Gaming is usually considered the best therapy form all of our worries and is the best medicine to our free time. Therefore, the availability of all essentials of gaming are quite mandatory to compete with the competitors & the availability of quality headphones really matters in this case. We, Dablew , have the Tronsmart official store in Pakistan , providing the best gaming headphones that have been specially designed for the gaming purpose so that one can remain focused while performing the given task without any interruption. Let’s have a look on some of those gaming headphones that are highly recommendable for gaming purpose. 


When it comes to the best gaming headphones, Tronsmart Glary 7.1 has made an ideal place in the gaming world by its outstanding performance & features. Tronsmart Glary 7.1 is one of the top rated headphones in Pakistan. These premium quality headphones provide the best 3D audio quality so that a user cannot be able to miss a single sound (including the sound of small footsteps) that plays a key role in achieving the success against the enemies with the help of its 50mm powerful speakers.

A gaming environment is as much necessary as the other thing are to remain focused throughout the game, keeping this point of view Tronsmart Glary 7.1 has come with its mesmerizing LED lights which helps to light the gaming environment and supports its user. Tronsmart Glary 7.1 is featured with Omni-directional & flexible mics that will help the user to remain in connect with its partner and will not be distracted from the game by means of miscommunications. These gaming headphones have gone miles due to its comfortable wear provided with soft cotton like earpads which enables the user to play for as long as he wants. Tronsmart Glary 7.1 has given the facility to adjust the volume level at our own desire or mute it.  Tronsmart Glary 7.1 is easily compatible with Multi-Platform devices like PlayStation4, PC/Laptops, Nintendo switch and many more.  Tronsmart Glary 7.1 is a user-friendly headphones & gives the quickest possible response to our actions as it understands the sensitivity of time while gaming. Last but not the least, when it comes to compare these headphones with the rest, Tronsmart Glary 7.1 has left behind all of the headphones not because only of its amazing features but also with the modern fashionable design. Having these headphones will make the person to walk with confidence.


Tronsmart Sono is one the Finest & also the Best Gaming Headphones to buy in Pakistan. Tronsmart Sono, being a premium quality headphone, will make the user to feel like a part of game. Tronsmart Sono provides the best audio quality with its 50mm driver that is able to detect every kind of sound no matter how low the frequency of sound is. Tronsmart Sono is expert not only in detecting the loudness or quality of sound but also in the delivering of our voice to our gaming partner clearly just like naturally. While using these headphones one can easily control the audio level by its volume slider.

Tronsmart Sono is here to say goodbye to tiredness and difficulty of wearing for so long as it contains soft ear padsdue to which one can wear them for any period of time without actually being tired. It also contains adjustable headbands that can be mounted on our necks and helps us to walk with style & fashion.  These, Tronsmart sonic, headphones are made up of aluminum frame which increases the durability of these headphones. The best advantage of having a Tronsmart sonic headphones is that only one Tronsmart sonic is enough for 6 devicesincluding Xbox One, PlayStation4, PC/Laptop, Switch, Mobile, Mac, in short Tronsmart sonic is easily compatible with multi-platform devices. It has a 3.5mm gold plated connector & a long and durable cable.


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Specification Comparison

Audio Driver 50mm 50mm
LED Lighting Included Not Included
Input 55mW Max 55mW Mac
Noise Cancellation Mic included Included
Customize volume Through buttons Through volume slider
Frequency response 20-20000Hz 50-20000Hz
Cord length 2.2mm 3.5mm
Sensitivity 112dB±3dB 101dB±3dB
Microphone Impedance 2.2K Ω 2.2K Ω
Microphone sensitivity -42 ± 3dB -42 ± 3dB
Connector USB Y-adaptor
Multi Platform Compatibility Nintendo switch, iMac, MacBook, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Laptop Xbox One, Nintendo switch, PC/Laptop, PlayStation 4, Mobile