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Haylou Tech Products & Accessories

Haylou Sleek Smartwatches

Haylou LS01 Smartwatch

The Haylou smartwatch LS01 is one of the initial entries of Xiaomi and Haylou in the Smartwatch market. The watch is designed to be light and comfortable so that it is easy to wear for everyday use. The design is sleek, glossy, and delicate and gives a kind of light and extravagant feeling. There is a button on the right side of the LS01 smartwatch, short press it to go to the upper menu or unlock the screen while long-press can choose to end the current movement. You can also pick according to your exercise items in the exercise module, heart rate detection, and exciting breathing training, as well as an essential alarm clock reminder function.



When the Haylou LS01 smartwatch is connected to the smartphone through Bluetooth, you can control the pause and playback of music. And the watch can also control the operation of skipping songs. Moreover, the LS01 smartwatch can provide users with nine diverse exercise patterns, such as walking, running, hiking, cycling, treadmill, fitness, yoga, mountain climbing, and even motorcycling. These exercise modes cover all the main activities in our daily fitness routine. An excellent fitness feature of LS01 is that, like your private coach, it scientifically detects and logs your exercise status and provides scientific data for your customized fitness plan.

The Haylou LS01 Smartwatch comes with a massive 210mAh battery that lasts up to 14 days. The battery only needs to be recharged once every two weeks, and for 14 days of use, Haylou can ensure that the watch can run for 30 minutes a day, taking call reminders and message alerts ten times a day. To buy Haylou LS01 smartwatch in Pakistan, visit the official store at

Haylou LS02 Smartwatch

The Haylou LS02 is the predecessor to the successful Haylou LS01 smartwatch. If you are searching for an affordable smartwatch, then Haylou LS02 is the right smartwatch for you. The watch is designed with high-quality plastic, and it has a water-resistant rating of certified IP68. As far as design is concerned, it has remained pretty much the same, aside from a few tweaks in the front face.

The new generation LS02 has received a smaller frame around the screen. At the same time, the actual size of the screen has increased to 1.4 inches screen. It is also worth noting that the quality of the screen has also improved significantly. The brightness level of the screen has improved, allowing better viewing in sunny and bright weather.

One thing to note is that Haylou LS02 smartwatch only comes with five different watch faces. These are three analog options and two digital ones. Unfortunately, there is no way to install more options, which is a small drawback for the Haylou LS02 smartwatch. To buy Haylou LS02 smartwatch in Pakistan, visit the official store at

Haylou Solar LS05 Smartwatch

Haylou Solar LS05 is the latest addition to the line of great smartwatches by Xiaomi. The Haylou LS01 & LS02 has been highly successful due to its extreme performance-to-price ratio and excellent workmanship.

This has made the latest Haylou Solar LS05 be a highly anticipated smartwatch, and thankfully it doesn’t disappoint.

The new Haylou LS05 Solar appearance has one significant change, its dial. The dial shape has changed from square to round and gives a more appealing and sleek look. With 1.28in TFT HD screen, vibrant and fine color display, whether in intense light or at night, the picture is real and striking, and the details are visible. In terms of sports features, the LS05 supports 12 professional sports modes.

Another nifty feature of the LS05 is raising the wrist to brighten the screen. The movement can be detected by your smartwatch when you raise your hand to see the time. The Haylou Solar LS05 has an excellent performance in standby as well. It carries high-performance lithium batteries that can yield long-lasting battery life. The watch can run on one charge for up to 30 days. To buy Haylou LS05 solar smartwatch in Pakistan, visit the official store at

Haylou GT1 Pro VS GT1 Plus Wireless Earbuds


Haylou has been dishing out some fantastic true wireless earbuds lately. The Haylou GT1 Pro and the Haylou GT1 Plus have been some of the best selling TWS earphones in the market. Let’s have a look at why these wireless headphones should be your next buy.

Design & Battery Life

One of the great design features of the Haylou GT1 Plus & GT1 Pro is the ultra-pocketable size of both the case and the earbuds. The charging case is so tiny that you can carry it easily in any pocket. The best part! It can still recharge the wireless earbuds several times fully.

The earphones of both GT1 Pro & Plus are much the same, aside from minor design changes. They have a bean-shaped design with slightly oval squares that reside comfortably in your ears. It’s best when you wear them up straight in your ears. However, even when your ears are too small for it, it’s also possible to ‘hang’ them in, and they will remain in tight. Haylou GT1 Pro has the same internals and mechanics as the Haylou GT1 Plus. Both have a remarkably large capacity charging case and battery capacity, However, the Haylou GT1 Pro has a significantly larger battery capable of fully recharging the earpieces around seven times. So if you need an earbud with a larger battery case then your go-to choice should be the GT1 Pro.

Audio Quality

The GT1 Plus & GT1 Pro are great earbuds when it comes to sound quality and audio performance. They have great lows, incredible bass, and loud sound without breaking or crackling. However, the sound quality of the GT1 Plus is better balanced between the two earpieces, with extreme bass, great mids, and intense highs all in line with each other. It’s the best between the different Haylou’s truly wireless earbuds.

Sound quality-wise, the GT1 Plus sounds more polished than the GT1 Pro. The GT1 Pro sounds a bit flatter and less detailed than the Plus. Audio Vocals appear tinnier, and the mids sound a bit recessed. It also has significantly less bass definition, yet left-right audio separation is better than on the GT1 Plus. The Haylou GT1 Pro is an outstanding cheap wireless earphone – but unless you need its more massive battery case, the Haylou GT1 Plus is the preferred, better sounding option.

The touch controls of the Haylou GT1 Plus & GT1 Pro respond well to your touch and are great at command. However, they are a little too sensitive, and you made end up pressing a button when wearing one or when you reposition them in your ears a bit. The control scheme is also quite convenient and user-friendly. With a single tap, you can play or pause the music. Two taps on the right-side play the next track. While two taps on the left one will allow you to go back to the previous song. One significant control drawback in both the earphones is that it’s not possible to change the volume on them, but otherwise, both are a great option.

Connectivity & Controls

The touch controls of the Haylou GT1 Plus & GT1 Pro respond well to your touch and are great at command. However, they are a little too sensitive, and you made end up pressing a button when wearing one or when you reposition them in your ears a bit. The control scheme is also quite convenient. A single tap plays or pauses the music, two taps on the right-side play the next track. While two taps on the left one make you return a song. It’s not possible to change the volume on the earpieces, unfortunately.


The Qualcomm QCC3020 chipset in the GT1 Plus & Pro delivers impressive performance when it comes to watching videos. On both iPhone and Android smartphones, videos play without significant audio delay. The earbuds also perform great even in the always-challenging YouTube-app. The performance of both these buds is unmatched by the other Haylou TWS earpieces.

The call quality of the Haylou GT1 Plus & Pro is also excellent. It reduces noise from your surroundings. With the built-in microphone, your voice sounds loud and clear. Overall, both earpieces perform perfectly considering the budget-friendly price and compact size.

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