Many customers had been asking us to introduce earbuds with long lasting battery life. Hence, our team at Dab Lew Tech decided to introduce the MPOW M20. M20’s are medium-priced truly wireless earbuds. They have one of the most impressive batteries for wireless earbuds that we have seen. In itself, they last around 6 hours, but their charging case provides an extra staggering 100 hour of playtime. Additionally, the case also functions as a power bank allowing you to charge other devices like your smartphone for instance. HOW COOL IS THAT?!

The audio performance is quite good with a clear emphasis on the bass sound, everybody loves bass. They combine a proper, comfortable fit with an IPX7 rating, meaning that they are also suited for running or other sports. The earbuds use touch controls instead of buttons, which is a nice plus as well. 


First off, the MPOW M20 is incredibly lightweight. This is why plastic is often a great choice. They are comfortable to wear for long sessions and at times, you might even forget wearing them. The fit is surprisingly good. So good that the earbuds remain in place even while swimming. They of course also stay in place when running or working out as well.

They have touch controls instead of traditional buttons meaning that you will not accidentally push them too far in your ears. The controls are very easy to get used to, once you use them for a few days. Furthermore, the buds are also comfortable to take out or put into your ears despite being rather large.

Design & Build Quality

The build quality on both the earbuds and the charging case is great. The case is of medium size so it should still be able to fit in most pockets. Plastic is the weapon of choice for the case and the earbuds. This keeps the weight down so it’s of great choice. The magnets inside the case hold the earbuds well in place, they are easy to take out or put in the charging case. The earbuds have an IPX7 rating, which does make them a very good choice for sports as they can handle water or sweat. The design of the MPOW M20 looks good. They have the traditional earbud shape with MPOW “M” logo on the back of each bud. Both the case and the earbuds have a matte black finish. The finish looks nice making them appear tight and clean. Because the earbuds look so normal, you can wear these in professional environments without looking out of place.

Battery Life & Wireless connection

Bluetooth 5.0 establishes the wireless connection between the earbuds and your phone. This is a stable connection and it synchronizes properly between the two buds. The Bluetooth connection does not suffer from interference coming from other wireless signals. You get plenty of wiggle room as the connection reaches close to 33ft (10m).

On to probably the most impressive part in this MPOW M20 review. The battery life combined with the charging case is no short of fantastic. In itself, the earbuds have 6 hours of playtime. However, the charging case can fully charge them an additional 15 times before needing to be recharged itself. The case packs 2600mAH. To make it even more impressive, the charging case has the abilities of a power bank. The power bank function is perfect for emergencies. The case uses micro-USB to recharge instead of USB-C. 

MPOW M20 Sound Performance

The M20 is very pleasant to listen to if you like a powerful bass sound. MPOW put a clear emphasis on the bass sound. The mids and the treble are both quite great. 

Overall, the sound performance is quite good and perhaps even great depending on the music genre. They are of course best for bass-heavy songs or most modern music. The earbuds experience almost no distortion. Furthermore, the earbuds have some natural noise-cancellation because they seal so well inside the ears.

Concluding the MPOW M20 Review

The MPOW M20 has one of the absolute best batteries available on truly wireless earbuds. The charging case that also functions as a power bank is a straight-up homerun. The earbuds are comfortable to wear, and they provide a proper fit. They also have an IPX7 rating, which combined with the clean fit makes them a great choice for sports. The sound performance works best for people that love a good bass sound, but other people can enjoy it as well. With this, we conclude the MPOW M20 review. 

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