Watches are coming back into trend again. People go crazy for getting the best designs of watches, which can go with their different outfits. Usually, people buy different types of watches so they can go with their different types of clothes and designs. Nowadays, technology has optimized everything and now even watches have turned into smartwatches, which have changed so many people’s lives.

Smartwatches are really different from traditional watches. It is updated according to the present time’s features. Now it’s just not a regular watch that shows times, it is turned into a smartwatch that performs multiple functions. Basically, the smartwatch can be connected with your smartphones, so you can use most of the features that you use on your electronic gadgets. You can make a call, receive a call, can reply or send a message, or also can be used in health and fitness.

These smartwatches are designed in a way that you can change the straps of these watches according to your preferences. There are different types of straps present for smartwatches. People in Pakistan are always ready to use the latest fashion trends. They are also adapting to the latest watch trends and rushing towards different types of watches and their different designed straps. Mentioned below are some types of smartwatch straps, which are trending in these present days.

Types Of Straps For Smartwatches

Rubber Straps

Rubber straps are available in different colors and hues, which gives a fresh, sporty, and young look. It can be used in extreme weather conditions, as well as for outdoor activities. You can easily wear them anywhere without having the idea in your mind of damaging it. Rubber bands are water-resistant and their color doesn’t get dull because of their quick drying out capability they are the best option for using it in rainy, snowy weather, and also for sports as well. But one of the cons of a rubber strap is that it gets really sweaty, wherever it is placed because it doesn’t have breathable material. It can be really irritating while sweating, as it is not suitable for places that are hot and warm.

Leather Strap

Leather straps can be really unique in terms of styling. They can feature outer detailing and the material is actually made from the exotic materials, like alligator skin or maybe snakes. Just like others, there is also a wide design and color selection in the leather strap. These are actually really famous among celebrities and executives because of its glamorous and elegant look. It is easy to wear and outstands you every time. The expensive leather strap is going to give you the most durable wearing experience.  Most leather straps are made of alligator skins, and they are durable but also quite expensive. There is one thing about leather straps that if you wear it in humid weather, even though it’s expensive, they will not last long during the summer season.

Nylon Straps

Nylon straps are basically a kind of fabric straps. They have a really elegant and sophisticated look. There is a whole wide range of colors available in nylon straps, which can compliment all of your clothes easily. They have a versatile character that can go with the number of events and outfits you choose with. The material of the nylon strap is really light, which you will be comfortable upon wearing. Because of its comfortable fabric, the British military used to have nylon strap watches, which makes it really clear that it has a high tendency for durability and can easily be cleaned.

Metal Straps 

The metal straps are one of the most popular straps as it is worn by professional people or as evening wear. With their decent and elegant appearance, metal straps are one of the most durable and comfortable straps to wear mainly because of their flexible design. It is actually present in three different types of metal, which are oyster, presidential, and jubilee. The most popular one is the oyster, which is usually liked by executives or party lovers. It is suitable for wearing formally and can be used in normal weather conditions. Even though it is not waterproof but it is highly resistant and durable. It can stay longer, if taken good care of, and can be used multiple times.

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