Mistakes You Should Avoid Making While Cleaning Your Phone

Want to know about mistakes you should avoid making while cleaning your phone? We are all heavily attached to our phones. In today’s world, when technology is more focused on portability and convenience, smartphones are the best answer to all our needs and wants. Regardless of how careful we are with our phones, it is inevitable that someday, you will find your phone slathered in the dirt. When this happens, not only is your phone screen unhygienic, but it can also compromise your physical health. Therefore, it is natural for you to want to have it cleaned. However, smartphones are sensitive devices, and any carelessness can damage your phone.
Most people do not want to take any risk when it comes to their smartphones, but the other group is more inclined towards the DIY approach. If you belong to the latter, read on to learn some mistakes you should avoid when cleaning your phone:

1. Avoid Using All-Purpose Cleaners

People often make the mistake of using dishwasher liquids or soaps to clean off the dirt stuck on their phones. This is a mistake you do NOT want to make. These all-purpose cleaners have harsh chemicals in them and if they seep into any of the openings in your phone, these chemicals will totally destroy the circuit and won’t leave any chance for repair. Also, these chemicals should never touch the glass in front of your phone, as they will erode the oleophobic coating that your phone has.

2. Don’t Keep Your Phone On While Cleaning

It’s a good idea to turn your phone off when you start to clean so that, if accidentally, any moisture seeps in, you have a chance to have it dried off by keeping it in a warm place.

3. Do Not Dip Your Phone In Water

Never make the mistake to completely soak your phone in water to clean the body, unless your phone has an IP67 or IP68 certification, which makes phones water and dust resistant.

4. Avoid Paper Towels

Any rough material like paper towels or rough tissues should not be used to clean the phone. These products can damage the screen.

5. Don’t Use Hairdryer To Dry The Phone

If, by chance, moisture or liquid seeps into your phone, or your phone is wet, the best approach to deal with this is to cover it with a glass bowl and keep it under a warm light or sunlight. This approach will help dry up the phone without causing any damage to its circuits. Hairdryers will warp the interior of your phone.

Some Important Tips To Safely Clean Your Phone:

● The safest approach is to make use of wipes. Wet tissues or 70% alcohol wipes are the ideal equipment for phone cleaning. These wipes can be used on all parts of your phone; screen, rear side, sides, and even the openings.
● If your phone has a lot of dirt attached to it, make use of lint-free cloth, dip it lightly in water or mild soap, but make sure it’s not dripping wet.
● If your phone is still not clean, you may give it a light wash, but only if your phone has Ip67 or above waterproof certification. If your phone has Ip67, you can immerse it into 1 meter of water for around half an hour, whereas for IP68 certification, the phone can be dipped into 1.5 meters of water for a relatively longer duration.
● Don’t forget to clean your phone cover or case. For leather covers, use a damp cloth and soak it into the water to clean it. If you own a plastic or silicone casing, you can dip it into a water container and warm it for a few minutes and dry it up with a cloth. In the case of wooden cases, use a dry microfiber cloth.