What’s Draining Your Phone Battery?

Batteries, in general, are made with a specific amount of charge cycles. Without having best power banks in Pakistan a phone can only charge and discharge according to the number of charge cycles it can support. Once it runs out of them, the user will experience a faster battery draining that affects the usability and talk-time of the device to a great extent.

The deliberate culprits of draining your phone’s battery are high-resolution phone screens, apps that go online for every update, various apps that wake the screen up now and then, and the power that the screen of the phone devours to light up the pretty visuals. Another reason why batteries are prone to draining even in this tech-savvy era is that not many advancements have been made to enhance the quality of batteries in the gadget universe as compared to other parts of a mobile phone. And without having a backup by best power banks in Pakistan, this is seems inevitable.

However, to have a better insight into what are the other contributing factors in draining your phone’s battery, read the following extensive guide that carries all the answers.

Excessive downloading and streaming

When you download apps that take up a lot of MBs, they not only affect the phone’s memory but also drain its battery. Why? Because to process data draining apps, the battery works extra hard so you can run them smoothly. Moreover, streaming on social apps like Facebook, Instagram, Hulu, Netflix, HBO, Snapchat, and Facetime also aggravates the draining of a battery. Thus, when you know that you will have to survive without a charger for a while, avoid downloading and streaming. And without a backup from the best power banks in Pakistan, it seems difficult.

Installing free apps

We all know the temptation free apps carry, which makes us download them without giving it any second thoughts. Well, here is the bad news. According to research, downloading free apps is the fourth battery-draining cause in iPhones and Android phones as well. Free apps come with advertisements that pop up whenever you open the application. Hence, the price of downloading free data is paid by the battery of your phone. So what do to do when you are too in love with an app, but also want to enjoy a smooth battery life? Pay a few more dollars and buy it, so you don’t have to put up with the advertisements anymore.

When to replace the phone battery?

If you observe the following signs in your phone, it is time to get a new battery.

  1. The phone will stop switching on.
  2. Overheating.
  3. Only working when you plug it in with a charger.
  4. Battery swelling.
  5. Draining fast even after you charge it fully.

How can you boost the battery of your phone?

If you want to minimize the draining rate of your battery, the following tips can help you.

  1. Always keep a power banks in Pakistan with yourself to avoid complete battery death.
  2. Use type c cables.
  3. Limit the working of background apps.
  4. Lower the brightness of your phone.
  5. Keep a charge between 40% to 80% at all times.

The bottom line is, the more you take care of your battery, the longer your phone will stay with you.