Things have drastically changed in the headset industry from the day wireless earphones and headphones came to be known by the public. Modern technology has changed the way people enjoy music and all the other perks of similar mobile phone accessories. However, no company has managed to revolutionise earphones like Apple. The launch of their new-age Airpods completely transformed the usage and functionality of headphones. 


The reasons for the success of Airpods are many. They not only offer a far better experience as compared to other traditional headphones but they are also more exciting and flexible in a myriad of ways. If you want to make an investment, but you are not sure if it should be a pair of fashionable and robust Airpods, continue reading to get convinced all the way.

#1 Simple Pairing

People who are accustomed to Bluetooth headphones know very well how much of a hassle is pairing or unpairing the headphones with various devices. The struggle just turns the experience sour and makes them inconvenient to use. However, with Apple headphones, you will never face a problem like this. The Apple Airpods come with their very own W1 chip, which runs on top-notch Bluetooth standards. All you have to do is press the button located on the AirPod charging case, and it will automatically connect with your iPhone and other Apple gadgets. As a result, you will enjoy efficient connectivity and usability if you buy these wireless headphones. 

#2 Instant iCloud Access

Once you pair your Airpods with Apple devices, it will automatically make itself available for all the other iOs devices that you use. So, without doing much, you can connect them with a number of gadgets and use them. AirPods are extremely smart devices and recognize gadgets in mere seconds. Other than that, you also save yourself from lugging around the wired headphones. It is not less than a bother to keep plugging and unplugging conventional earphones into the device after device. Other than your iPhone, you can exclusively pair your AirPods with iPads, Apple Watch, and MacBook Pro. 

#3 Compatibility With Apple Devices

One of the striking features of AirPods is its extensive compatibility with different software like Android. The usability goes beyond iCloud pairing and allows the user to enjoy its features in several ways. These wireless earphones are packed with dual optical sensors, W1 chips, tiny batteries, accelerometers, and a microphone. All of these together make using AirPods a phenomenal and pleasant experience. Lastly, the sensors make sure that as long as you are using these earphones, you experience no trouble. 

#4 Extraordinary Manageability

There is no doubt in the fact that Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning has transformed the way people normally use technology. With the help of these modern approaches, many can enjoy the perks of Siri, Alexa, and other such products of AI. With Apple Airpods, you can get access to Siri with just a tap of your finger. This means you can get done with a number of tasks without even touching your phone. Therefore, you can easily control the audio volume, check the weather, ask for directions, and call someone, only after activating Siri with a single tap on your AirPod. 

#5 Exceptional Battery Life 

You only have to charge your Airpod once to enjoy an extended battery life of five hours. This feature makes these wireless earphones beneficial for people who have to travel longer commutes. Additionally, AirPods come encased in a charging case, which once fully charged, can be used for 24 hours. Furthermore, if you can manage to charge your AirPods for an added fifteen minutes, it can last for another three hours of listening time. The bliss of not having to charge your wireless headphones is truly magical, which is why people can not help but fall in love with Apple AirPods again and again. 

Now that you know the top five benefits of owning an Apple AirPod, waste no more time and get yourself one. While it is true that they are a bit costly, they are anything but worth the investment. Dab Lew Tech offers the best AirPod price in Pakistan, so head towards their online shop right away.