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Looking for somewhere to purchase PCs and MAC accessories in Pakistan, Dab Lew has them. If there are numerous MAC accessories you have been wanting to buy but you don’t know a good source in Pakistan, now is the best time. However, they are of good value and you can purchase them for pocket-friendly prices too. Nevertheless, as you read on, you would know that these few selected PCs and MAC accessories in Pakistan are very useful.


Tronsmart TK09R RGB mechanical gaming keyboard
Tronsmart TK09R RGB mechanical gaming keyboard

Tech has made keyboards an important PC accessory that has to be present to facilitate the typing and sending of commands to your system. In Pakistan, you can now purchase the Tronsmart TK09R RGB mechanical gaming keyboard for 8,099.00 and the NEO K2 wireless keyboard for 4,999.00 on Dab Lew. Furthermore, we will be looking into a few specs of these keyboards so as to show the difference and give you a knowledge of them. Physically looking at the Tronsmart mechanical gaming keyboard, you would discover customizable RGB lightings which add fancy and attractiveness to it. with the presence of an inbuilt 8MB flash memory, the user gets the privilege to save offline configurations on the keyboard. This same keyboard from Tronsmart features programmable Macro keys that allow you to program and set (quick) custom commands. There are a lot more needful features that this keyboard posses.

NEO K2 wireless keyboard

NEO K2 wireless keyboard is another durable product that can serve in the absence of the Tronsmart mechanical gaming keyboard. Although, there can be a choice difference depending on the buyer. As for specs, NEO K2 wireless keyboard has a slick and compact design which makes it look kind of portable with lightweight. This keyboard opens you to an awesome typing experience and It has all the available keys you would find on the regular conventional keyboards in the market today. Just as the name implies, the wireless connectivity speed is very fast and strong so as not to interrupt your activities with the keyboard.

Multi-ports USB Adapters

MINIX multi-port USB Type-C adapter
MINIX multi-port USB Type-C adapter

Apple MacBook Pro users in Pakistan would obviously be in need of this MINIX multi-port USB Type-C adapter. Wisely thinking, you would discover this item is of great importance to your MacBook Pro. This adapter has about seven (7) useful port options which include an HDMI output port, thunderbolt 3 port, micro SD port, USB-C port, double USB 3.0 port, and a card reader port. All these connectivity options make it a must purchase to facilitate activities on your Apple MacBook Pro. With the Thunderbolt 3 onboard, the MINIX multi-port USB Type-C adapter achieves data transfer speeds up to 40Gbps. Since this adapter is equipped with both HDMI and Thunderbolt 3 ports, users stand a chance of enjoying an array of display output options.

That is to say, users can interchangeably use any of these ports (HDMI and Thunderbolt 3) to achieving great displays. When you use the HDMI port, it produces crystal clear and blur-free videos with quality up to 4K @ 30Hz. While when you use the Thunderbolt 3 port, you can enjoy 5K @ 60Hz or double 4K @ 60Hz displays respectively.

Minix also made other alternative USB adapters like NEO-C-H USB-C Type C Multiport Adapter, MINIX NEO C-UH, MINIX NEO C-UE, and so many others. The NEO-C-H features seven (7) connectivity ports while MINIX NEO C-UH has five (5) and MINIX NEO C-UE has just four (4) connectivity options. They are obviously sold for different prices that are lesser than the MINIX multi-port USB Type-C adapter which was made for mostly the Apple MacBook Pro users.

Rugged PC Covers

UAG MacBook Pro 15-inch case

No one would be so comfortable with buying a costly laptop and letting it get hit or fall from where it is been kept. With the aid of UAG PC covers, that laptop won’t suffer much damages like when it falls unprotected. So that is to say, these PC cases guarantee your laptop a better and solid defense In Pakistan, you can now purchase the UAG MacBook Pro 15-inch case on Dab Lew for 10,499.00. The MacBook Pro case surpasses military standards for drop and shock. Interestingly, it is widely compatible with the 4th Gen (2016-2019) MacBook Pro 15. UAG also made other alternative PC cases like the UAG Microsoft Surface case that is compatible with Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Plus / Surface Pro7 / Surface Pro 6 / Surface Pro 5th Gen (2017) (LTE) / Surface Pro 4 respectively.

All these and many more PC accessories are now available in Pakistan on Dab Lew

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