A wafer-thin TV only has the room for a wafer-thin speaker. That is why, no matter how advanced your smart TV is, you might always need to upgrade its sound, and a quality soundbar can take care of that, without any trouble.

You can find a variety of soundbars in the market with ease. The right soundbar for your home depends on your budget and the type of results you want. However, if you act smartly, you can get your hands on a quality soundbar without spending a handsome amount on it.

Before going to buy a soundbar for your home, consider the following things so you can enjoy movie nights and dinner parties with a quality sound system.

1) Where will the soundbar live?

The amount of space your TV allows for another device, along with its type, determines where the soundbar will go. Although soundbars are pretty versatile, when it comes to installation, it still needs to be placed in the right place so that it works efficiently. If you have a mounted TV on the wall, you should hang the soundbar right beneath it. Whereas, if your TV is on a table, place the soundbar right below it. Measure the space that you have underneath your TV, so when you buy a soundbar, you can choose the one that will fit your TV perfectly.

2) What size of the soundbar is suitable for your home?

If you’re looking for an aesthetic appeal, you need to go for a soundbar that has the same length as your TV. To add more perfection to the overall look of your TV lounge, you can also buy a soundbar that has the same width as your TV. However, this is not a necessity. You can use your discretion and buy the one you think looks best paired with your TV. The only thing to make sure is that the soundbar has the right connectivity to link up with the TV and other multimedia devices.

3) Should you go for an active soundbar or a passive soundbar?

● Passive soundbars:

Passive soundbars do not come with built-in receivers. The lack of an embedded power amp in a soundbar means that you need to throw some extra cash and buy a quality amplifier. That is why passive soundbars are more expensive than active soundbars.

● Active soundbars:

An active soundbar possesses built-in amplifiers, which means they don’t need another device to power them up. Moreover, these have channel processors as well, which are responsible for separating left, right, and center speakers of the soundbar. As active soundbars come with less wiring, they offer an overall inclusive look.

Experts prefer active soundbars over passive soundbars, as the former offers a range of features and a better final look than the latter. The price of soundbars in Pakistan, especially the active ones, are cost-friendly and are worth the hype!

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