Imilab w12 VS imilab kw66 vs Haylou ls05s


People can now buy the best smartwatches in Pakistan on DabLew for good pocket-friendly prices. Smartwatches like Imilab W12 which was released a few months back to the market, Imilab Kw66 smartwatch which made huge sales as at when it was newly released and it is also identified as the predecessor of the Imilab W12. The  third smartwatch that will be acknowledged is Haylou RT LS05S that was released sometime in March 2021. You can see all these three (3) smartwatches are still new as a result of them being 2021 made smartwatches. On Dablew which is a Pakistan based online store, you can now buy Imilab W12, Imilab Kw66, and Haylou RT LS05S smartwatch at the cheapest prices. Pakistanis are most favored in getting these selected best compared smartwatches in Pakistan.

Imilab W12 Smartwatch

In this article, we would be comparing the features of these great (Imilab W12, Imilab Kw66, and Haylou RT LS05S) smartwatches. Although, we should have at the back of our minds that the Imilab W12 is a very unique smartwatch on its own but let’s still make the comparison. Below is a comparison Specification table to show the features of all three (3) smartwatches alike.

Comparison Specification Table

Name: Imilab W12 Imilab Kw66 Haylou RT LS05S
Display: 1.32 inch 3D TFT screen 1.28 inch 3D TFT screen 1.28 inch” LCD screen
Touch Screen:
Bluetooth Version: V5.1 V5.0 V5.0
Battery Life: 30 days 30 days 30 days
Compatibility: Android 5.1 or above
IOS 9.0 or above
Android 5.1 or above
IOS 9.0 or above
Android 4.4 and above, iOS 8.0 and above
Weight: 57g 54g 54g
Dimensions: 260mm x22mm x11mm 45.3mm x11.4mm 45.3 x 11.4mm
Water & Dust Proof Yes IP68 Yes IP68 Yes IP68
Battery Capacity: 340mAh 340mAh 340mAh
Charger: Magnetic Charging cable Magnetic Charging cable Magnetic Charging cable
Price: 6,749.00 5,149.00 6,949.00

Imilab Kw66 Smartwatch

Visually comparing the design of these smartwatches, it seems a lot more complex to decide which is the best. However, the Imilab W12 has a more superior design with attached dual side buttons that quickly sends commands to the smartwatch. On both sides of  the Imilab Kw66, there is just one quick command button which is used for Power On/Off, and return. The Haylou RT LSo5S features two buttons like the Imilab W12 The display of these three smartwatches are very different. You can see the Imilab w12 has a bigger display with 1.32 inch 3D screen while the Imilab Kw66 and Haylou RT LSo5S has just 1.28 inch. Concluding on the display aspect, you would accept the Imilab W12 as the display winner.

Haylou RT IS05S

Moving further into  other aspects of these best smartwatches in Pakistan, the Imilab w12 also challenged the Imilab kw66 and Haylou RT LSo5S in terms of connectivity speed. Imilab w12 comes with Bluetooth version 5.1 while the other two smartwatches share  the same Bluetooth version 5.0. On the connectivity speed aspect, Imilab W12 still won the other two competitors (Imilab Kw66 and Haylou RT LS05S).

Imilab W12 smartwatch has newly attached features which may not be present on both the Imilab Kw66 and Haylou RT LS05S. The new features  include a blood oxygen saturation monitor, weather forecast, a More Option that hides the Find my phone gesture and many others.

In the battery department, it is so impressive that Imilab Kw66 and Haylou RT LS05S were packed with 340mAh battery which is also present on the Imilab w12. For these smart watches to have such battery capacity, they are scheduled to last it’s users for about thirty (30) days before recharging. Furthermore, they also share the same charging process of  Magnetic Charging cable which is ideal to swiftly charge these smart watches.

All interested buyers of any of the above (Imilab W12, Imilab Kw6,  and Haylou RT LS05S) smart watches can just place the name of the particular smartwatch on the Dablew Search Box.