Sony Will Discontinue PlayStation Plus Collection From This Date

Sony has announced that it will discontinue its PlayStation Plus Collection on July 15, 2021. The PlayStation Plus Collection was launched in 2020, offering a range of games to PlayStation Plus subscribers. The service provided gamers with access to a range of popular titles such as God of War, Uncharted 4, Persona 5, and more. Sony said the decision to discontinue the PlayStation Plus Collection was made as part of a wider strategy to focus on providing gamers with the best gaming experiences. The company said that the games in the PlayStation Plus Collection can still be purchased and played, but the bundle will no longer be available. The PlayStation Plus Collection was a great way for gamers to get their hands on some of the most popular games available. Now, however, gamers will need to purchase the individual titles if they want to play them. This may be a disappointment to some gamers, but the decision to focus on providing better gaming experiences appears to be the right one.

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