As the days are passing the evolution of the technology world is taking unexpected turns that are resulting in incredible innovations. There was a time where people used to listen to music on big stereos or use big padded headphones. However, with the unexpected innovations, modernization has turned the tables for headphones.

The headphones we used in the old times are turned into wireless Earbuds. It is hard now to make up your mind to choose the best type of Earbuds for yourself.  Nowadays, the search for the best Earbuds is getting harder and harder with each passing month. The search for the best Earbuds begins with the apple air iconic Airpods, which is the best seller at this time. But the competitor’s companies are also offering their best quality of Earbuds, which are also fulfilling all the challenging features of apple’s iconic AirPods.


This is the place where the competition gets tough. If you start to compare their features, which counts the audio quality and the battery life you won’t find much difference but there is only going to be the manufacturing difference.  If you start to consider the more upcoming competitors there is going to be a long list to be noted down as everyone is trying to come up with new features and technology which is making it hard for people to choose which one is the Best Earbuds for you to have.

For the best performance of Earbuds, you have to look out for which Earbuds feel comfortable, which have the best ergonomic design, which one is going to fit in your ears perfectly. You have to remind all of these things before choosing the perfect Earbuds for yourself. Listed down are some of the best Earbuds which can help you out to make your searching process a little bit easy.

Bose Quiet Comfort Earbuds

It took a bit of time for Bose to bring the Earbuds but their latest noise cancellation comfort Earbuds are here, and water resistance which actually is giving quite a competition to the Apple iconic Airpods. Bose Earbuds are actually the right type of noise cancellation Earbuds, however, we cannot declare Bose as the champ in front of Airpod’s pro-small comfortable size and excellent voice call clarity but Bose can be a really good choice in terms of what your priorities actually are.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Many people are fans of the new Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro because they fit right in the ear without falling out and the sound quality is also appreciable. The buds pro are amazingly impressive as they are well designed for fitting into your ears. Another surprising feature is that they also have the 360-degree audio virtual surround feature, which can only work with the Samsung Galaxy S21 models. With the passage of time, we hope that they are going to be more upgrades. It has the water-resistant feature, which is now a must thing for so many people. 

Sennheiser’s Momentum True Wireless 2

The second generation of the Sennheiser momentum true wireless 2 is expensive. It doesn’t affect the true wireless earphones option because with its true comfortable Earbuds design, brilliant audio quality, water-resistant, excellent voice cancellation feature, which is giving a great competition to the new Airpods pro with the new improved battery life and the excellent noise cancellation during phone calls. They are offering their Earbuds in two different colors black and white. The Sennheiser momentum true wireless 2 noise cancellation feature is one of the reasons why it’s giving tough competition to the Apple AirPods pro and the main reason why it is very popular in the market. 

Apple Airpods Pro

Even if the Apple AirPods are not as surprising as most people hope them to be, Apple, as always, manages to be the best of all. Their AirPods proved the best AirPods with the best noise cancellation in the market as always. This is all just because they are the one always have the winning design and their improved bass performance, and water resistance  Apple always manages to win the show. They have also updated their AirPods with spatial audio which is the latest virtual sound mode for watching tv shows, movies, and listening to music.