth.

Knowing When It’s Time To Replace Your Cell Phone Battery

Changing batteries used to be a fairly easy task back in the days, you’d head over to the nearest mobile shop, buy a battery, and place it in your phone. However, in recent times most smartphones now come with irremovable batteries. The manufacturers have figured out a smart way to keep you in touch with them and therefore you are required to return it to the phone makers for any small issue that occurs, including that of a worn-out battery. However, if you fall under the category of those few lucky people who own gadgets that have replaceable batteries, you must know a few important things before changing the batteries.

How To Identify The Battery Needs Changing

Naturally, all batteries have a life. Once they are brought into use, their capacities start diminishing until they reach a point where they are no longer able to operate, and it’s always recommended to have your battery changed before they completely depreciate. So, how do you know when’s the right time? A general rule of thumb states that if your battery is at 40%, and it is still giving you a backup of an hour or more, you don’t need changing. However, if your smartphone is requiring frequent charging in a day, then you may consider a replacement. Smartphone batteries generally last for a year or two, depending upon your usage.
There are certain ways to make use of your phone battery for longer periods. You should never leave your phone on charge when going to bed, overcharging the batteries decreases their health. When charging your phone, it is better to disconnect the charger before it hits the 100% mark. Also, make sure you don’t use your phone, unless in an emergency, when the battery has fallen below the 20% mark.
Another obvious sign that indicates a battery replacement is when your phone battery isn’t going past the 10 hour mark, despite you not doing anything intensive like playing movies or games. Other symptoms include random shut downs, or when your phone starts turning off automatically when it’s below 50%, is a clear indication that the battery has fulfilled its life.

What Else Can You Do Other Than Battery Replacement

With the latest smartphones, you don’t have the option to replace batteries, but fortunately, there are other alternatives you could consider other than a battery change.
To increase your battery timing, you can make sure the brightness levels aren’t too high, you should disable Bluetooth and wireless connectivity when it’s not in use and close all background apps that take up a lot of battery power.
Most importantly, you can carry a small power bank to give your phone a charge whenever you’re on the move. Power banks are the most effective solution for irremovable battery phones, they charge phones quicker and are easy to carry as well. Other alternatives include a car charger that you can keep in your car, at all times, to give your phone the necessary charge when you’re on the road. A wireless charger is also a good option to save yourself from the hassle of wires.

At times, the simpler approach is to just change the phone rather than replacing batteries or to keep charging your phone at all times. Replacing a battery for new phones like Apple or Samsung could cost you a lot, better to get a new phone to relieve yourself from the pain. New phones keep coming at a very fast rate, but also keep in mind that this rapid change of phones isn’t good for the environment. Please ensure you follow the SOPs to dispose your phone properly or have it recycled.

These tips will help you resolve your smartphone battery issues. However, if you feel the need to purchase a good charger, be it for your car, or if you need a wireless charger for your home/office, or if you’re looking for any other component, log on to Dab Lew Tech and find the best products, in the most affordable prices.

Top 5 Best Gifts For Android Users

The hunt for productive and meaningful gifts for your family and friends can turn into your worst nightmare if you don’t have a clue what to get them. Searching for eloquent and considerate gifts is an ordeal itself, and when the pressure of buying the best gift hovers on you, it is one daunting and overwhelming feeling. However, if you try to figure out what the person receiving the future gift likes or needs, it will become easier to give something that makes a difference for the other person.

Many people who are passionate about gadgets love to receive technical gifts. As human beings, everybody has their own set of preferences. Many own gaming products, whereas others are deeply in love with their state-of-the-art headphones. If you have someone that belongs to the group of people who are crazy about tech products, giving something that compliments their phones, laptops and smart TVs is a great option.

If you’re in search of an impressive and useful gift for an android user in your family or friend’s circle, read along.

1) Wireless earbuds:

This age is an era of everything-wireless. Wireless technology has taken convenience to a whole new level. Among many wireless tools, Bluetooth is one of the most beneficial technologies of the 21st century. Thanks to Bluetooth, a gadget called wireless earbuds, that is now the favourite of many users, came into existence.

Besides the fact that wireless earbuds are the most trendy-looking gadgets, they are also highly convenient, easy to carry and also offer the best quality sound. These are best to use when one is also multitasking tasks, such as exercising, working or driving. With this gadget, you don’t have to fix the wires, again and again, as you do with wired earbuds.

2) Bluetooth speakers:

Among the many new-age gadgets, Bluetooth speakers rank high in the “incredible” scale without any doubt. These devices boost the music experience to the next level. One crucial advantage of Bluetooth speakers is that they are mostly portable. So, people can dance to beats anywhere they want (literally).

Among the plethora of benefits offered by Bluetooth speakers, the convenient size and light-weight property contribute majorly to its success. Other than that, the sociability factor that comes with these gadgets is highly enticing. Since they are wireless, people don’t have to bother about wires and adapters to enjoy the music outdoors.

3) Smartwatches:

People who think smartwatches are a waste of money don’t know the real benefits of one, and how it can make your life fast, easy and convenient. If you have a substantial budget, gifting a smartwatch will make the other person’s day. Unlike traditional watches that are only capable of telling the time, smartwatches do so much more.

From becoming your map guide during your long drives to monitoring your exercise routine to helping you connect with all your other devices, smartwatches can do it all. Smartwatches are an excellent choice for people who are mostly outdoors, working out, or travelling.

4) Gaming Headphones:

Professional gamers would agree that quality gaming headphones make a significant difference when you’re gaming. For gamers, it is one of the useful tools that can help them win the most challenging battle. Hence, if you know the other person is a gamer, don’t wait anymore and get them a gaming headphone set.

Gaming headphones enhance the sound quality to a great extent that will help the gamer gauge where the enemies are and when it is the right time to attack. They help with focus, as the only sound a person can hear is of the game’s background. Gift your gamer friends such headphones and witness them smile ear to ear instantly!

5) Wireless chargers:

Wireless chargers are one of the most demanding gadgets in the market this decade. These devices have made the consumer world so happy, that it makes researchers say charging ports might go extinct soon. Among many, the most contributing factor to the high demand of wireless chargers is that they let people charge their phones wherever and however they want to.

If you know someone with a tedious work schedule, gifting them a wireless charge can just make thier day.

Gift any of the gadgets mentioned above and see your loved ones burst with utmost joy and excitement!

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