Best Smart Watch in Pakistan – Dizo Watch R Talk vs Kieslect Watch KR

If you are looking for the best smart watch in Pakistan – Dizo Watch R Talk vs Kieslect Watch KR comparison blog will be very beneficial for you to choose the best smartwatch in Pakistan. The revolution in wearable technology has arrived! Smartwatches are now widely available and poised to become a gadget that combines the best features of a smartphone and a fitness tracker. While you might not feel as though you need yet another screen in your life, the appropriate smartwatch can help you reduce your daily screen time by condensing the essential information you require.

The speed of the globe has accelerated dramatically in recent years. We all now lead mobile lifestyles and rely on technology, like smartwatches, to keep us informed. However, choosing the top smartwatch in Pakistan may be challenging given the wide range of good selections available for purchase. 

Best Smart Watch in Pakistan – Dizo Watch R Talk vs Kieslect Watch KR

A wristwatch is the most excellent device to use if you want to monitor essential health indicators, effortlessly interact with friends and coworkers, or increase the battery life of your smartphone by moving the most crucial notifications to your wrist.

Here in this blog, we are going to the comparison between two smartwatches in Pakistan.

Some of the newest smartwatches include the Dizo Watch R Talk and the Kieslect Watch KR. These two gadgets are sporty smartwatches that can monitor your health in real-time and track your sporting activities. The Kieslect Watch KR was introduced in May 2022, whereas the Dizo R Talk smartwatch just recently debuted in September 2022. So, do these two watches vary in any way? Which is the best, then?

Dizo Watch R Talk – Packed with Features 

Best Smart Watch in Pakistan - Dizo Watch R Talk vs Kieslect Watch KR

Sports Mode

One of the smartwatch’s most significant features is Sports Mode. The wearable has an unfair advantage over competing wearables with less than 50 sports modes thanks to its 110 indoor and outdoor sports. The sports feature records your activities, including steps, calories, and distance.

Supports Bluetooth Calling

With a modern single-chipset, its Bluetooth call is excellent. With its sophisticated Bluetooth connection, it provides a strong connection and uses less power. The wearable’s ability to receive and respond to calls through Bluetooth is also included. Additionally, there is functionality for reject and call noise cancellation. Dizo watch talk R claims that the speaker is 120% bigger and the music is crystal clear.

Health Monitoring Function

The wearable monitors your heart rate in real-time, continuously records it, and provides data in the app and detailed charts in the support app. The SpO2 tracking feature, which records your blood oxygen level whether you are at rest or engaged in physical activity, is a significant addition to its sports function.

Battery Timing

With a 260mAh battery, the Dizo watch R talk is capable of lasting 10 days between charges and 5 days when making calls, according to the manufacturer.

Design & Structure

It would be simple to mistake Dizo Watch R Talk for a Samsung Galaxy Watch from a distance. It is a premium-looking watch on a budget thanks to a metal frame and other details like a dial rim around the display. But unlike the Galaxy Watch, this dial rim is not touch-sensitive or rotatable, so it serves only to further the luxury appearance and feel.

Some other features

  • Other features are a Sleep tracker, monitoring your light sleep, and deep sleep, as well as a time awake, and sleep time.
  • A sedentary reminder and a water drink reminder are also present.
  • Smart notifications are still included with the smartwatch. SMS texts can be received right on the smartwatch. Although you may read it in the wearable, you cannot reply. Additionally, app notifications are supported, including those for Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and more.
  • There are also controls for the phone’s camera, music player, voice assistant, alarm, stopwatch, weather, and find my watch.

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What are the functions and features of the Kieslect Watch KR?

Best Smart Watch in Pakistan - Dizo Watch R Talk vs Kieslect Watch KR


The third 2-in-1 core calling chip to be released, behind Samsung and Apple, is in the Kieslect Watch KR. It offers you a smooth calling experience wherever you are and whenever you want, even in the most uncomfortable circumstances. It has a significantly better Bluetooth connection than AirPods and more steady calling than most calling phones on the market.

Music System

Kieslect Watch KR can play your phone’s music right on the watch thanks to its built-in speakers. Without removing your phone from your hand or pocket, you can change songs and control the music on your watch.

70+ Sports Modes

The Kieslect Watch KR records useful sports statistics and supports 70 different sports modes. It can also recognise your movements intelligently and start capturing relevant sports data.

Stress, Modes & Game Test

Your stress level and mood condition can be determined by the smartwatch. To understand your mental health and how it changes, it records your feelings from Very Calm to Very Stressed. Utilize Kieslect Watch KR to recognise your stress and unwind using its built-in games.

Password Security

When you don’t want people to access your contact list and other sensitive information, password protection is useful. Create a password to protect your privacy. When it loses contact with your phone, it will also automatically lock the screen.


DIZO watch R talk is round with a 1.3-inch ultra sharp AMOLED screen with always-on displays and 360*360 pixels, while the Kieslect Watch KR is square with a bigger, clear, 1.32, semi-Amoled, 360*360 pixels display offers a colour, smoother viewing experience.

Comparison Table

Device Dizo Watch R Talk Kieslect Watch KR
Shape Circular Square
Colour Classic Black, Silver Grey Black
Dimension 46.7*46.7*13.5mm 45.7mm x 12.1mm
Display 1.3 inch AMOLED screen 1.32, semi-Amoled
Battery Capacity 300 mAh 280 mAh
Water Proof Yes Yes
Bluetooth Yes Yes
Sports moods 110 70
Heart rate monitor Yes Yes

Why DIZO WATCH TALK R is better than Kieslect Watch KR?

If you are looking for an affordable Android Wear watch, then Dizo Watch R Talk is the best pick because it has everything you need and wish for in a smartwatch. It brings the latest technology to your wrist and makes you stay connected with everything at hand via a variety of functions.

  • Performance
  • Reliable battery
  • GPS System
  • Fitness Tracking
  • OTA Upgrades
  • Measures pace
  • Better measurement
  • Power-Saving mode
  • Do Not Disturb mode
  • Reliable measurement of pulse and blood oxygen


We hope that this Dizo Watch R vs Kieslect Watch KR Smartwatch comparison guide has been helpful and you found some new insights from it. Ultimately, our choice of the best smartwatch in Pakistan is a relatively easy one. Of course, every smartwatch is different, and some people might try to steer you towards another option—a preference backed by their own needs. Both smartwatches have a variety of functions and capabilities. If we compare the two smartwatches, the Dizo watch talk R is significantly superior to the Kieslect Watch KR, as seen in the above table. So, what are you waiting for? Buy the best smartwatch Dizo Watch R Talk from Pakistan’s premium tech store Dab Lew Tech Pakistan.