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Your USB Type C computers, mobile phones, and tablets may charge safely at up to 5A with this Type C Cable to USB Type C cable. Also, with a maximum 20V 5A power output, it supports Type C Power Delivery. Which is also known as the PD charging protocol, which reduces charging time more effectively. Grab the best Type C Cable Price in Pakistan at Dab Lew Tech.

Most importantly, reverse insertion is supported by USB type C cables, thus either end of the cable can be inserted. Data can be transmitted more quickly over USB type C data cable. A USB 3.1 Type-C cables can be used to send 4K videos.

Reverse Charging

In addition, reverse charging is supported by Type-C data cables, which also support charging currents that are somewhat higher, ranging from 3 A to 5 A. Therefore, USB Type C cables have a more streamlined design and increase user safety. In our store, you can find many different brands and kinds of USB type c cables and Type C data cables.

Moreover, we have large variety of products of USB Type c data cables in Pakistan. List of Type C cables include Choetech lightening Type C data cables, Minix Neo USB C to USB C data cables, UNIQ USB Type C data cables. We provide high quality USB Type C cables in Pakistan. We are the biggest distributors of technology goods all over Pakistan.

Hence, different range of USB Type C data cables are available. Please visit our website to know more about Type C cables price in Pakistan. Get your fast and valuable type c cables now!

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