Giveaways on Mobile Accessories in Pakistan

We never leave our customers hanging Dab Lew Tech keeps its customers happy buy giving out FREE gifts to our loyal customers. Every now and then, we reward our vast customer base to remind them why are arguably the best tech store in Pakistan. Let us recap you with the last few free giveaway campaigns we ran. So, it’s time to avail Giveaways on Mobile Accessories in Pakistan only from Dab Lew Tech.

This should give you an idea on how generous Dab Lew Tech is, and if you also want to get free products from us then you should also participate in them. Here is a list of all the free giveaways we gave out.

1. Campaign – Football Fans

We ran a little campaign for all the football fans out there.

Free Giveaway Time !

2. Lucky Winner of The Campaign – Football Fans

The lucky football fan was given a FREE Mpow Flame 2!

Free Giveaway Time !

3. Promotional Campaign

We soon came out with another campaign, now instead of just winner we gave out Gift vouchers to FIVE of our lucky fans. Below is a campaign where instead of just choosing one customer we gave out free gift vouchers to Four (4) lucky customers.

Free Giveaway Time !

4. Voucher Give-Away

We gave out these vouchers to our Facebook and Instagram community.

Free Giveaway Time !
Free Giveaway Time !

5. Free Earphone – Give Away

Now moving on to our latest give away campaign, we gave our free earphones to our customer who were using broken earphones. We just could not let our valued customers suffer. All the customers had to do was email us a picture of their broken earphone and we chose FIVE lucky customer who were send a free pair of earphones. Cause it’s Free Giveaway Time

Free Giveaway Time !

6. Lucky Winners (FREE Earphones)

Below are the five lucky customers who a free pair of earphones from us.

Free Giveaway Time !

7. More Give-Away Coming Your Way

In case you are one of those who were not lucky enough, don’t lose hope! Team Dab Lew Tech is working on another free give away campaign which will give you another chance to win.