Why Twitter users are upset about the platform’s latest change

Twitter users are up in arms over the platform’s latest change. The social media giant recently announced that it would be introducing an algorithmically-generated timeline, replacing the traditional reverse chronological timeline. This means that the tweets in your timeline will no longer be in the order that they were sent, and instead, tweets will be displayed in a seemingly random order based on what Twitter believes you want to see.

Many Twitter users have expressed their grievances about the change, citing that the new algorithm will prevent them from seeing the latest tweets from people they follow or updates from their favorite topics. They fear that the algorithm might even suppress certain voices and views.

In response, Twitter has rolled out a “Show the best tweets first” setting, which allows users to manually adjust their timeline. However, this hasn’t appeased the angry user base, and some users are now taking to other platforms like Reddit to voice their opinions.

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