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Dab Lew | Buy Top-Quality Micro USB Cables in Pakistan

Employ the Micro USB cable to charge your smartphone. Enjoy seamless data transfers to and from laptops and PCs. Dab Lew Tech sells safe and intelligent Micro USB cables in Pakistan. A stronger and safer connection as well as a soft and fire-resistant TPE coating. Get a durable, quick-charging micro USB for a reasonable price.

USB Connector on one end and Micro USB connector

On one end of the micro USB cable is a conventional USB 2.0 connector, while on the other is a Micro USB (OTG Cable) connector. Connect the USB to USB Cable or to a device having a Micro USB port and the USB connector to a computer, gaming console, or AC adapter. Micro USB cable can be used to charge and sync your Barnes and Noble Nook. Additionally, you can use the OTG cable to send data from your computer to a printer, external hard drive, or digital camera. Simply connect the USB cable to a wall adapter or USB hub and insert the micro USB cable end into your device.

Fast data transfer

The micro USB cable is your Android device’s lifeline. Dab Lew offers the best standard charging wires in a variety of lengths. You can browse the category on our online store or come to our physical location to test the product. Our micro USB cables facilitate data transfer to and from your PC by providing instant connectivity. We offer high-quality micro USB cables in Pakistan made of reinforced fibers that will not easily wear out, split, or peel away with age. Our micro USB cable options will not let you compromise on your device’s charging and syncing speeds. Get your orders at your doorsteps within 72 hours!