Want to know about newbie tips when buying a mechanical keyboard? You’re at the right place! The futuristic look that they provide along with all the cool features is what is making mechanical keyboard in Pakistan an increasingly popular gadget. If you are planning to buy one too but have no idea about it, here is a complete guide for newbies.

How It Works:

A mechanical keyboard works by an electronic pulse running through the switch and reaching the pressed key to give associated results.

Factors To Consider Before You Buy A Mechanical Keyboard:

Having a flashy mechanical keyboard may seem very cool and modern, but you should, in any case, keep in a mind a few points before you go on to make the purchase. Here are a few factors that you should consider before you buy a mechanical keyboard.

#1 An Excellent Choice For Gaming:

Are you a gamer and are looking for a keyboard that is just perfect for all your gaming needs? Or maybe you are looking for a gift for your gamer friend that will positively leave them in awe? In that case, then a mechanical keyboard just may be the right answer. These are deemed an excellent choice for gaming. That is due to the satisfying accuracy they provide.

#2 The Sound Of Typing:

Though it might not make much sense in the beginning, this is one factor that one should not deny when they are buying a keyboard. Especially when the choice is a mechanical keyboard. Apart from their remarkable performance in gaming, mechanical keyboards are also known for the sharp sound they make when you press down upon the keys. So, if you prefer to work in a quiet atmosphere, then you should look for other options. However, if you like the clicking sound, then go ahead!

#3 Heavier And Sturdier:

Now, this is something you should thoroughly check before making the purchase and bringing the mechanical keyboard home. These devices are heavier and sturdier, therefore making it a good partner for those who type fast, since rapid pressing won’t move it out of the way. Thought that might be the case, the weight of it may not make it the best choice for a travel-friendly device.

#4 The Switch:

The switch refers to the tactile response of the keyboard. Meaning, it determines how much pressure it would be required from you to exert upon the key to make the key work. Whether you are a quick, agile typist with a lighter touch or someone with a heavier press on the key, be sure to consider this factor to buy a mechanical keyboard with a switch according to your ease and preferences.

#5 The Size Or “Percentage” Of The Mechanical Keyboard:

The size of a mechanical keyboard is represented in percentages. The percentages determine the features available on the keyboard. Starting with 60% that has 60 to 61 and no function keys, it moves on to 65% or 70% that has a mini display with 66 keys including arrow keys. Then comes the mini layout of 75% feature which includes function keys. Following is the TenKey feature that is full-size with a numeric keypad, with TenKeyLess bringing up the rear with a full-size display but without the numeric keypad.

Mechanical keyboards in Pakistan are all the hype these days. Get yours from Dab Lew Tech and use these tips for own mechanical keyboard.