Changing batteries used to be a fairly easy task back in the days, you’d head over to the nearest mobile shop, buy a battery, and place it in your phone. However, in recent times most smartphones now come with irremovable batteries. The manufacturers have figured out a smart way to keep you in touch with them and therefore you are required to return it to the phone makers for any small issue that occurs, including that of a worn-out battery. However, if you fall under the category of those few lucky people who own gadgets that have replaceable batteries, you must know a few important things before changing the batteries.

How To Identify The Battery Needs Changing

Naturally, all batteries have a life. Once they are brought into use, their capacities start diminishing until they reach a point where they are no longer able to operate, and it’s always recommended to have your battery changed before they completely depreciate. So, how do you know when’s the right time? A general rule of thumb states that if your battery is at 40%, and it is still giving you a backup of an hour or more, you don’t need changing. However, if your smartphone is requiring frequent charging in a day, then you may consider a replacement. Smartphone batteries generally last for a year or two, depending upon your usage.
There are certain ways to make use of your phone battery for longer periods. You should never leave your phone on charge when going to bed, overcharging the batteries decreases their health. When charging your phone, it is better to disconnect the charger before it hits the 100% mark. Also, make sure you don’t use your phone, unless in an emergency, when the battery has fallen below the 20% mark.
Another obvious sign that indicates a battery replacement is when your phone battery isn’t going past the 10 hour mark, despite you not doing anything intensive like playing movies or games. Other symptoms include random shut downs, or when your phone starts turning off automatically when it’s below 50%, is a clear indication that the battery has fulfilled its life.

What Else Can You Do Other Than Battery Replacement

With the latest smartphones, you don’t have the option to replace batteries, but fortunately, there are other alternatives you could consider other than a battery change.
To increase your battery timing, you can make sure the brightness levels aren’t too high, you should disable Bluetooth and wireless connectivity when it’s not in use and close all background apps that take up a lot of battery power.
Most importantly, you can carry a small power bank to give your phone a charge whenever you’re on the move. Power banks are the most effective solution for irremovable battery phones, they charge phones quicker and are easy to carry as well. Other alternatives include a car charger that you can keep in your car, at all times, to give your phone the necessary charge when you’re on the road. A wireless charger is also a good option to save yourself from the hassle of wires.

At times, the simpler approach is to just change the phone rather than replacing batteries or to keep charging your phone at all times. Replacing a battery for new phones like Apple or Samsung could cost you a lot, better to get a new phone to relieve yourself from the pain. New phones keep coming at a very fast rate, but also keep in mind that this rapid change of phones isn’t good for the environment. Please ensure you follow the SOPs to dispose your phone properly or have it recycled.

These tips will help you resolve your smartphone battery issues. However, if you feel the need to purchase a good charger, be it for your car, or if you need a wireless charger for your home/office, or if you’re looking for any other component, log on to Dab Lew Tech and find the best products, in the most affordable prices.