Understanding The Different Types Of Phone Screen Protectors

There are few items more dearly loved than an original screen protector in Pakistan, or across the globe, and for good reason. Rare are the people who’ve never dropped their phones face-first onto the floor, and have picked them up with dread in their hearts, turning them over to find a web of cracks making their evil way across the screen of the dearly beloved mobile. Now, there are two types of people in that scenario.

One, those who groan at the cracked screen, but thank God that they had the good sense to invest in a changeable protector. Two, those who send a mental prayer to God to protect their wallets, as they calculate the cost of getting their screen changed. The first category of people is usually the smartest of the lot, and if you have learned your lesson the hard way, we’re here to help.

Types Of Screen Protectors

The types of screen protector are more than one, so let us have a look at them and understand the different types.

#1 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The process of the creation of tempered glass makes it a trustworthy product. The product is put through numerous chemical and thermal processes to get what is needed and to increase the strength of the glass folds. The glass is heated, and then blowers are used to cool it rapidly. Since one surface gets cooled rapidly, the other surface is put through the process of tension and compression. Once the process is complete, the end product is 5-10 times stronger than the start product. The durability factor for this product is the highest out of any other. Since the product is so hardened, you won’t have to worry about any scratches from coins or keys.

#2 Dome Tempered Glass Screen Protector

This type of original screen protector in Pakistan is something that owners of high-end smartphones search for. The 3D curved edges are made to fit all across the screen of the phone. These curves provide full coverage around the edges. Not only that, but due to the special process that creates this product, the 3D curved screen protector is completely compatible with 3D functionality. The screen has 9H hardness, making it durable to scratches. However, proper installation is cardinal for the done tempered glass screen protectors. Therefore, it is recommended to ask a professional for assistance.

#3 Tempered Glass Screen Protector With UV

Tempered glass screen protectors with UV increase the durability of the protector. With this shield covering your screen, your phone screen can survive even the worst falls. However, to get this protector installed, it is recommended to seek assistance from a professional. The application process requires full coverage, with no air gaps. You can visit Dab Lew’s physical outlet to get a tempered glass screen protector with UV applied to your phone.


There are many types of screen protectors in Pakistan. So it’s best to do a bit of research before choosing one of the many. You can visit Dab Lew Tech to explore the wide variety of screen protectors being offered. So don’t forget to select the best shield for your phone’s screen today.