Mobile phones are one of our important assets. They bring both value and quality to our life. Most of our work is done through mobile phones. For example, from phone calls to research, mobile phones help us in all. They are an integral part of our lives that is now going nowhere and is here to stay. Phones are always in our hands no matter where we go. For this reason, we now have several accessories to make our phones perform better and cover to protect them. Mobile covers may look insignificant, but they play their part well. Mobile covers give your mobile the look you want and, as an addition, protect it from external threats. Mobile is the most used gadget generally on any given day. You bought it from your hard-earned money and so should try protecting the phone. That is why spending a bit more money on mobile covers is worth it. Here are a few types of mobile covers in Pakistan that you can buy from any shop or online. These types are suited for any phone, but it also depends on how you want your phone to look.

Thin Case

– If you are just looking for an extra layer over your phone to add a distinct look, this type will be suitable. These cases are extremely thin and do not add any extra weight to the phone. They also do not ruin the actual look or structure of the phone. A thin case is only a single layer and made from either polycarbonate or thermoplastic polyurethane. You can find designs printed on them or mono-coloured ones as well. Overall, if you are looking for a minimal case, then this type will be the best.

Wallet Case

– Are you someone who always carries your IDs, essential cards, and money with you? Then this wallet case can work for you. Not only does it add better protection to your phone, but it provides you with extra space too. The folio case is suitable for your screen as well. With the folio case, there is no need for an extra protector for your screen. It means your money that might have gone into a screen protector will be saved. They are available in multiple colours and combinations. Designs can also be found, or you can get one printed as well.

Hybrid Case

– A case with both good looks and protection will be called a hybrid mobile cover. So, if you want a case that provides your phone simplistic and elegant look with no compromise on quality, then try a hybrid case. These hybrid cases are thin and light, so they don’t add extra bulk to the phone. Your phone will still be easy to carry. However, due to a built made of a combination of materials, there is added protection. Hybrid cases could have a dual-layer or a single layer that is stronger than a thin case. You can have designed cases in this one or a mono-coloured one. The selection depends on your choice and taste.

Rugged Case

– Choosing a rugged mobile cover is based solely on your circumstances. You may wonder how? Well, rugged cases are bulky, heavy-duty and oversized. They are supposed to protect your phone in any case at all. For example, if you are working in an industry or a workshop, this case can be perfect. They sure are expensive, but they will also save you from the considerable damage of losing your phone. Also, rugged covers will be a good choice in case you are clumsy and work outdoors.To conclude, these are the four common types of mobiles covers available. Each one is used for a different purpose, and depending on your environment of choice, any could suit your phone the best. If you are more into looks rather than protection, then a thin case is a good choice. Do you like to carry your important stuff like cards along with your phone? Then go with the wallet cover. So, this way, analyse the use of your phone and choose the cover accordingly. If you manage to choose the cover correctly, you will make good use of your money and add more value to your phone.