What Should You Look For in a Best gaming mouse in Pakistan? A Complete Guide

There is no doubt that you can use a desktop without a mouse, but you cannot ignore the additional benefits you can get from a best gaming mouse in Pakistan. It can provide you a competitive edge in performance and comfort. There are certain things that you must keep under consideration when selecting a best gaming mouse in Pakistan. This blog discusses all those things that you need to know.

What is your grip style?

Generally, there are three divergent ways of holding a mouse.

  • Standard palm grip

In this type of grip, your fingers lay flat on the buttons while your palm rests on the body of the mouse. This style indicates that you must use a large mouse.

  • Tip grip

In this type of grip, the tips of your index, middle, and ring fingers rest on the mouse buttons while your palm is not in contact with the body of the mouse at all.

  • Claw grip

As the name depicts, your hand forms the structure of a claw. In this type of grip, your fingers and thumb are angles towards the mouse buttons. Smaller mice are convenient for the user who uses this gripping technique.

DPI settings

Every mouse contains a sensor in it; this can vary in terms of sensitivity. This sensitivity is measured in Dots Per Inch, or also known as DPI. You must take DPI under consideration when purchasing a best gaming mouse in Pakistan. A low level of DPI requires you to move a larger area of the surface to get the same movement of the cursor compared to the high-level DPI. A High DPI saves up your energy, as it does not require you to move the mouse too much. However, this approach obligates the need to have a steady grip over the mouse and be very precise with the movement, as the cursor fluctuates very quickly. Those who do not require frequent and large movements could look at 2,000 DPI (or more) for small hand gestures while staying precise.

Type of games that you play

Some gaming mice have a 12-button grid feature on the side and are specially developed for MMO play. What’s it for? They will serve as shortcut keys. As the name suggests, if you play MMO games, you can find it useful. You can configure them to fit a particular skill icon or even pick a unit category in RTS games.

The price of a gaming mouse in Pakistan

The price plays a significant role in the determination of a purchase decision. A good gaming mouse price in Pakistan lies between the bracket of 4,000 to 9,000. It is dependent upon the quality of the mouse you are selecting. 


Software customization

Many gaming mouse on the market now come with their PC software, either operating as a discrete kit or working with other gaming devices, such as keyboards and headsets.

You will configure a handful of stuff about your mouse with it. This is where you set the DPI settings, the lighting profile, and more. Strong software is one that helps you to do all the stuff you’ve described and more.

These were all the important things you should look for in a gaming mouse when setting up your gaming systems.