Features comparison between Soundpeats H1 and Soundpeats Sonic

Soundpeat as a brand has made numerous models of earbuds that are currently making good sales in the market today. Although these models of earbud from Soundpeat can be bought for different prices depending on the model you wish to buy. On DabLew, we have a lot of these interesting items you might also want to purchase for friendly price tags.

SoundPEATs H1
SoundPEATs H1

Nevertheless, most users of both the Soundpeat H1 and the Soundpeat Sonic might have been wondering, what could be the difference or similarities between these two models of earbuds. In this article, we would be stating the comparisons between these earbuds from SoundPEAT.

SoundPEATs Sonic
SoundPEATs Sonic

Starting this comparison with the price tags, these two earbuds have different prices which is to say, Soundpeats H1 is sold for 12,499.00 while the Soundpeat Sonic is sold for 7,499.00. Obviously, there is a reason why they both can’t be sold for the same price and that is as a result of the features they were embedded with. For features comparison between Soundpeats H1 and Soundpeats Sonic please visit

A Quick Comparison Specification Table 

Name Soundpeats H1 Soundpeat Sonic
Dimension L24.5*W22.5*H27mm 20.5*18.3*27.2mm
Bluetooth Version V5.2 V5.0
Bluetooth Chipset Qualcomm 3040 Qualcomm 3040
Compatibility Android 5.1 or aboveIOS 9.0 or above Android 5.1 or aboveIOS 9.0 or above
Charging Port USB Type-C USB Type-C
Water & Dust Proof IPX5 IPX5
Mic Dual Mic per earbud Single Mic per earbud
Play Time 10 hrs per charge 15 hrs per charge
Noise Reduction Yes Yes
Battery Capacity HS: 60mAh BS: 500mAh HS: 70mAh BS: 400mAh
Weight 6.5g 6.5g
Driver Knowles Balanced Armature Driver & 8.6mm Dynamic Driver unknown

Judging by the spec table, the SoundPEATS Sonic Bluetooth earbuds delivers up to 15 hours of playtime on a single full charge while the SoundPEAT H1 offers about 10 hours of playtime. In this section, it shows the Soundpeat Sonic beating the SoundPEAT H1 by the additional 5 hours as regards the playtime. It is clear that the SoundPEAT sonic is an ideal earbud for a long time listening to music.

Both earbuds come in a  pocket-sized charging case that extends the playtime up to 35 hours. These rugged charging cases can fully charge the earbuds twice when they are at 0%. Interestingly, it also takes both earbuds charging cases about 1.5 hrs to charge with the presence of type-C quick charge abilities. For features comparison between Soundpeats H1 and Soundpeats Sonic please visit

Looking into the designs and appearance of these models of earbuds from SoundPEAT, it is obvious that the company put in a lot of working to make them look elegant and ready to serve their purpose. The SoundPEATs Sonic looks to have the best stylish and fashionable design more than the SoundPEATs H1.

Both earbuds have the presence of noise cancellation features which helps to reduce environmental or background noise. With these features, these earbuds are gallant for any kind of usage scenario. Other features were embedded on these earbuds to ease the controls and usability of these earbuds. For gammers, the SoundPEATs H1 is more preferable to be used for Gaming. Nevertheless, the SoundPEATs Sonic is still good but it does not deliver the same gaming sound as the SoundPEATs H1.

In conclusion, these earbuds have proven to be of good value for money. Purchasing of any of these items depends on which the buyer would prefer as they are not of the same price but they share some similar features. I’ll advise you to go for the best which is SoundPEATs H1 Bluetooth earbuds. Although the SoundPEATs Sonic is also a good and most wanted earbud currently in Pakistan. It’s marvelous seeing an earbud of that price tag competing with the successors in terms of features. SoundPEATs Sonic has all the desired features you expect to see in an earbud of its caliber and price. Pakistanis are the most favored ones to easily get any of these earbuds from SoundPEAT on DabLew.