a new charger for your phone? Looking for information on it? Since there are so many kinds, you can’t just buy any charger. It has to suit the requirements of your phone. Don’t fret because you are in the right place. Read on to know all about power hubs, wireless charger, socket chargers, and all you need to know to find the best charger for you.

Your Phone Charging Pin:

The first step to finding the right charger for you is to know your phone’s charging pin. There are two different kinds that are phones commonly come with. One is called a Micro USB pin and the other is called a Type C pin. However, many people are unaware of the difference and don’t recognize it by name. Well, here is the difference between the two types explains most easily so that you can decide on the right choice for your phone.

#1 Micro USB:

If you are familiar enough with tech and gadgets, it is more than likely that you know what a USB is. Well, the smaller version of it is called a micro USB. It is flat from the bottom and slightly slant-edged from the top. A micro USB charger plugs in only one way.

#2 Type C:

The Type C cable has been introduced to the masses in recent times only, but not too recent. Most new phone models of any brand come with a type C charging pin. This pin is flat from the top as well as the bottom. The best thing about it is that you can plug it in both ways.

Different Types of Chargers:

Now that you are properly acquainted with the two different types of charging pin, let us move on to the different types of mobile phone chargers. The various types serve the same purpose of charging your phone but the reason why they are not the same is that they are suitable for different situations. Let us discuss the types of phone chargers.

#1 Socket Charger:

This is one of the most commonly used phone chargers, and surely you must be well aware of it. Socket chargers, or wall chargers, are those that you plug into a wall socket and connect to your phone.

#2 Power Bank:

Power banks are the most efficient form of charging your phone. Simply connect one or more cables to its USB hubs and charge your phone on the go!

#3 Car Charger:

Car chargers are another method of charging your phone while travelling. It takes energy from your car’s battery to charge your phone.

4 Wireless Charger:

A wireless charger is the best answer if you want to remain free of the mess of cables and sockets. All you have to do is place your phone on the pre-powered wireless charger mat and let it charge.

Finding the right charger also depends on your preference and where you need it for. Though whatever the pin is, you can connect multiple cables to USB hubs and connect it to a single charger for efficient space-saving. Power hubs save you from the mess of finding multiple sockets and dealing with several cables. This handy guide will find the perfect charger for you!