CHOETECH Brand Cables, Chargers, And Power Banks In Pakistan

In Pakistan, the CHOETECH brand is one of the leading manufacturers of durable chargers for both Android-based and iOS-based devices like; Phablets, Smartphones, and Tablets. To facilitate the proper development of wireless charging technology, the CHOETECH brand came into existence. In addition, the brand is based on providing a simple, efficient, smart, and clutter-free approach to the increasing number of electronic devices on the market today.

The headquarters of CHOETECH is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. You can buy original Android and iOS smartphone chargers in Pakistan for a pocket-friendly price.

Choetech is not just a popular brand in Pakistan, it is also a trustworthy and high-quality maker of chargers, power banks, and cables. The company has a wide range of products in the likes as; Phone Chargers, Cables and Power Banks. If you wish to buy Choetech products in Pakistan, just check on to get hold of your favourite Choetech Product. Calm your mind knowing that most products purchased from Dab Lew Tech have a warranty.

CHOETECH Power Banks

Buy the best Choetech Products in Pakistan

Currently, there are a lot of portable Choetech power banks in Pakistan with different prices on the market today. Buyers just need to choose from the various models of the power banks they would like to buy. Most users of power banks would obviously appreciate the portable 20000mAh Choetech USB Type- C power bank for both smartphones and laptops.

This 20000mAh power bank is equipped with a faster power output delivery charging technology that reaches up to 45W. You can see that this product is suitable to match the original MacBook AC charger. It will interest you to know that this power bank can fully charge a selected model of Apple laptops ( MacBook 12” in 1 hour, MacBook Pro 13” in 1.5 hours, MacBook Pro 15” in 2.5 hours).

It is very impressive that this 20000mAh Choetech power bank can charge Apple iPhone X from 0% to 50% in just 30 minutes and it takes 1 hour to fully charge the device.

Buy the best Choetech Products in Pakistan

Another Choetech power bank to consider is the handy fast charging 10000mAh power bank that features Qi 10W wireless charger + 0.5-meter type- C cable. With this portable wireless phone power bank, you get simply place your Qi-certified phone or accessory. In the center of the power bank for an easy wireless charge up to 5W, 7.5W, and 10W (maximum output).

As a preferred alternative choice of power bank. It is compatible with all phones, tablets, and other smaller devices like AirPods Pro, Bluetooth headphones, fitness trackers, etc.


Buy the best Choetech Products in Pakistan

Out of all the numerous Choetech chargers in Pakistan, the 15W MagSafe magnetic Qi wireless charger remains the most purchased for all Qi-certified phones and accessories. Furthermore, this wireless charger from Choetech features a voltage regulation technology that helps to charge low-power devices. In other words, the power supply is automatically adjusted to meet the needs of the device being charged. On the design aspect, the 15W MagSafe magnetic Qi wireless charger is made from a high-quality metal material.

That is supported by a non-slip pad for better stability and performance. On the other hand, this product has a reinforced copper coil. That tends to increase the charging rate up to 67% which is faster than the standard. You still need to know there is an intelligent control system. That swiftly starts the charging process and also adjusts the power consumption ranging from 10 to 5W. (protects against short circuits and overheating ).

Buy best Choetech Products in Pakistan

Lastly, this wireless Choetech charger offers an excellent security level with high operating comfort. You get to charge your devices without cables and without needing to take the phone out of the case.

Stability & Performance

The manufacturer made sure to implement up to seven (7) circuit protection against:

Overheating, Discharge, Surges, Overcharging, Short circuit, Overcurrent, and electromagnetic field.

The 15W MagSafe magnetic Qi wireless Choetech charger in Pakistan can be purchased through Dab Lew Tech ( with an official warranty ).

This company also has other kinds of chargers. Like the Choetech 25W USB Type- C Fast Charge Wall Adapter ( with 2m USB Type- C Cable ). You don’t need to worry much. In the sense this charger head is widely compatible with different devices when it comes to switching the Type- C cable to lightning for. Apple iPhone 13 series, Apple iPhone 12 series, Apple iPhone 11 series, iPhone X/  XR/ XS/ XS Max, Apple iPhone 8 Plus and also the Apple Airpod Pro.

When used normally via the USB Type- C cable, it is suitable for charging; iPad Pro 2020/ 2018, Samsung Galaxy S21/ S20, LG G7 thin Q/G8, Google pixel 5/ 4, and Nintendo Switch. Although, this Choetech 25W adapter charger can still charge other compatible devices. It is compact in size and can contain perfectly in your pocket ( 2.36inch x 1.65inch x 1.02inch. To improve the charger performance.

This helps to automatically detect connected devices to deliver the optimal charging power. Furthermore, it guarantee fast charging while protecting the battery. While the built-in protection against over-current, short-circuit, over-heating and over-voltage will ensure safe charging all through the night.

In a case where you need a higher wattage charger, you should consider purchasing this double port Choetech 65W PD charger. This is another great option when you don’t want to go for the 25W Choetech charger. It will interest you to know. This charger supports stable fast charging with a maximum power of up to 65W. To quickly charge your MacBook Pro 15. Do not be surprised as your MacBook Air charges fully within 2 hours via a USB-C to USB-C cable that is included inside the box.

The advanced dual charging port on this PD wall charger grants full-speed charging for two devices at the same time. While the featured advanced gallium nitride (GaN) technology makes the charging efficient, without sacrificing a single Watt of charging power. Just so you know that the powered GaN tech. Makes this USB Type- C charger 35% smaller than the original 65W PD charger.


On numerous e-commerce stores in Pakistan, durable Choetech cables are available for different price tags that are affordable. Depending on what you need the cables for. There are a lot of differences, design, length, and features that each of the Choetech cables possesses. Check and buy the best Choetech charging cables in Pakistan straight from Dab Lew Tech.

It is now a known fact that all the above-listed Choetech chargers ensure the safe charging of your laptops, phones, and other accessories. They all have their different price tags and you know they are of good value for money. Currently, you can sell all your desired Choetech Products in Pakistan with an official warranty only on Dab Lew Tech.

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