Smartwatch Vs. Smart Band – Which Is Best For You?

With the heavy investments and work going on in the IT sector and technology, you see various sizes, sorts, types, and shapes of devices and gadgets in the market every day. Smartwatch Vs. Smart Band – Which Is Best For You? With a rich profusion of smart devices and gadgets available in the market, it gets confusing at times as to how they differ. For instance, the worn technology, you have the best smart bands, smartwatches, smart rings, smart clothes, and smart spectacles, with the best smartwatches and bands as the most popular these days.
Now since both these gadgets are worn on wrists, people fail to differentiate between them. You may feel that both the devices look almost the same and have similar functions, so you can get either of them. However, there are some major differences between the two and we’ll shed light on it.

Wearing The Smartwatches And Smart Bands

If you have come across both the devices, you must have noticed that they offer similar features – both have the time displayed, offer multiple fitness features like the pedometer, tachymeter, sleep monitor, blood pressure reader, body temperature, and heart rate monitor. Both devices are connected with smartphones via Bluetooth.
The apparent difference between them is with the screen sizes, their weights, and dimensions. However, there are some complex differences as well.

1. Dimensions and Size Of The Screen

Generally, the smartwatches are bigger as compared to smart bands. Mostly, the display screen of smartwatches is between 1-3 inches whereas the bands have 0-1 inch big screens. Moreover, smartwatches have a full touchscreen, allowing you to operate it fully with the tap of your fingers on the screen, just like on smartphones. On the other hand, smart bands come with a button that is used for all navigation. However, some smart bands have full touch screens too. But most importantly, smartwatches have coloured displays as compared to the bands who have monochrome displays.

2. Major Features

The main purpose of smart bands is to measure and track fitness. They are mostly used for sports. Bands tell you time and they have pedometers, heart rate monitors, sleep check monitors, and some more health features.
On the other hand, you’ll find all the features of a smart band in a smartwatch, and even more. For instance, smartwatches can connect to Wi-Fi, have the option to insert SIM cards, can use the internet through 4G and 5G, applications, and some amazing health features that you won’t see in smart bands.

3. The Usage

When deciding which one to buy, you should keep in mind three factors – when will you need it, how often will you use it and where will you wear it.
Smartwatches are a smart alternative to regular watches. Therefore, you can use them every day. Most smartwatches come with different straps (steel, leather, rubber, and others) that can be detached and so, you can change for any occasion.
The smart bands are mostly fitness trackers. They are worn by athletes and people who have a penchant for a healthy lifestyle. These bands only come with rubber straps. It’s up to you to wear a smart band anywhere you want, but they aren’t suitable for all occasions. For instance, wearing a band to a business event or any formal event doesn’t look nice and a smartwatch would be more suitable.
If you’re more into sports and keeping your body in the best shape, you should definitely consider smart bands. However, smartwatches are best for everyday usage and fitness tracking as well.