If you’re a true trend-follower, everything that you own must be trending. From clothes to bags and also shoes, you want to look like you’re dripping with style from every inch. But are we forgetting something? We sure are. In this new era of fast fashion, tech accessories are also dominating the marketplace with their unique designs and impeccable visuals.

Just like any other mobile accessory like headphones, wireless earphones, and trendy charging cases, mobile covers have also come a long way. Now, now and then, you will come across a plethora of new patterns and techniques. Bold colours, vibrant designs, and cool logos are all the rage this year! If you’re one of the “get bored easily” kind of a person, below is a list of some futuristic, classy, and elegant mobile phone trends that are on fire in 2020.

1) Logo Mania:

Logo cases are back in fashion with a blast in 2020. The days when logo cases are given the label of “being too much” are gone. Sporting a classy phone case with a logo on it is the new cool in the modern youth. The best thing about logo cases is that you can find them in all colours, sizes, and patterns. From high-end brands like Gucci, Channel, and LV to small scale brands, you can slay any one of them with your phone.

2) Shiny and Glittery:

Who doesn’t like some shine and glam on their phones? If you are a fan of sparkles and glitters, phone cases like these are the perfect fit for you. You can get phone cases with sequin embellishments, crystal studs, gold plating, and much more to get the glamorous look you want for your phones. Additionally, metallic embroidering is also taking the mobile cover market by the storm. However, if you’re more inclined towards sparkles, but not glitter, you should go for a beaded phone case. A bejewelled case will add the elegance element to your phone like nothing else!

3) Floral and fancy:

People might think that floral patterns are old-school, but with the right combination of colours, you can make your phone look super fancy. Whether you like pretty pastels, loud neon colours, or classic black and white, a floral phone case will add the right amount of pizzazz in the overall look of your phone. If you want to embrace the floral trend the right way, go for crystal embroideries with matching blooms and complementary stripes.

4) Crossbody – Convenient and sporty:

Most people want to have easy access to their phones, but carrying it around is also a bit of a handful. So, to combat this issue, you can get a crossbody case for your phone. This way, your phone won’t be in your hands 24/7, and you can also reach it whenever you want to with ease. To go for a more luxe look, you can get a golden chain for the crossbody bag. On the contrary, if you want to sport a classical look, get an all-black leather material for your crossbody phone case.

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