Where to find the most affordable Gaming Headphones In Pakistan?

Lately, there are numerous affordable gaming headphones in the market today. Most of these headphones have other special features which may or may not be in other regular headphones. In Pakistan, we have a few listed headphones which can be seen as ideal or most affordable gaming headphones without compromising on gaming experience. It will interest you to know that these headphones are products from well-known brands that are making waves in the general tech market.

It is a widely accepted fact that the sounds from games add more life and immensity while playing video games. In order to enjoy your video games to the fullest, you must go for one of the best headphones with good sound quality. These headphones seem to have their own microphones for easier communication in some video PvP games. Headphones that have microphones can serve several purposes like making and receiving calls also.

As this article continues, we have listed below a few gaming headphones which are currently available for purchase in Pakistan for pocket-friendly prices from Dab Lew Tech.


Mpow EG10 Gaming Headset

Mpow EG10 Gaming Headset for PS4,PS5,PC,Xbox One,Switch
Mpow EG10 Gaming Headset for PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, Switch

First on our list of affordable gaming headphones is the Mpow EG10 which is technically ideal and compactable with PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and other PC games. Mpow as a brand has gradually made a huge success in the manufacturing of good quality headphones. This headset offers extraordinary sound quality when using it to listen to music, play video games, or answer calls. Mpow EG10 has risen to the status of becoming one of the well-known headsets with advanced microphones. The onboard 3.5mm audio cable on this headset was attached to serve as a connector via PC, PS4, XBOX, Switch, iOS, Android. Tablets, and so on.

Mpow EG10 offers users the best wearing comfort with the aid of the embedded soft and durable material that was used to make the ear cushions. In terms of design, this headset was professionally designed with an LED light that ensures better gaming scenarios. That is to say, the Mpow EG10 headset light is the best intensive when playing games like OW PUBG, LOL, CF, and many other games.


Mpow Air SE Gaming Headset with 3D Bass

Mpow Air SE Gaming Headset with 3D Bass
Mpow Air SE Gaming Headset with 3D Bass

Mpow also has made this Mpow Air SE Gaming Headset with 3D Bass for professional gamers to enjoy better sound quality while playing video games. The headset ear cushions are made of breathable mesh fabric making them more comfortable to wear. Furthermore, it comes with its own flexible noise-canceling microphone which was upgraded to isolate background noise in the environment allowing users to enjoy clear sounds. However, Mpow Air SE Gaming Headset as the name implies is compatible with the Xbox One S/X controller, Nintendo Switch/ 3DS, PS4, PSP, Tablet, iPad, Laptop, PC, Mobile Phone, PS4 Pro/Slim, and Xbox One.


Tronsmart Sono Premium Multiplatform Gaming Headset

Tronsmart Sono Premium MultiPlatform Gaming Headset
Tronsmart Sono Premium Multiplatform Gaming Headset

Applying discretion, the Tronsmart Sono Gaming Headset is also one of the best gaming headsets you can find so far. The manufacturers of this headset made it fit to be used in different scenarios and also for different purposes as the case may be. Interestingly, it also the best choice of headphones when it comes to sound quality and its ability to easily work with multiple platforms. The microphone is not in-built rather, it was made to be detachable. That is to say, you can remove and fix the microphone back to the headphone at any point in time. Just like the other headphones above, Tronsmart Sono has an exceptional soft over-ear pad with an adjustable headband to fit in for different head sizes.

Specs Comparisons:

  Mpow EG10 Mpow Air SE Tronsmart Sono
Noise Reduction Yes Yes Yes
3D sound Quality Yes Yes Yes
Microphone Yes Yes Yes
Compatibility Yes Yes Yes
Bluetooth Yes Yes Yes
In-line control Yes Yes Yes
Over-Ear Yes Yes Yes


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