Why to buy JBL hands-free in Pakistan?

Finding the perfect accessory such as good hand-frees is not easy when there are hundreds of available options. A google search of “hand-frees” will open at least ten pages in front of you. The gadget or accessories market is now saturated to a great extent. This is a good sign because it promotes competitions hence manufacturer keeps improving their products to stand out. However, it can be a problem for consumer to choose just one of them and buy it. If you are looking to buy JBL hands-free please visit

So, we know you are confused if you are looking for a perfect set of hands-free in the sea of brands. For you, though, we have done some research and concluded that in the competition of audio equipment, barely anyone can come close to JBL. It is an international company that is well-known for the production of wireless and wired headphones. They are trusted to satisfy the customers by providing them with the best quality sound products. Dab Lew Tech (the premium tech store in Pakistan) is where you can find a variety of JBL products and hence JBL hands-free.

Features of JBL Hands-free

  1.   Bass

The Bass of these hands-frees is great. Mid-bass is as energetic as it could get. Sub-bass is also pretty good because of the depth. Their bass is in the range that doesn’t make the music you are listening to very packed. It is clear hence enjoyable.

  1.  Vocals and Mids

Mids of their basic hands-frees are recessed, but they are never muddy. The sound will never be too shrill.

  1.   Treble and Highs

Highs of the hands-free can be felt when listening to music, but details and clearance are missing.


As a consumer, one tends to focus on the plus sides of any product, which is why we have gathered a few benefits of JBL hands-frees for you.

  •        Clarity of Sound

Whereas most handsfree fail to fulfill the requirement above, JBL fulfills it. You can know after hearing music from them. Even the most affordable set of hands-free JBL will have a very clear sound.

  •       Isolation of Sound

Every JBL hands-free is way ahead of competitors when it comes to the isolation of sound. No matter what kind of housing they have, there will always be some degree of isolation. Why must you think? Well, their hands-free has high volume outputs, due to which one can easily ignore the surrounding sounds.

  •       Price Range

Don’t we all want to buy stuff that supports our pockets? Of course, yes. JBL hands-free is available in a wide variety of price ranges. That is why whatever your range may be, there is always a JBL option available. However, they are not very affordable, and their price generally starts from Rs 2000.

  •        Replacement Warranty

Tech products are not always 100% reliable. There is a probability that some of them might be faulty, but nothing to worry about if that’s the case. Why? Because when you get JBL audio product from Dab Lew Tech, it comes with 3-day testing warranting. This means that you can test the product as much as you can for three whole days. If you come across a legit fault in hands-free during these three days, they will be replaced by Dab Lew as soon as possible.

In addition to the significant benefits above, JBL hands-free offers you:

  1. An in-built microphone.
  2. Are compact and comfortable.
  3. Produce serious, pure bass that you can only experience in concert halls, arenas, and recording studios.
  4. Let you control music playback with a single-button remote.
  5. Come in unique and attractive designs and colors like Rose Gold.
  6. Are easy to control and compatible with all types of devices.
  7. Are Long-lasting.


In the end, it can be concluded that when choosing an audio product such as hands-free, JBL should be one of your options, if not the topmost. Also, if you can spend a good amount of money, try to go with one of their topmost hands-frees. You can check out most of these hands-frees on our website, Dab Lew Tech.