When you are planning to get one or upgrade your gaming PC, great attention is given to a high-quality keyboard. 

According to many gamers, all the gaming keyboards are not the same. The best gaming keyboards provide a multitude of improvements and enhancement over the standard keyboards, such as a backlight, built-in media, and proprietary technology. These will provide you with an edge while gaming, especially in online multiplayer matches. Getting your hands on the best gaming keyboard will allow you to get a competitive edge in your video game challenges. Therefore, before you purchase a gaming keyboard, you must consider the following. 

What makes a good gaming keyboard?

Unlike the other hardware parts of a computer, not many factors are involved in making an excellent gaming keyboard. This does not mean that you should just go and get the first gaming board you find. 

The first thing you need to identify is how you plan to use your gaming keyboard and under what circumstances you would require it. 


6 categories that you need to look at

There are Six categories that you must look at when purchasing a gaming keyboard:

  • The number of extra keys on the keyboard
  • The gaming keyboard price in Pakistan
  • Do you want a wired or a wireless keyboard?
  • The design and look of the keyboard
  • The keyboard’s anti-ghosting capability
  • Choosing between a mechanical vs. a non-mechanical keyboard.

Gaming keyboard price in Pakistan

The good gaming keyboard price in Pakistan will be around 11,000 to 16,000. If you are lucky enough, you may find a sale going on at Dab Lew Tech, which will reduce the price for you.

Extra keys

Keyboards are all about the keys. One of the very first things that a gamer notices about a keyboard is the number of additional buttons present on the frame. What sets a gaming keyboard apart from a regular keyboard are media dedicated and control keys. It might also consist of programmable keys and a volume knob. 

Multimedia keys are standard on every gaming keyboard; it is difficult and unlikely to find a keyboard that does not contain them.

Wired Vs. wireless

One of the biggest decisions that a gamer has to make is to pick either a wired gaming keyboard or a wireless gaming keyboard. Each of these comes with their advantages and disadvantages, as you have to decide between responsiveness and convenience. 

The biggest benefit that you get from a wireless gaming keyboard is that it provides you with the freedom to play your game anywhere that you desire to. Conventional gaming keyboards come with short cables that restrict players from playing games in a single position. 

The wired gaming keyboards are highly responsive as compared to wireless gaming keyboards. This helps you with online games as it minimizes the chances of getting stuck during a match.

These were some of the important things you must know before buying a gaming keyboard in Pakistan. Get your favorite one and start the match.