While purchasing our dreamy expensive cell phones, we shouldn’t forget choosing to protect them as well. Choosing to protect our expensive cellphones should be our first priority. Believe it or not but choosing to protect them is far better than bearing a costly repair expense. Keeping this in view, Rhinoshield is here to make you sure about the safety of your smart phones. Rhinoshield brings to you the most Premium Products in Pakistan of all times for your Cell Phones so you can say good bye to the fear of seeing your smart phones being damaged. Rhinoshield phone covers are made in Taiwan.



Rhinoshield has a complete series of top-quality Screen Protectors for all kinds of smart phones. Rhinoshiled’s Impact Screen Protectors are the One of the Best and Top Rated Screen Protectors in Pakistan which are High Strength Protectors that has left behind the Gorilla Glass 3 and can absorbs 5 times impact energy of Gorilla Glass 3 or any other normal screen potector. Rhinoshield’s Impact Screen Protectors are been declared Hammer Proof after successfully tested so you just don’t need to be afraid of falling your smart phones.

No matter how many times your smart phone has fallen, its Six Protection Layers will not allow to cause any damage to your smart phone. These Impact Screen Protectors are Fingerprint Resistant which means it is quite easy and comfortable to clean it irrespective of how many fingerprints are there on it. Along with Fingerprint resistant, these Protectors are also Scratch Resistant so you can place your smart phone anywhere without being scared of scratches. Rhinoshield’s Impact Screen Protectors are built with Impact Damping Technology to reduce the continuous vibration. With its pure transparent screen, you can see an unaltered and unfiltered view of your smart phone’s screen & it is quite smooth to touch. These Impact Screen Protectors have Zero Residue Adhesive percentage that means no mark or anything else will be left behind on removing them.


Buying a Glass Backed Smart Phone is quite Handsome but what about for its Protection? Rhinoshield’s Solid Suits are the Best Mobile Phones Suits in Pakistan which are specially to designed to protect those Handsome and Attractive Smart Phones with a Glass Back. Rhinoshield’s Solid Suits are Military Grade Certified ( MIL-STD 810G )Solid Suits and its ShockSpread polymer material has the ability to soak up the impact of about 3.5m which is around 11 feet.

The construction of Rhinoshield’s Solid Suits is made of hard and soft Polycarbonate that will provide maximum protection to the smart phones. Its matte surface will make easier for you to have a strong grip on your smart phones. Rhinoshield’s Solid Suits are quite durable and flexible enough so that they can be installed on to the smartphones without any difficulty. Rhinoshield’s Solid suits are the thinnest and lightest Protection cases that you will ever find with an average weight of only 0.9 ounces and a thickness of about 0.07 inch. The best part of having a Rhinoshield’s Solid Suit Protection Cases is that they are free from BPA, BPS and BPF which are used in most kinds of the plastics.