Recently, the latest QCY T2s and QCY T4 are finally available for sale at Dab Lew Tech. So what’s the difference between QCY T2s, and QCY T4? And how to choose it? In this post, our team at Dab Lew Tech will cover all of the specifications and features which may appeal to the users. 

Let’s start with the basic specs of both the product. We must say, both these products are outstanding. 


Specs QCY T2S QCY T4
Battery Capacity 800 mAh (Earbuds: 2 x 43 mAh) 380 mAh (Earbuds: 2 x 40 mAh)
Charging Time 2 Hours 2 Hours
Music Time Up to 8 Hours (single charge). 32 hours with charging case. Up to 5 hours (single charge). 25 hours with charging case.
Wireless distance 10 Meter 10 Meter
Bluetooth Version v5.0 v5.0
Wireless Charging Yes No
Suitable for gaming  Yes Yes
Water Resistant IPX4 IPX5

The specs on both T2s and T4 are outstanding. Don’t get confused, we are about to tell which product you should buy. 

QCY T4 is for the Gaming Buffs out there!

If you want to enjoy the most spectacular video games in an incredible way, you need earbuds that give you the maximum sound and the highest quality. With the new QCY T4 Bluetooth Earbuds you will have the best allies to ensure victory in all situations. With this headset you will be able to get everything you want, they are incredible. One of those models that are essential, earbuds of great quality. It’s spectacular! 

Designed for gamers

There are one of the most interesting earbuds you will find. These small earbuds are designed to allow gamers to enjoy the best quality for streaming and to be able to enjoy the best sound. The most gamers in the house can activate their gaming mode and, with it, get the victory without any problem. One of the most spectacular models that will allow you to enjoy a spectacular sound, with built-in DSP that will make you enjoy a sound with thousands of nuances, a spectacular sound. It’s incredible!

But hold up, T4 is great for gaming, but it is also pretty awesome when it comes to music. 

Talk and listen to music in a more spectacular way

T4 is one of the most incredible models of QCY not only offers you one of the most incredible sounds you will find. This model has a built-in microphone that features smart CVC noise reduction, allowing you to make yourself heard with your team. One of those microphones like you never thought you’d find. In addition, these earbuds water resistance and are very comfortable, adaptable and ultra-lightweight. A stunning model.

We are not done yet! Here comes the final punch

T4’s come With APP for voice control

In addition, for maximum sound enjoyment, this model also has its own APP. With this application you can configure the sound so you can have a closer and more spectacular sound. In addition, thanks to this app, you will be able to control your mobile phone in a simple way because it is compatible with Google Assistant and Siri. One of the most incredible models you will find.

Now let’s get to our classy earbuds QCY T2s

QCY T2s is for the workaholics out there.

Are you always out working and need earbuds to attend calls and listen to music, but just don’t get the time to charger them? Don’t worry, Dab Lew Tech is here to rescue you. We present you the QCY T2 and its 32 hour of battery life. 

The new earbuds look pretty simple and classy, so you can wear them at your workplace or your casual walkabouts. Thanks to the well-thought-out design, they are securely held in the ears, and at the same time do not cause discomfort during use. Also, they are great for sports. So, you can wear these to your workouts too!

Using QCY T2S wireless earbuds is quite simple and convenient. They are automatically turned on as soon as the user takes them out of the charging case. They also turn off by themselves if you put them back in the charging case. Earbuds are automatically connected to the last device with which they were connected. So, don’t worry about missing any calls at work. 

Battery Life

As for the battery, each QCY T2S earphone is equipped with 43mAh battery. The earbuds last up to 4 hours on a single charge. If you listen to music or talk on the phone through a single earbud, then you can count on 8 hours of battery life.

The charging case has 800mAh battery. After simple mathematical calculations, we found out that the charging case is able to charge the earbuds 8-9 times. Now we multiply the battery life of the earbuds by the number of possible recharges through the charging case, and we get 32 ​​hours of battery life. Excellent result!

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