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Boya as a brand is one of the reliable and legitimate famous makers of high-quality wired and wireless condenser microphones and electro-acoustic products. The brand also rose to the status of being the world’s known manufacturers of durable professional microphones for smartphones, laptops, cameras, etc. The products made by this brand have proven to be ideal items for vlogging and broadcasting. Just to let you know, the Boya brand is owned by Chinese Shenzhen Jiayz Photo Industrial Limited. The company has a central laboratory in electro-acoustic research and development that widely covers all sorts of microphones resort. Furthermore, the company has a collection of scientific research, development, production, sales, service and other comprehensive development ability in the integration of modern science and technology enterprises. To find Original Boya Products please visit


It is great news that individuals, studios or vocal companies can now officially purchase all kinds of Boya-made microphones all over Pakistan on Dab Lew Tech for good prices depending on the particular products. There are also promotion periods, where interested personnel, or companies can get the Boya microphones for slashed prices. Dab Lew Tech however offers up to one (1) full year warranty to all of the Boyer products on sale in our store. To find Original Boya Products please visit



Obviously, it will also interest you to know that all these products from Boya are affordable so that you can get or add to cart that particular product you need without tearing your pocket. Below are a few listed products from Boya on Dab Lew Tech. We would start from the high priced items and progress to the low priced products. Most affordable microphones are now available in Pakistan and they are even more cheaper than ever. To find Original Boya Products please visit


  1. Boya BY-WM3U 2.4G Wireless Microphone

The first on our list is the tiny Boya BY-WM3U 2.4G wireless microphone for android Type-C smartphones, Tablets, DSLRs and PCs. It is one of the most wanted portable microphones in Pakistan at the moment.


This particular Boya microphone is called a tiny microphone because it has a portable design with built-in microphone on the transmitter. Being also a gallant portable product, it comes inside a well fashionable designed storage box that serves as a protective case, pairing and charging box for both the transmitter and the receiver. Also, with this charging box, the transmitter and receiver can serve users for about 4.5 hours to 8 hours of continuous usage.


Boya also made an avenue whereby conversion between adapters could be made easily. All you have to do is to slightly attach the adapter into the empty spaced slot at the back of the receiver and then plug the receiver into any available recording device and start your recording. It is easy and simple right ? Obviously, Yes it is.


You might still be wondering what is the content of the storage box. There is a 3.5 mm TRS adapter which was made available for most DSLR camcorder recorders. There is also a Type-C adapter that was made available for most USB Type-C devices. Still on the left side of the storage box, there is a charging case that offers quick pairing and recharging of the devices when it is low. Now on the right side of the storage box, you would find a 3.5 mm TRRS adapter which is suitable for most smartphones, laptops, tablets and other devices. Just immediately after that is the transmitter that features a built-in microphone, and then the receiver which was made to be a multifunctional receiver also.


With all these things inside the storage box you will discover that you can use this Boya BY-WM3U 2.4G wireless microphone in different environments and scenarios. In other words, you can connect your smartphone and tablet through the 3.5 mm TRRS/ Type-C. You can also connect the BY-WM3U receiver to your camcorder or camera with the available 3.5 mm TRS  adapter. Lastly, when connecting to the computer you need to use the available 3.5 mm TRRS adaptor.


In conclusion, Boya BY-WM3U is an advanced 2.4 GHz wireless system that provides stellar broadcasting quality sound to Android smartphones tablet and computers with USB Type-C connectors, DSLR, camcorders, recorders and so on. It offers you a seamless and enjoyable recording process. To find Original Boya Products please visit



Where To Buy:

The Boya BY-WM3U 2.4G wireless microphone is currently available in Pakistan for 20,499.00 on Dab Lew Tech.


  1. Boya BY-PM500 Mini USB Table Microphone

Boya made this particular Mini USB microphone to possess Cardioid and Omnidirectional polar patterns. This mini table microphone was made by Boya to fit in different usage scenarios and it is also one of the perfect choices when you want to capture sound from all directions as a result of its design. It is also an ideal and suggested choice of microphone for office, studio, and home use. This is one of the available affordable microphones in Pakistan with low price tag. To find Original Boya Products please visit



Boya BY-PM500 is extremely easy to use with its only one control knob. With this control knob users can control or access functions like headphone monitoring, recording volume and the mute function respectively. This mini table microphone comes with a specially-designed headphone amplifier and also an accurate level handling pattern that facilitates your audio monitoring with zero latency.

In terms of the design, there is a detachable desk stand and an embedded threaded hole design which makes it possible to use the bracket to cope with different complex scenarios or environments.


Where To Buy:

The Boya BY-PM500 mini USB table microphone is currently available in pakistan for 14,499.00 on Dab Lew Tech.

  1. Boya BY-VG330 Universal Smartphone Vlogging Kit


Boya BY-VG330 Universal Smartphone Vlogging Kit Is a complete set of devices put together by Boya to assist YouTubers, vloggers, and videographers to effectively achieve their tasks. As the name implies, it has all you need for shooting videos, vlogging, and more. The most interesting part of this product is that it is very compatible with varieties of smartphones from different brands (Apple iPhones, Samsung smartphones, Xiaomi smartphones, and a lot more).

With this portable device from Boya, you can instantly change or turn your smartphone into a portable recording device or studio with more than enough comfort. To set up the Boya BY-VG330 is very easy and stress-free, all you  need to do is to follow the users manual and you’re all good..

Inside the package box there are a few necessary and useful items you will need to put together to form the full set. Firstly you will see an extension tube, a mini tripod stand, ball head, video microphone, phone clamp, furry windscreen, clamp with cold shoe mount, and a fitted shock-mount. All these items were put together to form the full set of the Boya BY-VG330 universal smartphone vlogging kits.

Where To Buy:

The Boya BY-VG330 universal smartphone vlogging kits is current on sale in Pakistan for 12,499.00 on Dab Lew Tech.


  1. Boya BY-M100UC Plug N Play Microphone

This particular USB type-c microphone supports plug-and-play. That is to say, you don’t need any set up for this particular microphone once it is plugged on your device, it starts functioning. Boya made two (2) connector options for this particular microphone which is the Type-C connector and the lightning connector. This microphone is very portable (light weight) and it is easy to use as well.

How to set up the Boya BY-M100UC Plug-and-play microphone:

  1. Gently plug or insert the Type-C of lightning connector into your recording device audio input Jack.
  2. Make sure it fits perfectly and then turn the microphone to the preferred point you wish to record from.
  3. Turn on your recording device.
  4. Start recording the preferred audio you wish to record.


It is very simple and far too easy to use for personal and public recording.

Where To Buy:

The Boya BY-M100UC Plug-and-play microphone is still available in Pakistan on Dab Lew Tech

for 8,299.00

  1. Boya BY-MM1+ Advanced Cardioid Condenser Microphone

Despite the small size of this microphone, it is ruggedly compatible with iOS or Android devices. With the presence of a TRRS connector, you can easily attach the microphone to any of your devices at all. While the  TRS connector was made available for DSLR cameras, gimbals, GoPro, and recorders.

Inside the travelling pouch which serves as it’s protective case, you would find the shock mount, microphone, foam windscreen, furry windscreen, TRS cable  for cameras and TRRS cable for smartphones. The Boya BY-MM1+ is an extremely affordable simple means of giving your content a professional level of sound quality and most interestingly, you don’t need charging or batteries to power this particular microphone.

On the microphone itself, you would find a cardioid condenser, and a headphone output port to enable users monitor and track playback audio with compatible software’s  or Applications. The detachable shock mount in the kit provides a reliable and solid construction, effectively eliminating noise from vibrations and camera handling.

Where To Buy:

The Boya BY-MM1+ Advanced Cardioid Condenser Microphone is available for purchase in pakistan on Dab Lew Tech for about 4,599.00


Just to let you know, our store has the most wanted tech products in Pakistan from top brands and also upcoming brands. Dab Lew Tech should be the first Pakistan online store to come to your mind when it comes to purchasing tech related devices. We offer one (1) year warranty to our customers and also provide the best price tags for all items on our shelf.




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