A newly unboxed and touched smartphone is the ultimate dream of a tech-enthusiast. The scent of a new phone is a preferred high for mobile lovers, and they do not ever want to lose it. But that would be possible in a parallel world only. In the real world, things start losing their lustre with time, and no matter how prepared you are for it.

People usually blame the ageing circuitry of the phone or its draining battery when the phone starts losing its glamour. But there is so much more to consider when it comes to maintaining and prolonging the quality of performance of a phone. Slowing down of a gadget is an inevitable reality, as they do not come with life-long guarantees. However, you can still enhance its functionality and increase its lifespan with some tricks and tactics. Want to know some of them? Continue reading.

1) Frequent Cleaning:

With smartphones, downloading interesting and unique apps is tempting and can end up in an installing spree anytime. Yes, it is all fun and games, but once these apps start draining the memory and battery of your phone, the lifespan is badly affected. Furthermore, when you download a handful of free apps, your phone is constantly downloading advertisements. This constant power usage automatically affects the battery life of your mobile and slows it down. Phone cleaning tips like deleting useless apps, pictures, audio files, and making data backups can help you enhance the performance of your phone greatly.

2) Don’t believe in “closing the background apps will save battery”:

This myth can damage the durability of your phone’s battery. In android, the background apps don’t take any power from the battery. Instead, if you keep opening and closing them, it might drain your phone’s charger much faster. Whereas in iPhones, background applications that are not in use, suspend their processing and seize the power extraction. This way, they are not doing any harm to the battery lifespan of your phone. However, just like in android phones, opening and closing the apps can cause early ageing of your battery.

3) Catch up on software updates:

If you want to maintain the performance of your smartphones, don’t lag behind software updates. Install them whenever they are available as they can fix many bugs and interference problems in the software. Furthermore, also keep an update check on all the apps present in your phone. Installing software does not mean that it will automatically update the apps that you use. The old and ancient version of social apps also contributes to excessive battery drain, and you will have to think of battery replacement sooner than you should.

4) Get a screen protector:

There are also a bunch of other culprits that are responsible for affecting the quality and performance of your mobile phones. Trauma, spilling, and fall impacts can minimize the lifespan of your phone as they directly affect the battery. Many screen protector types ensure that your phone is safe from any accident and helps in promoting exceptional durability.

Taking care of the hardware of your phone is vital to make them last longer, and these tips are perfect for doing just that!