This Era is undoubtedly is an Era of Wireless Technology. Each and every thing in this world is moving ahead looking for the betterment. There was an era in which people used to use Wired Headphones but as far as time is moving, invention and innovation had taken place with such a rapid pace due to which Wireless Technology came into the world and left behind the era of Headphones. Now people are moving towards the Wireless Bluetooth Earphones. Now the Question is where you can find the Top-Quality Wireless Bluetooth Earphones in Pakistan which will meet the expectations and make you feel satisfied throughout the usage period.

Dablew, is a Branded Tech Store of Pakistan which is pleased and feels honored in serving its customers with excessive first-class products. Dablew is an Official Seller of Mpow in Pakistan and  is right here yet again with the first-class Earphones with a view to provide you with an enchanting enjoy and a peace of mind in such a decent prices with after sale services . Let’s have a glance at the Best Mpow bluetooth earphones price

Mpow Flame:

Mpow Flame earphones are the one which made a great place in the world of electronics, that’s why these earphones are considered as the Top Rated Earphones in Pakistan. Its breath-taking features and comfortability have made the people to choose it over others. Mpoe Flame has equipped with a latest Bluetooth version of 5.0 which has taken the responsibility to provide the never ending and the most stable connection. Mpow Flame Earphones has been able to assist 2 devices at the same time with the steadiest connectivity. Mpow Flame can produce an Immersive Sound with its 11mm dynamic drivers that can deliver sound with Powerful Bass. Mpow Flame Earphones will never allow the external noise and distortion to interrupt you with the help of its built-in cVc 6.0 Noise Cancelling Technology. Mpow Flame gives an imaginative and mind-blowing sound quality no matter what the level of volume is. Also with at a very attractive Mpow bluetooth earphones price

Being an electronic product, the best thing Mpow Flame Earphones can give to its customers is its Water Proof ability, Mpow Flame Earphones are IPX7 waterproof as its Nano coating Technology defends the earphones from getting wet so you can enjoy a quality sound at anytime in any condition and even more in any weather. Mpow Flame Earphones will take only 2 hours for complete charge and then become able to give a playback of around 7 to 9 hours of remarkable audio performance with its built-in Polymer Lithium battery, and provides a facility to check the rest of the battery life at your mobile screen. It is very convenient to wear. Mpow Flame as it is extremely light weighted and it is a merger of comfort  and safety with ear hook and in ear fitting. Mpow Flame comes with replaceable ear-tips so that you can replace them with whatever size you are in comfort with. Mpow Flame has enabled with Google Activation Assistant (Siri) which will help in saving time.

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Mpow Flame 2:

Mpow Flame 2 are the Amazon’s Top Sellers in Pakistan. Mpow Flame 2 comes with a newest Bluetooth version of 5.0 which dispatches a quicker and sturdy connection. Mpow flame 2 can give a 2 times faster speed by switching on another device which can add excitement and more entertainment in your sound. While using Mpow Flame 2, you can enjoy the feature of Instant Chatting with your friends or loved ones anytime by simply pressing the button on the right sided earphone. Mpow Flame 2 can fire up your workout with its crystal-clear high notes and Dynamic plus Enrich deep bass sound with the help of its 10mm dynamic diaphragm.

Mpow Flame 2, the Original Mpow Earphones in Pakistan, can run up to 13 hours in just a single charge. It can even give a playback of 1 hour in a quick charge of just 15 minutes. Mpow flame 2 is often called as Sports wear Earphones because it is very convenient for outdoor workouts or gaming as its IPX7 Water Proof Technology will protect the earphones from being damaged in rough weather conditions or from sweating. Mpow Flame 2 is Perfectly Ergonomic because it has been especially designed with Flexible Loop which is perfectly in tone with your ear shape and provides extreme comfortability. Mpow Flame 2 comes with Silicon Ear tips so you can choose what size is suitable for your ears as per your comfort.

Mpow Flame S:

Mpow Flame is the Aliexpress Top sellers in Pakistan. Mpow Flame S is the best and top-rated Bluetooth earphones of the recent times. Mpow Flame S is capable of delivering an immersive and focused sound with the cooperation of its Qualcomm aptX HD Technology which will never let you alone no matter how tough your workout or routine is. Mpow Flame S crushes all the background noises with its latest Noise Cancellation Technology so no distortion can put an affect on your calls or music. Mpow Flame S has been equipped with the outstanding Bluetooth Version of 5.0 which will enable you to have the most steady, stable and powerful connectivity and even more while using Mpow Flame S you can pair 2 devices at the same time for better experience of sound.

Mpow Flame S is quite easy to use as its all features are just one press away at the right earphone. Mpow Flame S can give a return of 12 hours of playtime in just a single span of complete charge so you can enjoy a quality time without being aware of the battery life. Its remaining battery life can be easily shown on the earphones as it is equipped with LED Indicator which will keep you up to date about the battery life. These earphones are considered as High-Performance Earphones as it is equipped with IPX7 sweat proof and waterproof Technology that will always be there to motivate you even in any kind of weather or condition. It is built with improved materials and with such a comfort design that will allow you to move freely without being afraid of the cord length. For best Mpow bluetooth earphones price visit here

Mpow Flame Solo:

Mpow Flame Solo is one of the most Top-Rated Bluetooth Earbuds which influenced the people to attract towards it with its mesmerizing and fascinating features. Mpow Flame Solo is expert in delivering the enriched, punchy and deep bass sounds, both of its earphones have built-in ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation Technology) with highly sensitive microphones that can easily detect every minor sound and cancels the external background noises so that those noises will never be able to be a part of your calls. Mpow Flame Solo has said a good bye to the stress of untangled wire as these earbuds are completely wireless and each of the bud can be used separately depending upon your wish, either you can use both the earbuds or just a single earbud in mono mode. These earbuds have 3 multi-functional physical buttons to control music, calls, mute settings, or Voice Assistant.

After a single charge, Mpow Flame Solo can be truly called The Best Energetic Earbuds as these earbuds are being able to dispatch a quality playback of upto 28 hours to provide you a long lasting experience. The best thing about Mpow Flame Solo is that it can also be able to give 1 hours of listening time after a quick recharge of just 15 minutes. Mpow Flame Solo has been especially designed for Sports Wear as its moldable ear hooks facilitates you with comfortable and unshakeable earbuds that never falls during a workout or even in a running period. Wearing them for a pro long period of time will never hurt your ears because of its ergonomic design. Mpow Flame Solo is compatible with multi-platform 3devices including mobile phones, tablets, Computers, Laptops etc. its Nano coating design will protect the earbuds from getting wet as these earbuds are equipped with IPX7 Waterproof technology that supports all kinds of workouts whether indoor or outdoor. Its cool 4 LED Indicators will let you know about the rest of the battery at every instant.



[ Mpow Flame VS Mpow Flame 2 VS Mpow Flame S VS Mpow Flame Solo]


  Mpow Flame Mpow Flame 2 Mpow Flame S Mpow Flame Solo
Bluetooth version 5.0 5.0 5.0 5.0
Water Proof IPX7 IPX7 IPX7 IPX7
Playing Time 9 Hours 12 hours 12 hours 28 hours
Noise Cancellation Technology Included Included Included Included
Charging Slot Micro USB Micro USB Micro USB Portable USB
aptX Support Not Included Not Included Included Included
LED Indicators Not Included Not Included Included Included
Memory Foam Ear tip Included Included Included Included
Voice Assistant Included Included Included Included
Compatibility with other devices Not Included Not Included Not Included Included