After months of speculation and rumors, iPhone 12 was launched in Pakistan. Thus, before it hit the market, people were already aware of tidbits of information about it. Especially the younger generation of the country could not help discussing how it has 5G capabilities and how the camera is right in point.

With that being said, Apple has plenty of surprises in store for you. So if you like to be informed beforehand, this is the perfect blog for you. Here we will entail the most intriguing reasons why you should buy iPhone 12 in Pakistan.

  • The camera sensor is 47% larger.

The camera of the iPhone Pro Max is no less than a dream come true for professional photographers. It is indeed the best camera phone ever. You will be pleasantly surprised to know that this phone comes with new sensors around 47% larger than all the previous models.

Furthermore, Apple has created a 12MP wide-angle camera for all the new models. This also has an aperture of  f/1.6, which is slightly better than the previous models with an aperture of f/1.8.

Consequently, this phone has an excellent low light performance than all the models of iPhone 12 models. That said, the phone works phenomenally well in tandem with a new set of sensors.

  • This phone has borrowed DSLR Technology

With advancing technology, it virtually feels as though phones and cameras are merging into one another and producing a technology that appeals to tech-nerds and professional photographers at the same time. The new iPhone 12 model is infused with the technology akin to a DSLR camera, and it won’t be long before iPhone users would not feel the need for any camera.

Keeping aside the musing, the iPhone 12 is equipped with state-of-the-art sensor-shift technology to produce optical image stabilization. This implies that if you take a picture, the phone will make up to 5,000 micro-adjustments every second.

Such a high technology can counteract all potential hand-shaking. Plus, it means that the user will be able to take 2 seconds of exposure handheld.

  • iPhone 12 mini will be the smallest 5G phone

You might have heard the rumors that Apple is releasing four new iPhones. This goes contrary to their three new model concepts. Naturally, this has led people to wonder about the two entry-level models.

We are here to clear a few confusions. The primary and the sole difference between iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 lies in their heights. iPhone 12 mini measures 5.4, while the iPhone 12 is 6.1.  Now one might wonder why the latest phone needed the shrink.

The shrinking was an actual genius marketing move by Apple. That is because plenty of consumers like up-to-date phones but do not want a phone the size of a mini-tablet. Also, this phone enables the users to say that they have the world’s smallest 5G phone.

All of this is a clever way to corner the market.  In addition to everything, it is awe-inspiring for Apple to make such a move right after the record-breaking success of both iPhone SE models.

  • Apple is coming up with a new photo file format

Although file formats do not seem to be the most alluring announcement from the Apple event, Apple’s new ProRAW photo file format is undoubtedly a total game-changer.

iPhone users have been shooting RAW photos, but they had to deal with in-camera processing, like balance adjustment, sharpening, exposure, etc.

Fortunately, RAW files give Apple users much more flexibility with editing. The new model ProRAW allows the users to adjust the effects and enjoy its automatic features simultaneously.

  • There is a LiDAR scanner

Both the models, iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Pro, are equipped with LiDAR scanners. Primarily famous for their use in self-driving cars, LiDAR scanners can measure how long it will take the light to reach a particular place.

With this futuristic phone, you can enjoy the autofocus in Night mode, as it allows faster and more accurate capture.

The Bottom Line

At Dab Lew Tech, we take pride in having the latest iPhone 12 models. Thus if you are wondering where the original iPhone is, get in touch with us.