Myths have been a part of our society since the human mind evolved. However, in the modern world, with plenty of exposure to the internet and other social assets, debunking myths is a necessity. When it comes to gadgets, there are many foolish myths attached to them. It is crucial to understand that anything which is not handled with care, especially when it runs on batteries, can cause a lot of mishaps. But it does not mean that every gadget like mobile phones, tablets, and laptops are fire-prone.

In general, mobile phones mostly run on lithium-ion batteries. Yes, they are substantially responsible for the recent incidents concerning the phone explosions, but many other factors contributed to this scenario. Small battery cases and other such manufacturing errors are one of the prevalent causes of exploding phones in recent times. Properly manufactured lithium-ion batteries in no way can burn a hole in your pocket!

So let’s discuss some of the most common myths about phone charging and debunk them!

Myth # 1: Putting a phone on charge overnight is wrong

This myth is completely FALSE! There is a reason why mobile phones are now called smartphones. It is because they are smart devices. Apart from some hoverboards, almost every smartphone will know that its battery is fully charged. Once this happens, the system automatically stops the charging process. Thus, you can put your digital buddy on charge without worrying about an apocalyptic fire in your bedroom.

Myth # 2: Using a phone while it’s charging is damaging

It is pretty normal to fear electrocution, as it is one of the prevalent causes of death worldwide. However, thinking that a charging phone can electrocute a person and cause death is wrong. Using your phone, in any way you want to, is safe except if you are close to water like in a bathtub. Otherwise, a charging phone can not harm you in any way.

Myth 3: All chargers are the same

While it is true that all types of chargers have the same function: getting power to your phone, it is a false assumption that the quality of every charger is the same. If you buy counterfeit chargers, you are at grave risk of a potential safety hazard, as low-quality off-brand names often sell problematic chargers. People buy them as they are comparatively cheaper than high-end brands, but they lack greatly when it comes to quality power-generation.

Myth # 4: Using your phone 24/7 is no problem

If you get an idea of how detrimental leaving a phone on 24/7 is to its lifespan, you will be giving your phone rest after every half an hour use. Just like any other battery-dependent device, mobile phones need rebooting once in a while to function smoothly. The trick to enhancing the lifespan of your phone is to use it smartly and responsibly.

Myth # 5: Using location services kills the battery:

Yes, keeping your phone on airplane mode will extend the battery life but then why use a phone when you can not text or make phone calls? Using apps that require the usage of location services do hit the battery, but not in a destructive way like most people think.

Now that you know these surprisingly famous sayings are myths, congratulations! You have successfully debunked the most famous myths in the gadget world!