Are you planning to know 7 Amazing SmartWatch Features You Can’t Miss Out On? You must start looking for smartwatches price in Pakistan in order to get the best one. This blog discusses some of the best features that you can avail yourself of from a smartwatch. 

What Is A SmartWatch?

A smartwatch is a mechanical wristwatch with much more versatility than traditional analog watches. They typically consist of a touch screen interface, which provides users with neat features that standard plain old watches wish they had. One of the main advantages of smartwatches is that they can connect with your mobile, meaning you can access updates without pulling your phone from your pocket.

While most smartwatches are not designed as stand-alone devices (they require a smartphone or other gadgets with internet access to operate), they grow increasingly in popularity and functionality. 

As amazing as this technology may be, smartwatches are not a revolutionary phenomenon. Smartwatches can be traced back to 1984. Most business analysts agree that now is the time for the smartwatch to emerge and take its position as the next big thing. 

Below in this blog, seven impressive features are mentioned that smartwatches already have, which will only confirm experts right, and usher in the era of smartwatches.

Make And Receive Calls

You’ve read that right! In reality, some smartwatches enable you to make and receive phone calls. You will make and receive calls and messages directly from your smartwatch by putting your sim card into your device. This is ideal for such moments where you choose not to have a mobile phone with you, such as during class or while jogging.

It’s also a great chance for you to pretend like you just wished for James Bond’s vault and snatched one of his gadgets. The next time you see someone communicating with their wrist, make sure to do a double-check. 

Run Apps

Like smartphones, applications are the foundation of a smartwatch. The three major operating systems currently running on smartwatches are Android Wear for Android-Powered Smartphones, Pebble for Pebble Devices, and Samsung for Tizen OS. Among all the competing smartwatch devices, Android is currently topping the list with various applications available.


A lot of smartwatches are waterproof. Although others are fully waterproof to some levels, they can only survive a few droplets and puddles. It’s nice to know that your gadget has minimal security against the environment in any scenario. It would disappoint in so many ways if a drizzle wrecked your new (and potentially expensive) smartwatch!

Wireless Charging

Often recognized as inductive charging, which is the method of charging the device using an electric field to transfer energy from one entity to another. In other terms, you’ll put your watch on the charging dock and recharge it without taking help from any wires. Some smartwatches also use snap-on chargers, meaning you can charge when you’re on the move.

Voice Commands

For certain smartphones with integrated microphones, you have the luxury of inserting voice commands or writing text and e-mail messages. If you can guess, maneuvering on such a small surface, such as a watch screen, can often be slow and inconvenient. Many of the higher-end smartwatches enable you to perform certain functions, such as voice typing, to overcome this challenge.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Monitoring the heart rate throughout workouts has made life a lot easier. Many smartwatches have built-in heart rate detectors, typically located on the back of your unit (the side that sits on your skin) that keep records of your heart rate. Some smartwatches will also always keep track of your pulse all day and provide you with regular overviews.

Sailing Functionality

This feature is going to be useful for the sailors and boat owners out there. During America’s Cup boating competition held in 2013, Team USA collaborated with TAG Heuer to develop a custom-designed watch for each team member. This helped the crew to link to the race data, which was invaluable to them in real-time.


While the same edition used by the team is not available commercially, TAG Heuer launched a limited edition version on sale in selected stores. Some of the features that the sailing watch will view are the speeds of the vessels, real wind speed, wind direction, and true wind angle.