SoundPeats H1 Vs SoundPeats sonic Vs SoundPeats T2


SoundPeat as a brand has risen to the status of being one of the famous trusted makers of durable earbuds. Most importantly, the brand makes pocket-friendly items too depending on what you wish to use them for. However, in this article, we would be comparing three different models of SoundPeat earbuds that are SoundPeats H1, SoundPeats sonic and SoundPeats T2 . The article will also expose a few or very vital specifications of all three (3) of the earbuds so readers can also make a physical comparison to know which of these elegant earbuds from SoundPeat best twinkles their fancy.


Firstly before we go any further on this article, below are the Key Specifications of the SoundPeats H1, SoundPeats Sonic, and SoundPeats T2.


Specification Comparison Table


Name: SoundSoundPeats H1 SoundSoundPeats Sonic SouneSoundPeats T2
Chipset: Qualcomm QCC3040 Qualcomm QCC3040 Airoha AB1562A
Dimensions: 24.5*22.5*27mm 20.5*18.3*27.2mm 0.8 *0.84 * 1.03 inches
Connectivity: Bluetooth V5.2 Bluetooth V5.0 Bluetooth V5.1
Waterproof: Yes (IPX5) Yes (IPX5) Yes (IPX5)
Charging Time:

Play Time:

1.5 hours

10 hours (once charge)

2 hours

15 hours (once charge)

2 hours

ANC On 7.5 hours, ANC OFF 10 hours

Microphone: Yes (dual per earbud) Yes (single per earbud) Yes (single per earbud)
Earbud Weight: 6.5g 6g 6g
Transmission Distance: 10m 10m 10m
Price: ₨12,499.00 ₨7,499.00 ₨8,949.00


  • SoundPeats H1 Earbuds

SoundPeat H1 earbuds have the latest Bluetooth version 5,2 chip which provides users with the most seamless and fastest wireless connectivity speed so as to hasten up the listening experience. Going further to other aspects of this earbud, the embedded cutting-edge CVC 8.0 algorithm facilitates impressive signals so users can enjoy crystal-clear calls whenever they use this earbud to facetime.


A lot of individuals now fancy the fact that they can control their earbuds without touching their smartphones. It is an improvement and it will also interest you to know that the SoundPeat H1 has quick command controls at the back of the back of each of the earbuds. With this feature alone, users can control almost everything they do on the earbuds like navigating from music to call, from volume adjustments to Skip to the next must, and so on. Having dual microphones on both earbuds makes this model a design first choice earbuds whenever you want to purchase an item of this caliber.

This SoundPeat H1 earbud delivers up to 10 hours of playtime from a single charge plus an extra 30 hours from the case to keep your music going till the next time charge. There are a lot more other exciting features these earbuds possess that you would come to discover in the review article.


Where To Buy: 

The SoundPeat H1 earbuds are currently available for purchase in Pakistan for ₨12,499.00 on Dab Lew. 



  • SoundPeats Sonic

SoundPeat Sonic is another preferred choice earbud that is likely to be compared to the SoundPeats H1 as a result of having similar features. Although, the SoundPeat H1 supersedes this particular earbud in terms of the embedded features. Nevertheless, the SoundPeats Sonic earbud is still up to the task and that is why it was brought to the comparison.

As a good value earbud, it offers up to 15 hours of playtime on a single full charge. With the pocket-sized charging case, the playtime is extended up to 35 hours of usage and it supports up to 2 times full charges for the earbuds. It will also interest you to know the SoundPeat Sonic takes just 1.5 hrs to charge the case with a type-C quick charge getting it to 100% in a twinkle of an eye. There are additional features on the earbuds like the sensitive control buttons that provide more precise control for what you want. You can send quick commands by softly taping at the back of the earbud to skip songs, adjust volume, answer/reject calls and activate Siri(Google assistant) without picking up your phone.


Where To Buy:

The SoundPeat Sonic earbuds are currently available for purchase in Pakistan for ₨7,499.00 on Dab Lew.


  • SoundPeats T2

SoundPeat T2 earbuds are really unique set of earbuds in the market that can be purchased for about ₨8,949.00. The earbud has a different processor from the SoundPeat H1 and the SoundPeat Sonic. This particular earbud (SoundPeat T2) has an Airoha AB1562A processor while the other SoundPeat earbuds have the Qualcomm QCC3040 processor. However, the SoundPeat T2 was embedded with a feedforward and feedback ANC technology which tends to assist the earbud to wirelessly and effectively suppress ambient noise in a larger range by up to 30dB (decibel), which is better for you to focus on music, video, or your private conversation without interruption of any kind.


Where To Buy:

The SoundPeat T2 earbuds are currently sold out but they will be available for purchase soon in Pakistan for ₨8,949.00 on Dab Lew.