Comparison between one of the best Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds: QCY HT01 VS MPOW X6

If you’re looking for a new set of earbuds, you already know how difficult it can be. There are simply so many options available that the average person may struggle to find the best active noise cancelling earbuds from the lot. However, focusing on brands you already know, and trust can help you pick the best earbuds. Of course, this isn’t to imply that up-and-comers can’t build a decent pair of buds.

It simply means that you’re more likely to get consistently good quality from a reliable brand. Mpow and QCY are some of the best in this regard, and we’re about to review the Mpow X6 ANC Headphones and the QCY HT01.

Active noise cancellation (ANC) headphones function by creating a mirror image sound wave in your ear to counterbalance or “cancel out” extraneous noise electronically.

The technology works best in noisy situations, such as those caused by a jet engine, so Bose ANC wireless headphones have become a status symbol at airports. So let’s see what the latest Mpow X6 and QCY HT01 Have in store for us.

QCY HT01 Features


  • Great Built Quality.
  • Effective noise canceling.
  • Good audio performance.
  • Comfortable and protected fit.
  • Reduced Delay game mode for gaming.
  • Four ANC modes to choose from.


  • Short continuous battery life.
  • No multi-device pairing capability.

QCY HT01 ANC Build Quality & Design

QCY was determined to create a unique earphone! The HT01 has a stunning loading base with a matte finish and metal accents. The earphones will last longer with this package of care! The base also features two LEDs that indicate the battery level to don’t forget to load it!

The model is also splash-proof, with an IPX4 rating. Because of the metallic feel and blue-gold color scheme, it fits more easily into your pocket and feels more premium. Two LED lights indicate the charging state.

QCY HT01 TWS Audio Quality

The QCY HT01 wireless earphones outperformed numerous competitors in the audio quality test! Even at maximum level, the earphone provides a beautiful stereo effect and a very high volume that does not explode the tones. Despite its higher price, the ANC HT01 earbuds became a far superior earphone by combining the convenience of wireless charging with excellent design and durability.

The QCY HT01 TWS earphones also have hybrid noise cancellation technology, which adds to the whole experience! It outperforms several competitors in terms of sound quality because of its effective noise cancellation capabilities. It’s also a good earphone if you want to play without pausing or require an audible microphone for video lectures. In terms of audio performance QCY HT01 outperforms the Mpow X6.

QCY HT01 Earphones Battery & Connectivity

When it comes to charging, the model includes a USB Type-C port for faster charging, as well as the ability to charge wirelessly! Making the QCY HT01 ANC earbuds an even more complete headphone achieves an astonishing 6 hours of continuous music listening. Even with the ANC mode turned on, the playtime offered by the earphones is 4 hours!

The QCY HT01 Truly Wireless Earbuds also has solid base functionality, with a strong Bluetooth connection up to ten meters away from your device. It works well in regions with a lot of wireless signals. It’s also simple to switch between one and two earbuds at any time.

MPOW X6 ANC Earphones Features


  • Stable and robust build quality
  • Varied color choice availability
  • Good audio quality and loud maximum volume.
  • Hybrid ANC earbuds with transparency mode.
  • Ergonomic design with excellent noise isolation.
  • Supports wireless charging.


  • Mediocre battery life.
  • Some hiss in transparency mode.
  • Charging case and buds size unsuitable for small fingers
  • Low latency mode should be faster
  • ANC isn’t super effective

MPOW X6 ANC Build Quality & Design

The Mpow X6 Hybrid ANC Headphones are designed in a small “shell” style. They have silicone tips that go within your ears and are relatively unobtrusive.

Metallic blue and metallic purple are the two hues available for the shells. It’s unlikely that they’ll be seen much. They hardly protrude from your ears when correctly inserted. However, properly inserting them requires obtaining a comfortable fit.

MPOW X6 TWS Audio Quality

The sound quality of any earbud is the most crucial aspect of every sound TWS earbud. All headphones are useless without good audio, no matter how brilliant they are in other ways. Fortunately, the Mpow X6 Hybrid ANC Headphones excel in this aspect.

The Mpow X6 ANC earbuds audio comes with plenty of bass. The sound is rich and deep and great for listening to music. There’s also an incredible, wide soundstage with superb separation between the instruments. When there’s too much bass, your vocals won’t get muddy, and when there’s too much treble, they won’t sound shrill. When the volume is turned up, these earphones are loud. If you want something louder, a Bluetooth speaker is a better choice.

MPOW X6 Battery & Connectivity

No matter how great your earphones are, they’re useless if the batteries aren’t up to par. The X6 headphones are in the lower middle of the pack in this regard. The Mpow X6 wireless earbuds have a five-hour rating, which isn’t half-bad but could be better.

Keep in mind; however, those manufacturer ratings are based on playback at half-volume. Therefore, you’ll obtain a lower level of performance if you use your earbuds at total volume.

The Verdict: Mpow X6 Vs QCY HT01 ANC Earbuds

Looking for a set of truly wireless earphones with active noise cancellation features? Now you know there are better, budget-friendly options than just Apple’s AirPods Pro.

The ultimate decision between which of the two earphones is better, narrows down to a very small margin. Both TWS earphones are great in all regards; however the QCY HT01 stands out in terms of performance, built, and playback. Overall both are a great buy if you are looking for affordable ANC earphones with attractive features.

How to Buy ANC Earphones in Pakistan

If you’re interested in the genuinely wireless ANC Mpow X6 or the superior QCY HT01, is the ideal place to shop for these great TWS earbuds in Pakistan. Because the site is the official seller of QCY and Mpow in Pakistan, you can get high-quality, original products backed by an official warranty. provides a one-year warranty, allowing you to have faulty or damaged items replaced by the company quickly. So that was everything there was to know about the new QCY HT01 and Mpow X2 ANC earbuds. Both are excellent noise-canceling headphones with the latest features, fantastic audio, and superior call quality.

QCY HT01 VS MPOW X6 Specifications


Brand QCY Brand Mpow
Model HT01 Model X6
Color Black Wearing Type In-ear
Wearing Type In-ear Microphone Yes
Material ABS+PC Bluetooth Version V 5.1
Microphone Yes Charging Time (h) 2hrs
Bluetooth Version V5.0 Interface Type-C
Supported Profiles HSP/HFP/A2DP/AVRCP ANC Yes
Transmission Distance 33 feet (10m) Codecs AAC
Frequency Response 20-20kHz Weight 0.15 oz per bud; 1.9 oz case plus buds
Battery Capacity Charging Box: 600mAh Noise Cancelling Up to 28 dB
Charging Time (h) 1.5h Modes True Wireless Stereo or Mono
Battery Time (h) 4.5/3.5hr of calling(ANC on/off);

6/4.5hr of playback(ANC on/off)

Water resistance IPX6 – can get wet
Interface Type-C Listening time up to 5 hours, up to 25 hours with the case
Memory Card No Memory Card No
Waterproof Yes Waterproof Yes

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