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Original Boya Products in Pakistan with Official Warranty

Boya as a brand is one of the reliable and legitimate famous makers of high-quality wired and wireless condenser microphones and electro-acoustic products. The brand also rose to the status of being the world’s known manufacturers of durable professional microphones for smartphones, laptops, cameras, etc. The products made by this brand have proven to be ideal items for vlogging and broadcasting. Just to let you know, the Boya brand is owned by Chinese Shenzhen Jiayz Photo Industrial Limited. The company has a central laboratory in electro-acoustic research and development that widely covers all sorts of microphones resort. Furthermore, the company has a collection of scientific research, development, production, sales, service and other comprehensive development ability in the integration of modern science and technology enterprises.


It is great news that individuals, studios or vocal companies can now officially purchase all kinds of Boya-made microphones all over Pakistan on Dab Lew Tech for good prices depending on the particular products. There are also promotion periods, where interested personnel, or companies can get the Boya microphones for slashed prices. Dab Lew Tech however offers up to one (1) full year warranty to all of the Boyer products on sale in our store.


Obviously, it will also interest you to know that all these products from Boya are affordable so that you can get or add to cart that particular product you need without tearing your pocket. Below are a few listed products from Boya on Dab Lew Tech. We would start from the high priced items and progress to the low priced products. Most affordable microphones are now available in Pakistan and they are even more cheaper than ever.

  1. Boya BY-WM3U 2.4G Wireless Microphone

The first on our list is the tiny Boya BY-WM3U 2.4G wireless microphone for android Type-C smartphones, Tablets, DSLRs and PCs. It is one of the most wanted portable microphones in Pakistan at the moment.


This particular Boya microphone is called a tiny microphone because it has a portable design with built-in microphone on the transmitter. Being also a gallant portable product, it comes inside a well fashionable designed storage box that serves as a protective case, pairing and charging box for both the transmitter and the receiver. Also, with this charging box, the transmitter and receiver can serve users for about 4.5 hours to 8 hours of continuous usage.


Boya also made an avenue whereby conversion between adapters could be made easily. All you have to do is to slightly attach the adapter into the empty spaced slot at the back of the receiver and then plug the receiver into any available recording device and start your recording. It is easy and simple right ? Obviously, Yes it is.


You might still be wondering what is the content of the storage box. There is a 3.5 mm TRS adapter which was made available for most DSLR camcorder recorders. There is also a Type-C adapter that was made available for most USB Type-C devices. Still on the left side of the storage box, there is a charging case that offers quick pairing and recharging of the devices when it is low. Now on the right side of the storage box, you would find a 3.5 mm TRRS adapter which is suitable for most smartphones, laptops, tablets and other devices. Just immediately after that is the transmitter that features a built-in microphone, and then the receiver which was made to be a multifunctional receiver also.


With all these things inside the storage box you will discover that you can use this Boya BY-WM3U 2.4G wireless microphone in different environments and scenarios. In other words, you can connect your smartphone and tablet through the 3.5 mm TRRS/ Type-C. You can also connect the BY-WM3U receiver to your camcorder or camera with the available 3.5 mm TRS  adapter. Lastly, when connecting to the computer you need to use the available 3.5 mm TRRS adaptor.


In conclusion, Boya BY-WM3U is an advanced 2.4 GHz wireless system that provides stellar broadcasting quality sound to Android smartphones tablet and computers with USB Type-C connectors, DSLR, camcorders, recorders and so on. It offers you a seamless and enjoyable recording process.


Where To Buy:

The Boya BY-WM3U 2.4G wireless microphone is currently available in Pakistan for 20,499.00 on Dab Lew Tech.


  1. Boya BY-PM500 Mini USB Table Microphone

Boya made this particular Mini USB microphone to possess Cardioid and Omnidirectional polar patterns. This mini table microphone was made by Boya to fit in different usage scenarios and it is also one of the perfect choices when you want to capture sound from all directions as a result of its design. It is also an ideal and suggested choice of microphone for office, studio, and home use. This is one of the available affordable microphones in Pakistan with low price tag.


Boya BY-PM500 is extremely easy to use with its only one control knob. With this control knob users can control or access functions like headphone monitoring, recording volume and the mute function respectively. This mini table microphone comes with a specially-designed headphone amplifier and also an accurate level handling pattern that facilitates your audio monitoring with zero latency.

In terms of the design, there is a detachable desk stand and an embedded threaded hole design which makes it possible to use the bracket to cope with different complex scenarios or environments.


Where To Buy:

The Boya BY-PM500 mini USB table microphone is currently available in pakistan for 14,499.00 on Dab Lew Tech.

  1. Boya BY-VG330 Universal Smartphone Vlogging Kit


Boya BY-VG330 Universal Smartphone Vlogging Kit Is a complete set of devices put together by Boya to assist YouTubers, vloggers, and videographers to effectively achieve their tasks. As the name implies, it has all you need for shooting videos, vlogging, and more. The most interesting part of this product is that it is very compatible with varieties of smartphones from different brands (Apple iPhones, Samsung smartphones, Xiaomi smartphones, and a lot more).

With this portable device from Boya, you can instantly change or turn your smartphone into a portable recording device or studio with more than enough comfort. To set up the Boya BY-VG330 is very easy and stress-free, all you  need to do is to follow the users manual and you’re all good..

Inside the package box there are a few necessary and useful items you will need to put together to form the full set. Firstly you will see an extension tube, a mini tripod stand, ball head, video microphone, phone clamp, furry windscreen, clamp with cold shoe mount, and a fitted shock-mount. All these items were put together to form the full set of the Boya BY-VG330 universal smartphone vlogging kits.

Where To Buy:

The Boya BY-VG330 universal smartphone vlogging kits is current on sale in Pakistan for 12,499.00 on Dab Lew Tech.


  1. Boya BY-M100UC Plug N Play Microphone

This particular USB type-c microphone supports plug-and-play. That is to say, you don’t need any set up for this particular microphone once it is plugged on your device, it starts functioning. Boya made two (2) connector options for this particular microphone which is the Type-C connector and the lightning connector. This microphone is very portable (light weight) and it is easy to use as well.

How to set up the Boya BY-M100UC Plug-and-play microphone:

  1. Gently plug or insert the Type-C of lightning connector into your recording device audio input Jack.
  2. Make sure it fits perfectly and then turn the microphone to the preferred point you wish to record from.
  3. Turn on your recording device.
  4. Start recording the preferred audio you wish to record.


It is very simple and far too easy to use for personal and public recording.

Where To Buy:

The Boya BY-M100UC Plug-and-play microphone is still available in pakistan on Dab Lew Tech

for 8,299.00

  1. Boya BY-MM1+ Advanced Cardioid Condenser Microphone

Despite the small size of this microphone, it is ruggedly compatible with iOS or Android devices. With the presence of a TRRS connector, you can easily attach the microphone to any of your devices at all. While the  TRS connector was made available for DSLR cameras, gimbals, GoPro, and recorders.

Inside the travelling pouch which serves as it’s protective case, you would find the shock mount, microphone, foam windscreen, furry windscreen, TRS cable  for cameras and TRRS cable for smartphones. The Boya BY-MM1+ is an extremely affordable simple means of giving your content a professional level of sound quality and most interestingly, you don’t need charging or batteries to power this particular microphone.

On the microphone itself, you would find a cardioid condenser, and a headphone output port to enable users monitor and track playback audio with compatible software’s  or Applications. The detachable shock mount in the kit provides a reliable and solid construction, effectively eliminating noise from vibrations and camera handling.

Where To Buy:

The Boya BY-MM1+ Advanced Cardioid Condenser Microphone is available for purchase in pakistan on Dab Lew Tech for about 4,599.00


Just to let you know, our store has the most wanted tech products in Pakistan from top brands and also upcoming brands. Dab Lew Tech should be the first Pakistan online store to come to your mind when it comes to purchasing tech related devices. We offer one (1) year warranty to our customers and also provide the best price tags for all items on our shelf.




View all Products by Boya

IMILAB W12 VS IMILAB KW66 vs Haylou LS05

Imilab w12 VS imilab kw66 vs Haylou ls05s


People can now buy the best smartwatches in Pakistan on DabLew for good pocket-friendly prices. Smartwatches like Imilab W12 which was released a few months back to the market, Imilab Kw66 smartwatch which made huge sales as at when it was newly released and it is also identified as the predecessor of the Imilab W12. The  third smartwatch that will be acknowledged is Haylou RT LS05S that was released sometime in March 2021. You can see all these three (3) smartwatches are still new as a result of them being 2021 made smartwatches. On Dablew which is a Pakistan based online store, you can now buy Imilab W12, Imilab Kw66, and Haylou RT LS05S smartwatch at the cheapest prices. Pakistanis are most favoured in getting these selected best compared smartwatches in Pakistan.

Imilab W12 Smartwatch

In this article, we would be comparing the features of these great (Imilab W12, Imilab Kw66, and Haylou RT LS05S) smartwatches. Although, we should have at the back of our minds that the Imilab W12 is a very unique smartwatch on its own but let’s still make the comparison. Below is a comparison Specification table to show the features of all three (3) smartwatches alike.

Comparison Specification Table

Name: Imilab W12 Imilab Kw66 Haylou RT LS05S
Display: 1.32 inch 3D TFT screen 1.28 inch 3D TFT screen 1.28 inch” LCD screen
Touch Screen:
Bluetooth Version: V5.1 V5.0 V5.0
Battery Life: 30 days 30 days 30 days
Compatibility: Android 5.1 or above
IOS 9.0 or above
Android 5.1 or above
IOS 9.0 or above
Android 4.4 and above, iOS 8.0 and above
Weight: 57g 54g 54g
Dimensions: 260mm x22mm x11mm 45.3mm x11.4mm 45.3 x 11.4mm
Water & Dust Proof Yes IP68 Yes IP68 Yes IP68
Battery Capacity: 340mAh 340mAh 340mAh
Charger: Magnetic Charging cable Magnetic Charging cable Magnetic Charging cable
Price: 6,749.00 5,149.00 6,949.00

Imilab Kw66 Smartwatch

Visually comparing the design of these smartwatches, it seems a lot more complex to decide which is the best. However, the Imilab W12 has a more superior design with attached dual side buttons that quickly sends commands to the smartwatch. On both sides of  the Imilab Kw66, there is just one quick command button which is used for Power On/Off, and return. The Haylou RT LSo5S features two buttons like the Imilab W12 The display of these three smartwatches are very different. You can see the Imilab w12 has a bigger display with 1.32 inch 3D screen while the Imilab Kw66 and Haylou RT LSo5S has just 1.28 inch. Concluding on the display aspect, you would accept the Imilab W12 as the display winner.

Haylou RT IS05S

Moving further into  other aspects of these best smartwatches in Pakistan, the Imilab w12 also challenged the Imilab kw66 and Haylou RT LSo5S in terms of connectivity speed. Imilab w12 comes with Bluetooth version 5.1 while the other two smartwatches share  the same Bluetooth version 5.0. On the connectivity speed aspect, Imilab W12 still won the other two competitors (Imilab Kw66 and Haylou RT LS05S).

Imilab W12 smartwatch has newly attached features which may not be present on both the Imilab Kw66 and Haylou RT LS05S. The new features  include a blood oxygen saturation monitor, weather forecast, a More Option that hides the Find my phone gesture and many others.

In the battery department, it is so impressive that Imilab Kw66 and Haylou RT LS05S were packed with 340mAh battery which is also present on the Imilab w12. For these smartwatches to have such battery capacity, they are scheduled to last it’s users for about thirty (30) days before recharging. Furthermore, they also share the same charging process of  Magnetic Charging cable which is ideal to swiftly charge these smartwatches.

All interested buyers of any of the above (Imilab W12, Imilab Kw6,  and Haylou RT LS05S) smartwatches can just place the name of the particular smartwatch on the Dablew Search Box.


SoundPeats H1 Vs SoundPeats sonic Vs SoundPeats T2

SoundPeats H1 Vs SoundPeats sonic Vs SoundPeats T2


SoundPeat as a brand has risen to the status of being one of the famous trusted makers of durable earbuds. Most importantly, the brand makes pocket-friendly items too depending on what you wish to use them for. However, in this article, we would be comparing three (3) different models of SoundPeat earbuds. The article will also expose a few or very vital specifications of all three (3) of the earbuds so readers can also make a physical comparison to know which of these elegant earbuds from SoundPeat best twinkles their fancy.


Firstly before we go any further on this article, below are the Key Specifications of the SoundPeats H1, SoundPeats Sonic, and SoundPeats T2.


Specification Comparison Table


Name: SoundSoundPeats H1 SoundSoundPeats Sonic SouneSoundPeats T2
Chipset: Qualcomm QCC3040 Qualcomm QCC3040 Airoha AB1562A
Dimensions: 24.5*22.5*27mm 20.5*18.3*27.2mm 0.8 *0.84 * 1.03 inches
Connectivity: Bluetooth V5.2 Bluetooth V5.0 Bluetooth V5.1
Waterproof: Yes (IPX5) Yes (IPX5) Yes (IPX5)
Charging Time:

Play Time:

1.5 hours

10 hours (once charge)

2 hours

15 hours (once charge)

2 hours

ANC On 7.5 hours, ANC OFF 10 hours

Microphone: Yes (dual per earbud) Yes (single per earbud) Yes (single per earbud)
Earbud Weight: 6.5g 6g 6g
Transmission Distance: 10m 10m 10m
Price: ₨12,499.00 ₨7,499.00 ₨8,949.00


  • SoundPeats H1 Earbuds

SoundPeat H1 earbuds have the latest Bluetooth version 5,2 chip which provides users with the most seamless and fastest wireless connectivity speed so as to hasten up the listening experience. Going further to other aspects of this earbud, the embedded cutting-edge CVC 8.0 algorithm facilitates impressive signals so users can enjoy crystal-clear calls whenever they use this earbud to facetime.


A lot of individuals now fancy the fact that they can control their earbuds without touching their smartphones. It is an improvement and it will also interest you to know that the SoundPeat H1 has quick command controls at the back of the back of each of the earbuds. With this feature alone, users can control almost everything they do on the earbuds like navigating from music to call, from volume adjustments to Skip to the next must, and so on. Having dual microphones on both earbuds makes this model a design first choice earbuds whenever you want to purchase an item of this caliber.

This SoundPeat H1 earbud delivers up to 10 hours of playtime from a single charge plus an extra 30 hours from the case to keep your music going till the next time charge. There are a lot more other exciting features these earbuds possess that you would come to discover in the review article.


Where To Buy: 

The SoundPeat H1 earbuds are currently available for purchase in Pakistan for ₨12,499.00 on Dab Lew. 



  • SoundPeats Sonic

SoundPeat Sonic is another preferred choice earbud that is likely to be compared to the SoundPeats H1 as a result of having similar features. Although, the SoundPeat H1 supersedes this particular earbud in terms of the embedded features. Nevertheless, the SoundPeats Sonic earbud is still up to the task and that is why it was brought to the comparison.

As a good value earbud, it offers up to 15 hours of playtime on a single full charge. With the pocket-sized charging case, the playtime is extended up to 35 hours of usage and it supports up to 2 times full charges for the earbuds. It will also interest you to know the SoundPeat Sonic takes just 1.5 hrs to charge the case with a type-C quick charge getting it to 100% in a twinkle of an eye. There are additional features on the earbuds like the sensitive control buttons that provide more precise control for what you want. You can send quick commands by softly taping at the back of the earbud to skip songs, adjust volume, answer/reject calls and activate Siri(Google assistant) without picking up your phone.


Where To Buy:

The SoundPeat Sonic earbuds are currently available for purchase in Pakistan for ₨7,499.00 on Dab Lew.


  • SoundPeats T2

SoundPeat T2 earbuds are really unique set of earbuds in the market that can be purchased for about ₨8,949.00. The earbud has a different processor from the SoundPeat H1 and the SoundPeat Sonic. This particular earbud (SoundPeat T2) has an Airoha AB1562A processor while the other SoundPeat earbuds have the Qualcomm QCC3040 processor. However, the SoundPeat T2 was embedded with a feedforward and feedback ANC technology which tends to assist the earbud to wirelessly and effectively suppress ambient noise in a larger range by up to 30dB (decibel), which is better for you to focus on music, video, or your private conversation without interruption of any kind.


Where To Buy:

The SoundPeat T2 earbuds are currently sold out but they will be available for purchase soon in Pakistan for ₨8,949.00 on Dab Lew.

Tronsmart Battle Earbuds VS Soundpeats Gamer no 1

Tronsmart Battle Earbuds VS Soundpeats Gamer no 1

Tronsmart and SoundPeats are famous manufacturers of good-quality headsets. Most individuals find their products appealing irrespective of the price tags of any model of their headsets. In this era, the use of quality earbuds to listen to music or answer calls is now a lifestyle. Everyone tries to get the best kind of earbuds on the market if possible. In today’s article, we would be looking at the possible comparisons between Tronsmart Battle Earbuds and the most wanted portable SoundPeat Gamer No 1 True Wireless Earbuds. Let’s quickly look into the main specifications of each of these earbuds from both Tronsmart and SoundPeats.

Spec Comparison Table

Name: Tronsmart Battle Earbuds SoundPeat Gamer No 1
Chipset: ATS3019 PAU1626
Dimensions: 59 x 60.93 x 31.79mm 6.52 * 5.78 * 3.25cm
Connectivity: Bluetooth V5.0 Bluetooth V5.0
Waterproof: Yes (IPX5) Yes ( IPX4)
Chagrin Time: 2 hours 1.5 hours
Microphone: Yes Yes


Earbud Weight: 5g 5g
Transmission Distance: 10m 10m
Price: ₨5,249.00 ₨6,549.00

Now we have the comparison chart above, let’s look at the features on the earbuds one after the other.

  1. Tronsmart Battle Earbuds

Tronsmart has made this earbud possess enough features so as to compete or stand out among its competitors. Starting from the design the earphone has a semi-in ear structure that makes it fit perfectly on the ear canals. However, your phone also has a custom-engineered driver which allows it to deliver a wide soundstage with refined high-quality audio for ultimate gaming while using it during your gaming time. With the presence of Bluetooth version 5.0, the earbud connects to your device swiftly. Although there were embedded invisible control buttons that we cannot see.  outside (at the back) the earbuds. Almost all the new era earbuds come with this control feature.

Selling Points:

  • Ultra-Low Latency Gaming True Wireless Earbuds.
  • Premium Audio with Custom Engineered 13mm Driver.
  • Diverse Lighting Effect.
  • Pressure-reduced Idea.
  • Semi in-ear Ergonomics Structure.
  • Quick Access to Multiple Functions.
  • 20 Hours of Playtime.
  • Supports Voice Assistant.


Where To Buy:

The Tronsmart Battle Earbuds are currently available for purchase in Pakistan for ₨5,249.00 on Dab Lew.

  1. Soundpeats Gamer no 1

SoundPeat Gamer No 1 is well equipped with about four (4) noise-canceling microphones that helps to deliver clearer vocals, so users can get all the fun. The manufacturers tried to abundantly embed a durable battery that can last for about five (5) solid hours before using the charging case to recharge the earbuds. With the charging case, the SoundpPeat Gamer No 1 can offer about twenty-five (25) hours of playtime without any interruption. Judging by the design, it’s very convincing that the manufacturers (SoundPeat) endeavored to make it look very attractive with also making it exquisite. Each of these earbuds can be used independently and you would still enjoy its quality sound. The earbuds were stylishly designed to fit perfectly to the ears and it has very lightweight also. As the name implies, there is no need to ask if it is suitable for gaming (obviously, it is). Being equipped with dual drivers makes the SpondPeat Gamer No 1 capable of balancing three diverse sound ranges which comprise the high, the medium, and the low ranges. Also with this dual driver, it is easy to hear every single sound in detail. For the fact that the sound flows through 3D makes it easy to grasp the direction and distance of the opponent, and you will get more immerse when using it while playing a video game. This gaming earphone makes it easy to check small footsteps and skill usage sounds in FPS and is suitable for both standing and smartphone games.

Where To Buy:

The SoundPeat Gamer No 1 Earbuds are currently available for purchase in Pakistan for Rs6,549.00 on Dab Lew.

Soundpeats H1 vs Soundpeats Sonic: Comparison Between Features

Soundpeat as a brand has made numerous models of earbuds that are currently making good sales in the market today. Although these models of earbud from Soundpet can be bought for different prices depending on the model you wish to buy. On DabLew, we have a lot of these interesting items you might also want to purchase for friendly price tags.

SoundPEATs H1
SoundPEATs H1

Nevertheless, most users of both the Soundpeat H1 and the Soundpeat Sonic might have been wondering, what could be the difference or similarities between these two models of earbuds. In this article, we would be stating the comparisons between these earbuds from SoundPEAT.

SoundPEATs Sonic
SoundPEATs Sonic

Starting this comparison with the price tags, these two earbuds have different prices which is to say, Soundpeats H1 is sold for 12,499.00 while the Soundpeat Sonic is sold for 7,499.00. Obviously, there is a reason why they both can’t be sold for the same price and that is as a result of the features they were embedded with.

A Quick Comparison Specification Table 

Name Soundpeats H1 Soundpeat Sonic
Dimension L24.5*W22.5*H27mm 20.5*18.3*27.2mm
Bluetooth Version V5.2 V5.0
Bluetooth Chipset Qualcomm 3040 Qualcomm 3040
Compatibility Android 5.1 or aboveIOS 9.0 or above Android 5.1 or aboveIOS 9.0 or above
Charging Port USB Type-C USB Type-C
Water & Dust Proof IPX5 IPX5
Mic Dual Mic per earbud Single Mic per earbud
Play Time 10 hrs per charge 15 hrs per charge
Noise Reduction Yes Yes
Battery Capacity HS: 60mAh BS: 500mAh HS: 70mAh BS: 400mAh
Weight 6.5g 6.5g
Driver Knowles Balanced Armature Driver & 8.6mm Dynamic Driver unknown

Judging by the spec table, the SoundPEATS Sonic Bluetooth earbuds delivers up to 15 hours of playtime on a single full charge while the SoundPEAT H1 offers about 10 hours of playtime. In this section, it shows the Soundpeat Sonic beating the SoundPEAT H1 by the additional 5 hours as regards the playtime. It is clear that the SoundPEAT sonic is an ideal earbud for a long time listening to music.

Both earbuds come in a  pocket-sized charging case that extends the playtime up to 35 hours. These rugged charging cases can fully charge the earbuds twice when they are at 0%. Interestingly, it also takes both earbuds charging cases about 1.5 hrs to charge with the presence of type-C quick charge abilities.

Looking into the designs and appearance of these models of earbuds from SoundPEAT, it is obvious that the company put in a lot of working to make them look elegant and ready to serve their purpose. The SoundPEATs Sonic looks to have the best stylish and fashionable design more than the SoundPEATs H1.

Both earbuds have the presence of noise cancellation features which helps to reduce environmental or background noise. With these features, these earbuds are gallant for any kind of usage scenario. Other features were embedded on these earbuds to ease the controls and usability of these earbuds. For gammers, the SoundPEATs H1 is more preferable to be used for Gaming. Nevertheless, the SoundPEATs Sonic is still good but it does not deliver the same gaming sound as the SoundPEATs H1.

In conclusion, these earbuds have proven to be of good value for money. Purchasing of any of these items depends on which the buyer would prefer as they are not of the same price but they share some similar features. I’ll advise you to go for the best which is SoundPEATs H1 Bluetooth earbuds. Although the SoundPEATs Sonic is also a good and most wanted earbud currently in Pakistan. It’s marvelous seeing an earbud of that price tag competing with the successors in terms of features. SoundPEATs Sonic has all the desired features you expect to see in an earbud of its caliber and price. Pakistanis are the most favored ones to easily get any of these earbuds from SoundPEAT on DabLew.

Available PCs and MAC accessories in Pakistan

Looking for somewhere to purchase PCs and MAC accessories in Pakistan, Dab Lew has them. If there are numerous MAC accessories you have been wanting to buy but you don’t know a good source in Pakistan, now is the best time. However, they are of good value and you can purchase them for pocket-friendly prices too. Nevertheless, as you read on, you would know that these few selected PCs and MAC accessories are very useful.


Tronsmart TK09R RGB mechanical gaming keyboard
Tronsmart TK09R RGB mechanical gaming keyboard

Tech has made keyboards an important PC accessory that has to be present to facilitate the typing and sending of commands to your system. In Pakistan, you can now purchase the Tronsmart TK09R RGB mechanical gaming keyboard for 8,099.00 and the NEO K2 wireless keyboard for 4,999.00 on Dab Lew. Furthermore, we will be looking into a few specs of these keyboards so as to show the difference and give you a knowledge of them. Physically looking at the Tronsmart mechanical gaming keyboard, you would discover customizable RGB lightings which add fancy and attractiveness to it. with the presence of an inbuilt 8MB flash memory, the user gets the privilege to save offline configurations on the keyboard. This same keyboard from Tronsmart features programmable Macro keys that allow you to program and set (quick) custom commands. There are a lot more needful features that this keyboard posses.

NEO K2 wireless keyboard

NEO K2 wireless keyboard is another durable product that can serve in the absence of the Tronsmart mechanical gaming keyboard. Although, there can be a choice difference depending on the buyer. As for specs, NEO K2 wireless keyboard has a slick and compact design which makes it look kinda portable with lightweight. This keyboard opens you to an awesome typing experience and It has all the available keys you would find on the regular conventional keyboards in the market today. Just as the name implies, the wireless connectivity speed is very fast and strong so as not to interrupt your activities with the keyboard.

Multi-ports USB Adapters

MINIX multi-port USB Type-C adapter
MINIX multi-port USB Type-C adapter

Apple MacBook Pro users in Pakistan would obviously be in need of this MINIX multi-port USB Type-C adapter. Wisely thinking, you would discover this item is of great importance to your MacBook Pro. This adapter has about seven (7) useful port options which include an HDMI output port, thunderbolt 3 port, micro SD port, USB-C port, double USB 3.0 port, and a card reader port. All these connectivity options make it a must purchase to facilitate activities on your Apple MacBook Pro. With the Thunderbolt 3 onboard, the MINIX multi-port USB Type-C adapter achieves data transfer speeds up to 40Gbps. Since this adapter is equipped with both HDMI and Thunderbolt 3 ports, users stand a chance of enjoying an array of display output options.

That is to say, users can interchangeably use any of these ports (HDMI and Thunderbolt 3) to achieving great displays. When you use the HDMI port, it produces crystal clear and blur-free videos with quality up to 4K @ 30Hz. While when you use the Thunderbolt 3 port, you can enjoy 5K @ 60Hz or double 4K @ 60Hz displays respectively.

Minix also made other alternative USB adapters like NEO-C-H USB-C Type C Multiport Adapter, MINIX NEO C-UH, MINIX NEO C-UE, and so many others. The NEO-C-H features seven (7) connectivity ports while MINIX NEO C-UH has five (5) and MINIX NEO C-UE has just four (4) connectivity options. They are obviously sold for different prices that are lesser than the MINIX multi-port USB Type-C adapter which was made for mostly the Apple MacBook Pro users.

Rugged PC Covers

UAG MacBook Pro 15-inch case

No one would be so comfortable with buying a costly laptop and letting it get hit or fall from where it is been kept. With the aid of UAG PC covers, that laptop won’t suffer much damages like when it falls unprotected. So that is to say, these PC cases guarantee your laptop a better and solid defense In Pakistan, you can now purchase the UAG MacBook Pro 15-inch case on Dab Lew for 10,499.00. The MacBook Pro case surpasses military standards for drop and shock. Interestingly, it is widely compatible with the 4th Gen (2016-2019) MacBook Pro 15. UAG also made other alternative PC cases like the UAG Microsoft Surface case that is compatible with Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Plus / Surface Pro7 / Surface Pro 6 / Surface Pro 5th Gen (2017) (LTE) / Surface Pro 4 respectively.

All these and many more PC accessories are now available in Pakistan on Dab Lew

About Author

Fortune Osinachi

I am a huge fan of technology and my keen interest in anything tech+my enthusiasm for writing brought me to the tech writing world. I studied mechanical engineering at the polytechnic. I’m very open to new opportunities, feel free to contact me via LinkedIn.

Fast chargers in Pakistan | Dab Lew Tech

fast charger in pakistan

Quickly purchase rugged and fast chargers in Pakistan at Dab Lew Tech now. In this era, fast chargers are the order of the day and in Pakistan, there are a few sure places you can purchase them of which Dab Lew is included.  Numerous brands have a lot of chargers which has been seen and also been tested to be fast in terms of charging your devices (smartphones) be it Android or iPhone. Pakistanis now get more opportunities to get any of the underlisted fast chargers from Dab Lew for a price worth its purpose. It will also interest you to know they are durable charger’s that were manufactured to serve you for a considerable long period of time.

Getting or purchasing a fast charger instantly uplifts you from those days of using slow chargers that might even kill your smartphone battery cells. Click here to purchase chargers from brands like. Anker, Minix, Aukey, Tronsmart, Samsung and others. Below are a few listed fast chargers you can buy in Pakistan for pocket-friendly prices.

  • MINIX NEO P2 100W Turbo 4-Port GaN Wall Charger
MINIX NEO P2 100W Turbo 4-Port GaN Wall Charger
MINIX NEO P2 100W Turbo 4-Port GaN Wall Charger

The MINIX NEO P2 100W Turbo 4-Port GaN Wall Charger is equipped with a rugged protection feature that regulates and protects the charger from too much voltage, temperature raise, short-circuit, and over-current. In terms of design, this particular wall charger has in-built foldable wall plugs that are suitable with worldwide universal 100-240V voltage. Furthermore, the charger Is equipped with UK/EU/ pin converters so as to be used or functional in any country at all. This charger is universally compatible with both PD and QC charging formats to achieving seamless use with all USB-charged devices such as MacBook Pro/Air iPad Pro iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/XR/XS/X Pixel Galaxy S9/S8 and a lot more other devices.

Being a gallant charger, it automatically regulates the power output of each of the ports. The power output regulation depends on the devices connected to the charger at that time. This is to say, the charger can still charge any device that will be plugged into it faster than any regular charger. Lastly, this charger has an ultra-fast changing speed as a result of the presence of Gallan Nitride Technology which powers the charger, concluding on the seen design of the charger, it has lightweight and it is the perfect choice for multi-purpose usage.

  • Tronsmart U5P 60W USB PD Desktop Charger with VoltiQ

Tronsmart U5P 60W USB PD Desktop Charger
Tronsmart U5P 60W USB PD Desktop Charger

whenever you purchase any Tronsmart product, just be rest assured you git the real stuff. Tronsmart U5P 60W USB PD Desktop Charger is also one the fastest chargers you could possibly purchase for your personal use. However, this charger is widely compactable with all USB Type-C devices supporting the USB PD Power standard. Obviously, it is suitable for devices like MacBook (2016 Model), iPad Pro, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Lumia950XL, Meizu Pro5, Google Pixel/Pixel XL, and so many other devices. The Tronsmart chager USB-C Power port is sure to deliver up to 30W total power. Most users of this charger will agree that the higher the wattage, the faster and lesser time it takes to fully charge up your devices. Being a durable product, the charger makes use of a temperature cooler that drastically increases its lifespan to serve you fo a long time.

  • Aukey Graphite Wireless Charger
Aukey graphite wireless charger
Aukey graphite wireless charger

Aukey is another brand that is making a huge success in the manufacturing of fast chargers. Aukey graphite wireless charger won an award for its professional body design. The charger is equipped with inductive wireless charging technology to achieving your cordless charging goals. With this wireless charger from Aukey, there is no need for charging cables. That is to say, you place your device on top of this charger and it automatically starts to charge as far as your device supports wireless charging. Nevertheless, the charger supports all Qi-enabled devices like the iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy Note8 / S8 / S8+ as the case may be.

Click here to see and purchase the Aukey PowerHub XL PA-S14 which is also a multi-purpose charger that has about Six (6) USB ports to meet all your power requirements or needs. Interestingly, all available six USB ports have up to 2.4A to meet all your USB-powered devices. Aukey still has many other multi-purpose chargers that would defiantly fit in for different scenarios.

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Affordable Gaming Headphones In Pakistan

Lately, there are numerous affordable gaming headphones in the market today. Most of these headphones have other special features which may or may not be in other regular headphones. In Pakistan, we have a few listed headphones which can be seen as ideal or best headphones for gaming. It will interest you to know that these headphones are products from well-known brands that are making waves in the general tech market.

It is a widely accepted fact that the sounds from games add more life and immensity while playing video games. In order to enjoy your video games to the fullest, you must go for one of the best headphones with good sound quality. These headphones seem to have their own microphones for easier communication in some video PvP games. Headphones that have microphones can serve several purposes like making and receiving calls also.

As this article continues, we have listed below a few gaming headphones which are currently available for purchase in Pakistan for pocket-friendly prices from Dab Lew Tech.


Mpow EG10 Gaming Headset

Mpow EG10 Gaming Headset for PS4,PS5,PC,Xbox One,Switch
Mpow EG10 Gaming Headset for PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, Switch

First on our list of affordable gaming headphones is the Mpow EG10 which is technically ideal and compactable with PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and other PC games. Mpow as a brand has gradually made a huge success in the manufacturing of good quality headphones. This headset offers extraordinary sound quality when using it to listen to music, play video games, or answer calls. Mpow EG10 has risen to the status of becoming one of the well-known headsets with advanced microphones. The onboard 3.5mm audio cable on this headset was attached to serve as a connector via PC, PS4, XBOX, Switch, iOS, Android. Tablets, and so on.

Mpow EG10 offers users the best wearing comfort with the aid of the embedded soft and durable material that was used to make the ear cushions. In terms of design, this headset was professionally designed with an LED light that ensures better gaming scenarios. That is to say, the Mpow EG10 headset light is the best intensive when playing games like OW PUBG, LOL, CF, and many other games.


Mpow Air SE Gaming Headset with 3D Bass

Mpow Air SE Gaming Headset with 3D Bass
Mpow Air SE Gaming Headset with 3D Bass

Mpow also has made this Mpow Air SE Gaming Headset with 3D Bass for professional gamers to enjoy better sound quality while playing video games. The headset ear cushions are made of breathable mesh fabric making them more comfortable to wear. Furthermore, it comes with its own flexible noise-canceling microphone which was upgraded to isolate background noise in the environment allowing users to enjoy clear sounds. However, Mpow Air SE Gaming Headset as the name implies is compatible with the Xbox One S/X controller, Nintendo Switch/ 3DS, PS4, PSP, Tablet, iPad, Laptop, PC, Mobile Phone, PS4 Pro/Slim, and Xbox One.


Tronsmart Sono Premium Multiplatform Gaming Headset

Tronsmart Sono Premium MultiPlatform Gaming Headset
Tronsmart Sono Premium Multiplatform Gaming Headset

Applying discretion, the Tronsmart Sono Gaming Headset is also one of the best gaming headsets you can find so far. The manufacturers of this headset made it fit to be used in different scenarios and also for different purposes as the case may be. Interestingly, it also the best choice of headphones when it comes to sound quality and its ability to easily work with multiple platforms. The microphone is not in-built rather, it was made to be detachable. That is to say, you can remove and fix the microphone back to the headphone at any point in time. Just like the other headphones above, Tronsmart Sono has an exceptional soft over-ear pad with an adjustable headband to fit in for different head sizes.

Specs Comparisons:

  Mpow EG10 Mpow Air SE Tronsmart Sono
Noise Reduction Yes Yes Yes
3D sound Quality Yes Yes Yes
Microphone Yes Yes Yes
Compatibility Yes Yes Yes
Bluetooth Yes Yes Yes
In-line control Yes Yes Yes
Over-Ear Yes Yes Yes


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Fortune Osinachi

I am a huge fan of technology and my keen interest in anything tech+my enthusiasm for writing brought me to the tech writing world. I studied mechanical engineering at the polytechnic. I’m very open to new opportunities, feel free to contact me via LinkedIn.