If there’s one universal accessory on nearly every desktop computer in the world, it’s the mouse pad. Although it’s nothing more than a simple surface where you slide your mouse around, it’s still the most common computer accessory out there.

Previously, every computer used to come with a mouse pad. This is how the mouse sensed movement due to the little trackball they had at the bottom. Using a pad was almost obligatory since it made the ball roll without getting sticky or knocking into stuff on your desktops, like crumbs or dust.

The trackball has now been replaced out with a laser. A modern mouse can operate on a wide range of surfaces and does not require a mouse pad or paper sheet to operate.

You may think this means that mousepads have become outdated, but on the opposite, there are plenty of reasons to keep using them. This is particularly true for games, where a mouse pad provides much better monitoring and control than your laptop has ever been able to match.

If you are a gamer, then you must consider the gaming mouse pad price in Pakistan. A good quality gaming mouse pad can range from Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 9,000 in Pakistan. 

Two main types of mousepads are hard mouse pad and soft mouse pad

 Hard mouse pads

Hard mousepads are typically made of flawless plastic, and occasionally metal. They have a stable surface for you to drive your mouse around. There’s no problem with the mouse going over it, and the machine should be able to trace its motions almost as quickly.

These mousepads include a smooth texture, which ensures that you would have no friction to prevent your movements. It’s easy to switch the mouse around at the expense of giving up some power when you are doing it.

In other words, sweeping motions can be difficult to control but easy to pull.

Another competitive advantage of the mouse pads is that they are (relatively) easy to wipe. Soft mousepads are made of fabric, which helps to catch any spill, dirt, or dust. A hard mouse pad is a sturdy board, but you can scrub it like a messy plate. Wipe it clean with a damp towel to attain a clean look.


Soft mouse pads

Soft mouse pads, on the other side, are usually made of cloth and cotton. They don’t have the smoothness of their rough counterparts, so you’ll feel more pressure as you move your mouse. 

Sweeping movements are harder to make, but it’s easier for the mouse to pause at a dime when there’s more opposition. This means that it’s easier to manage if it’s harder to shift.


Unlike the sturdy surface that their hard counterparts provide, soft mousepads cushion both your mouse and your palm. They don’t feel solid to the touch and prefer to be colder, so they’re the most convenient choice (most of the time).


While there is no lack of hard mousepads, soft mousepads are more common since they come in various sizes. You will find pads that are so big that they occupy almost the whole desk.