The power bank is undoubtedly a modern device, however, a lot led to its conception. That is because, like everything else, a power bank has a long history. As a matter of fact, its conception came into being as early as 2001.

Initially, a power bank was a gadget with absolutely rudimentary features like the control circuit with a couple of AA batteries. Today, the gadget is endorsed by numerous companies and brands. In this blog, we will take a deep look at how the idea of a power bank came into being and how it reached the point that it now boasts.

The conception of power bank (2001-2003)

The power bank is a high-tech portable device that charges the battery of other electronic gadgets. Historically speaking, the idea of a power bank was first introduced at the Las Vegas International Consumer Electronics Show in 2001. During that time, the gadget was barely anything more than AA batteries and a control circuit connected together by a group of students.

Stepping into the market concept (2004–2006)

Three years after the conception of the gadget, Huaqi introduced the first power bank in the market under the label of “Engine Compartment”. Around the same time, the market of power banks began to spread, and other brands like Anytone and Aigo began launching their power banks.

The popularity of the power bank truly took a hit during the development in the applicable management circuit, battery, and the rest of the related technologies.

Each contributed to the production and propagation of the device and so eventually the industry became more developed and advanced. The domestic market also exhibited a promising response and gradually the international market also acknowledged the significance of the power bank.

Market development (2006–2009)

Exactly how it happens with every successful development, more and more companies started to show interest in the product after its success. Eventually, it bred competition in the market, which is still palpable today.

Fortunately for power banks, this was the time when smartphones had begun to create a significant buzz in the market. Apple had launched the iPhone in 2007, and as everyone knows the iPhone’s super stylish product design and powerful software took the tech market by storm.

Although the iPhone gained incredible hype and appreciation worldwide, it lacked sufficient battery capacity. That is because the built-in lithium of iPhone batteries could not hold the charge longer than four hours.

Understandably, this led to a wide demand for custom-made power banks for mobile phones. Many authorized manufacturers of Apple came up with mobile power brands. These newly emerged gadgets produced highly-specialized iPad/ iPhone. Ever since then, the iPhone external battery became the new trend. The concept took such popularity that nearly 50 brands of power banks emerged during that period.

Maximum Market Growth (2009–2012)

With nearly 500 different brands appearing in the market, the power bank industry grew exponentially. As new research and innovations are hyping up the competition in the market, there are now a plethora of options to choose from in a power bank.

What to Consider while Buying a Power Bank?

Now that you have understood how power banks became the gadgets that they are currently known for. Out of all the important features of power banks, input/output amperage, size, and ports are the most important ones.

To help you get the most advanced power banks, here are some great features to look for:

  • Simultaneous charging technology

Not all power banks are equipped with this feature, it is certainly a feature to look for in the gadget. That is because a feature like that can help you connect multiple devices at the same time.

  • Types of ports

Power banks are not equipped with just a USB port. Some power banks have LAN ports and MicroSD.

  • Devices it can charge

The cheaper type of power banks usually have charging ports for only smartphones, but some premium power banks can also allow bigger devices to get charged.

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