Dablew is here again to keep its promise just like always .While entering into the world of best Powerful Bluetooth Speakers you just don’t need to panic on which Bluetooth Speakers to choose among all because Dablew has the solution of your every problem. Dablew brings you the best quality Wireless Bluetooth Speakers in Pakistan as it has Tronsmart Official Store in Pakistan as well as Anker Official Store in Pakistan. Our first priority is, being a Branded Tech Store of Pakistan,  to satisfy you with our best and facilitate you with best quality services at the most  cheapest price across the country & to provide you all the relative and detailed information you wish to have been known.

We bring you the Best Bluetooth Speakers in Pakistan for the year 2021,

  1. Tronsmart Element Mega
  2. Tronsmart Element T6
  3. Tronsmart Element T6 Plus
  4. Tronsmart T6 Mini
  5. Anker Soundcore Icon Mini
  6. JBL Go 2
  7. VTIN BH22IA Portable Shower Speaker

1. Tronsmart Element Mega

Tronsmart element mega is one the Cheap Bluetooth speaker in Pakistan. Tronsmart element mega is compositable with Bluetooth 5.0 or above and provides the best quality 3D Digital sound with the help of its SoundPulseTM technology due to which it has the ability to deliver a sound of max 40W that will make the sound crystal clear and helps  to retain the melody of the sound. Tronsmart element mega is enabled with DSP technologythat keeps the pitch of the sound extremely perfect. It has a frequency range of about 115Hz to 13KHz which is even higher than the audible frequency range of humans. Tronsmart element mega usually operates within a range of 30mand even greater than this. The best advantage of this Wireless Bluetooth Speakers is that you can easily pair it with another Mega speakers and can have a quality time by this feature

Tronsmart element mega comes with Fully Lightening Touch Panel to handle or adjust the volume & forward or reverse option in a very amazing and delighted way. Tronsmart element mega gives the facility of talking to your device’s Voice Assistant with a simple button incase you are busy in work, just activate the Voice Assistant through the button and tell him what you want to play, and it’ll do their job. Tronsmart element mega is able to give 15 hours of playtime with just a single charge.  Tronsmart element glary has the facility of connecting & streaming with one touch NFC technology. It contains a 3.5mm aux-in port, a slot for SD card, power On-Off button along with the USB C-type charging port.

2. Tronsmart Element T6

Tronsmart element T6 Bluetooth Speakers are the Amazon top sellers in Pakistan. These Bluetooth speakers are highly recommended for both indoor and outdoor activities. Tronsmart Element T6 is providing a 360o surround sound that will give you the best experience of sound by its built-in powerful 25W audio driver produces a sound of frequency range of 60Hz to 20KHz. Tronsmart Element T6 contains Bluetooth version of 4.1 which helps in maintaining a steady connection with your device so that you can enjoy your time with Tronsmart element T6 without any disturbance and difficulty of disconnection. In case of non-Bluetooth devices, Tronsmart element T6 also provides a built-in 3.5mm Aux-jack which gives a great facility to its users.

These are the best Bluetooth Speakers in Pakistan allowing you to make handsfree calls with the help of its built-in microphone which gives the users a great relief from holding the cellphones for a long time.  The most amazing feature of Tronsmart Element T6 is that it contains an Intuitive Volume Controller Wheel for adjusting the level of volume at your own desire with a simple rotating mechanism. These things which attracts the user towards these Speakers is that these speakers a re very easy to carry and occupies less space which helps the user to take them anywhere at any time very comfort.  These Bluetooth speakers have the ability to work for a long period of 15 hourswith a fully charge of about 3 hours.

3. Tronsmart Element T6 Plus

Tronsmart Element T6 Plus is the best gift to the music lovers. It has taken the world to a new place.  These are the best Bluetooth Speakers in Pakistan with a Bluetooth version of 5.0 that allows the user to enjoy a very  reliable connection with the their devices without any buffering and is capable of transferring its best within a range of about 22m. Tronsmart Element T6 Plus is comfort compositable with A2DP,ACRCP and HFP.  Tronsmart element T6 plus with the help of its SoundPulseTM Technology be able to fill your room with the melodious vocals. It has the ability to provide the best 3D Stereo sound by connecting another element T6 to enjoy the party like environment just at home. These Bluetooth Speakers are IPX6 Waterproof due to which you can take it anywhere where you want without any fear of rain, wet clothes or anything. Tronsmart element T6 plus has take with it A Tri Bass Effect that allows the three different modes including Vocals, 3D Deep Bass and Extra Bass so that we can switch to any of them whenever we want to experience them provided that in the Tronsmart Element T6 Plus, the default mode is Vocals.

These Bluetooth Speakers just takes 3-5 hours to complete charge and after that they are able to give you the best play time of about 15 hours. They are easily chargeable with a USB connector due this you can take them easily anywhere where you want without a single thought. Tronsmart Element T6 Plus being a cheap Bluetooth speaker in Pakistan, comes with a unique Intuitive Multifunctional Control Wheel through which we can adjust and re-adjust the volume level by a simple rotating mechanism. Its Multifunctional Control Wheel also provides the facility of Hands-free Calling, playing or pausing the music by a single Press. To activate the Voice Assistantmode in your Bluetooth Speaker you just need to hold it for 3 seconds and then you will be able to talk with your device’s Voice Assistant.

4. Tronsmart T6 mini

Tronsmart Element T6 mini has made a unique place in the world of best Bluetooth Speakers by its amazing features and also by its overwhelming shape and size. These Bluetooth Speakers are only small in size but they offer you a penalty of breath-taking features that attracts the users to buy it. These Bluetooth speakers are the AliExpress top sellers in Pakistan. These Bluetooth speakers have come with a Bluetooth 5.0 version providing the most stable connection and can easily perform its operations within a range of up to 30m & can be compositable with A2DP, AVRCP and HFP. it has the ability to produce a sound of frequency from 20Hz to 16000Hz. its magnetic levitating driver produces the crystal-clear deep bass which is main reason people love to have these Bluetooth Speakers. They are also supported with 360o surround sound so that you don’t need to go outside for throwing a party.

These are considered the best Bluetooth Speakers in Pakistan because these speakers are offering a long-lasting Play time of up to 24hours that can be able to play around 500 songs which is really unbelievable and takes just 3 hours for a complete charge. For Stereo Sound, you can pair two T6 Mini together and can enjoy a quality of sound with your friends and family. The best advantage of having a Tronsmart T6 Mini is to carry it because of its light weightiness and smaller in size. The Tronsmart T6 Mini are IPX6 waterproof can be taken and useable in rough weather also. These Bluetooth Speakers also contains an Aux-in Port, Micro SD card Slot and a C-Type USB charger.  Its built-in microphone allows you to access to Siri and Google for any kind of help and information & allows you to make hands-free calls. These are also able to adjust the volume on our desire and can forward or reverse the playlist also.


Anker Soundcore Icon Mini is currently the most preferred Bluetooth Speaker in Pakistan. In order to reduce the stress of taking the Speakers along with you, the sound core icon mini has come with its quite outstanding size so it can be placed in your pockets easily. These Bluetooth Speakers are not less amazing as lesser its size is, but it includes a variety of bundles of multi-functions that can be able to give you an unforgettable experience while using them.  Anker sound core icon mini, being a Cheap Bluetooth Speaker in Pakistan, has left behind all the rest of the Bluetooth speakers by introducing an IP67 Waterproof protection which will help you anywhere in any condition. While having an anker sound core icon mini you just need to relax from all sorts of stress and tensions and just enjoy the quality time with the best Bluetooth Speaker of all time.

The greatest benefit that it takes with is that it can be hung anywhere incase you are going to hiking, swimming, gym and anywhere else, sound core icon mini will always be your best companion at every place. While having these, you can enjoy a quality time because these Bluetooth Speakers are able to give a playtime of more than 8 hours with a charge of just 2-3 hours and chargeable through USB port. These Bluetooth Speakers with the help of its powerful speakers will take you to the heaven of music with the Bluetooth connectivity of 4.2 or above. These are also offering you to light your surroundings by connecting two or more sound core icon mini with your device and take benefits from these Wireless Bluetooth for as long as you want. They are also smart enough.

6. JBL GO 2

JBL GO 2 is considered the best JBL Speakers in Pakistan in the recent times. It is an excellent device containing all in one function in it. It is specially designed for wireless Bluetooth streaming having built-in Bluetooth version 4.1which never disappoints its user by means of poor connectivity. JBL Go2 are fully featured Waterproof Speakers with an IPX7 design. JBL GO 2 has provided the facility to the customers to choose from more than 9 eye catching colors at their own design. It also contains a built-in noise cancelling mic that allows you to make clear and free from distortion phone calls.

JBL GO 2 takes you in the isolation for a duration of 5 hours .it takes 2.5 hours for a complete charge through a micro USB charging Cable. While planning a trip with your friends or family, JBL GO 2 will take the charge of entertaining you seeking help with its Powerful Speakers.


VTIN BH22IA Portable Bluetooth Speakers are able to produce a loud HD quality sound. These are enabled with Bluetooth version 4.2 which is keeping a steady and best connection for you 24/7 and is easily compositable with Android and iOS. As its name implies, these Bluetooth Speakers are also waterproof with built-in IPX5 technologyby which you can use them at any time & anywhere including bathrooms (to reduce stress level), swimming pools, at any adventurous journey liking hiking without being afraid. These Portable Shower Speakers after taking a small time for charging will be able to give the play time of more than 10 hours which is really admirable. VTIN BH22IA PORTABLE SHOWER SPEAKER are capable of operating & facilitating its functions to you over a wider range of 33ftwhich is higher than all of the Bluetooth Speakers.

These Portable Bluetooth Speakers have made the life of its user quite easier by providing them an opportunity to take hands-free calls so that the user can be freed from holding the cellphone in case of long calls. What if the you have no Bluetooth devices to connect with these speakers? In consideration of this, these Speakers have introduced an opportunity of placing a TF card in it so that you can never stop listening and availing more & more benefits from these. These VTIN SHOWER SPEAKERS have built-in A2DP support & 8W powerful speakers are always in action to provide you the best crystal clear like sound quality. VTIN BH22IA Portable Shower Speakers are really admired by the people and due to which is considered as the Best Bluetooth Speakers in Pakistan.





Bluetooth version 5.0 4.1 5.0 5.0 4.2 4.1 4.2
Colors 1 2 2 2 2    > 9 1
Frequency range 115Hz-13KHz 60Hz-20KHz 20Hz-16000HZ 20Hz-16000HZ 60Hz-20KHz 180Hz-20,000kHz.
Working time 15 hours 10-15 hours 15 hours Up to 24 hours > 8 hours 5 hours 10 Hours
Operational range 30m Up to 10m 22m 30m 20m 20-25m 33ft
Output 40W 2*12.5W 40W max 15W 10-15 W 3.1W 8W
Charging port Type-C Micro USB charging port USB Charging Port Type-C Micro USB
Charging time 3 hours 3-5 hours 3 hours 2-3 hours 2.5 hours 2-3 hours
Battery Capacity 3300mAh x 2 2600mAh X 2 3300mAh x 2 2500mAh 900mAh 730mAh 800mAh
Voice Assistant X (can receive calls) X X X
Touch Panel
X (includes an intuitive rotating wheel) X (includes an intuitive rotating wheel) X X X X
Pairable with other Speaker X X X
Water resistant X X IPX6 IPX6 IPX7 IPX7 IPX5
Sound 3D digital with DSP technology 360o deep bass Deeper Bass 360 Deep Bass HD Stereo
Aux-in Port 3.5mm 3.5mm 3.5mm 3.5mm X 3.5mm
NFC Support X X X X X X
TF card support X X X