As the world runs at a fast pace, nobody has the time to get tangled up in wires and wait for their devices to charge. Power banks have become a necessity in the daily lives of today. For your ease, here are the top 5 power banks for phones and tablets.

#1 Anker PowerCore Select 10000mAh Power Bank – A1223H11:

One of the many impressive factors about an Anker power bank is that not only is it portable but it also allows you to charge two devices at once with its dual charging ports. It comes with a high-speed technology for fast charging. The size of PowerCore Select Anker power bank is so perfectly compact that you can easily tuck it in your purse. You can also carry this small, portable device in your hand.

#2 Samsung Power Bank (10,000 mAh 15W 2Port) TypeC EB-P1100CSEGWW:

With a name as widely known and loved as Samsung, its likely that you will immediately put your trust in it. If you need a power bank that will charge not only your phone but your tablet as well at once, then the Samsung power bank is the ideal choice. It will zap up both of your devices in an instant with its speedy charging facility. And if you are a Type C cable user, then this is a bonus because this Samsung power bank also requires a Type C cable for recharging.

#3 Mi Power Bank 3 18W 10000mAh Fast Charge Global Edition- Silver:

If you like to keep yourself up to date with the latest tech and related news, you probably know all about the Mi Phone brand. It has been all the rage recently. The brand has come up with many impressive products, including power banks. So, if you are on the hunt for an efficiently performing power bank that is friendly on your pocket too, then you should go for the Mi power bank. It is smart looking, portable, and impressive in quality; basically, it is all that you need in a power bank.

#4 Aukey 26800mAh Power Bank with 2-Way Power Delivery QC – PB-XD26:

Next in line comes the Aukey power bank. This power bank, like the ones that are mentioned above, also provides you with the convenience of charging two devices at once with its dual charging port. The Aukey power bank claims to charge your device 4 times quicker than a usual charger does. To be honest, that does sound like a promising service. Easy to carry due to its compact size and lightweight body, the Aukey power bank proves to be the ideal choice for modern-day use.


#5 Tronsmart PBD02 10000mAh USB-C Power Delivery Power Bank:

A rising name in the world of gadgets and technology, a Tronsmart power bank is what you need to solve your charging problems. Quick, compact, and sleek, the Tronsmart power bank is the ideal power bank.


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