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QCY T6 in Pakistan
QCY T6 in Pakistan




















QCY just brought us the all-new sports true wireless earbuds in Pakistan, known as the QCY T6 predecessor to its highly successful earphones QCY T5 & the QCY T5S.

The QCY T6 breaks from the previous QCY TWS earphones style, to creatively add an ear brace design that increases firmness and provides enhanced support. Hence our team at Dab Lew Tech decided to write a review on it so that our customer can get the best product at the cheapest prices in Pakistan. Dablew.pk is official reseller of QCY in Pakistan.

QCY T6 Features, Specifications, & More

In this article, or experts at Dab Lew Tech will be discussing the QCY T6 TWS in detail. Is it worth buying? Is it worth upgrading from the QCY T5 and more? In this review post by Dab Lew Tech, you’ll find out the answer!

Sleek & Stylish Design

The overall innovative style of QCY T6 is similar to that of the Amazfit PowerBuds, and both earbuds adopt the TWS separate design. The charging box of the earphones takes a relatively rounded square design and is very compact as well as portable. The QCY T6 earphones boast an in-ear design which only weighs a mere 8.2g per earbud.

 The earbuds itself fit well within the ear canal, and it is not only comfortable to wear and use but also not easy to fall off and stays on. Apart from that, the QCY T6 earphones sport professional anti-skid earrings, so that even if strenuous exercise and movement are made while wearing it does not fall off easily.

Premium Audio Quality

In terms of audio quality, the earbuds are very similar to the QCY T5 and QCY T5S. The QCY T6 sports Bluetooth headset supports an AAC/SBC HD audio coding, which outputs loud audio and balanced stereo surround sound.

The QCY T6 hence improves your sports experience with the excellent sound quality of music.

The QCY T6 is made as a sports Bluetooth headset, so its water-resistance of the earbuds is naturally not harmful and can withstand a bit of water. The QCY T6 supports the IPX4 waterproof grade and adopts a professional waterproof and sweat-proof design which is optimum for outdoor play and sports. These earphones are the best for the challenge of high-intensity sports and exercise!

Lasting Battery Life

In addition to audio quality, the long battery life of headphones is a primary concern for headphone users. Additionally, the battery life of the QCY T6 is dramatically improved compared to the QCY T5 & T5S. The headphones can be used for up to 6 hours when the earbuds are fully charged. This accumulates to up to 30 hours of music time which is quite sufficient for a few days. Such a long-lasting battery life is one of the best features in the current mainstream TWS earbuds.

Innovative Control Mode

The new QCY T6 TWS adopts advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology, and wireless earphones have faster and more stable transmission than traditional earplugs. It has a built-in high-quality microphone, high-definition lossless rendering technology, earplugs with incredible sound quality, steady bass, and clear treble.

Also, the QCY T6 uses a more convenient touch operation, gently touching the control panel can carry out the corresponding functional operation. Such as music playing, answering the phone, waking up voice assistant, and so on.

QCY T6 vs QCY T5: Worth the Upgrade?

The QCY T5 & T5S were some of the best Bluetooth headsets when they first came out. The question may arise that is the QCY T6 worth the upgrade? Let’s compare the features to find out.


The treble, bass, and alto are balanced out well in QCY T5. The alto outshines the rest, and the vocals are crisp and clear. For those who love instrumentals, the QCY T5 is an excellent choice between the QCY T6 vs QCY T5 as you can hear the instruments being played in the background. There’s DSP noise cancellation, which ensures that the noise from outside won’t interrupt you. If you’re a bass lover, the QCY T6 TWS is a better option between the QCY T6 vs T5. In terms of call quality, it’s excellent in both the models-QCY T5 vs T6.

Touch controls

The best part about the QCY T6 & T5 is that you only have to tap either of the earphones to control music playback and manage calls, which makes life much more convenient. Furthermore, it also eliminates the discomfort that you may experience with button controls as well. We can control the earbuds with touch gestures in both QCY T6 vs QCY T5. The controls are similar except for a few minor differences in the comparison of QCY T6 vs T5.


The earbuds come with Bluetooth 5.0 in both the QCY T6 vs QCY T5 models. Although the connectivity is enhanced with Bluetooth 5.0, you may sometimes experience a lag in the audio while streaming videos. Luckily, there is gaming mode which corrects this issue in QCY T5. With lower latency, there is no lag in the sound, making it perfect for playing games. However, it does decrease the battery life faster. The Bluetooth distance is around 10-15 meters in both models-QCY T6 vs T5.

Battery Life

There is a difference in the battery life between the QCY T6 vs QCY T5. The QCY T6 earphones have a 60 mAh battery, and its case has a battery size of 600 mAh. It has a battery life of 4-5 hours with just the Earbuds. If you include the case, it provides a playback time of around 24 hours.

The Verdict

QCY TWS earphone is all about balanced sound profiles and stunningly long battery life. With the ergonomic design changes with the QCY T6 and its incredibly extended battery life, the earbuds turn out to be a great choice. The QCY T6 TWS fits securely and safely in your ear, making it an excellent fit for working out and sports. It doesn’t end there though, and the earbuds also offer a better battery life, custom control, and pop-up animation. In terms of audio quality, the QCY T6 TWS has better bass. The QCY T6 earphone takes the crown in this ultimate comparison of earbuds.

While the QCY T5 is lightweight and has a better, sleeker, design. The QCY T5 TWS can be an excellent choice for audiophiles. It has a higher IP rating, and also a gaming mode. Thus, if we put aside the lightweight design of the QCY T5 and look at the mechanics and experience offered by the QCY T6, then it seems like a brilliant choice. Share your views on these two earbuds in the comment section below. And if you are looking for either of these fabulous headphones QCY T6, QCY T5 or the QCY T5S then purchase them from our site at the best rates possible.


QCY T6 Specifications




8.2g (per earbud)





36x72x72mm (battery box)





Bluetooth 5.0










Earbuds: 60mAh Charging box: 600mAh



Charging Time





Music Time


30H (with battery case)



6H (without battery box)


Calling Time  



Driving Unit  










5,999 Rs



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