5 benefits of having airpods.

Ever since Apple’s Airpods hit the market in Pakistan, everyone in the country has been wondered if it is worthwhile to buy these air pods and what is iPhone Airpods price in Pakistan. There so many cheaper alternatives for earphones in the country that everyone seems a bit hesitant to make a purchase as huge as this. However, there are many good reasons why one should buy the Air-pods and we can confidently say if you can afford these gadgets then you must get them. Best airpods in Pakistan.

In this blog, we would be exploring the reasons why one should get air pods.

They are Hands-free

If you are someone who is used to commanding and talking to Siri, then you should get the AirPods as the current advancement in the gadgets has enabled “Hey Siri” control. Best airpods in Pakistan

What this means is that, when you have AirPods inside your ear, you can say “Hey Siri” and you would able to do everything including making calls, increasing or decreasing volume, send a text, and a lot more. All of this is even more beneficial if you are using Siri shortcuts. 

The “Hey Siri” feature is not only one of the coolest features but it also provides incredible convenience snd consequently it is one of the chief reason why one should buy the AirPods, 

If you are buying the older AirPods, you would be required to tap on the AirPod to start your Siri control. Although this is not as efficient, it is the greatest update and it still offers a lot of ease.

Excellent Battery Life

One of the major reasons that can compel you to buy the AirPods, is their amazing battery life.  All thanks to the new H1 chip, the new AirPods can last twice as long as the last older ones. By using AirPods now, you can easily have a three hours talk time!

Furthermore, you also get additional 2 hours of battery life, so you can enjoy listening to music.

Fast Switching & Rapid Connectivity

As mentioned above the advanced H1 chip in AirPods enables you to relish some of the amazing features, which also includes exceptional connection speeds.

According to Apple, AirPods can give you a lot better connectivity than other earphones or headphones in the market. 

Therefore every user and especially the users that take a great amount of time to take their phone calls can be significantly benefitted. 

Easy & Efficient Wireless Charging

Charging earphones is the easiest task, as it does not require countless wires and cables, instead, all you need to do is place the AirPods inside their protective case and they would start getting charged automatically. 

With the older Airpod version, you would need to own a lightning cable, however, the newer version does not even require this. 

AirPods case that allows wireless charging can be bought alone, but it also comes along with the AirPods. Moreover, there is a small LED indicator on the surface of AirPods, so just by taking a glance, you can know when is your case charging. You can also ask Siri regarding the battery life.

Number #1 Game Quality

According to Apple, during gaming, the new model of AirPods has around 30% less latency. What this means is that by getting the new AirPods, you can enjoy gaming a lot because it would offer you much better sound quality. The sound quality is soo good that it would almost make you feel as though everything inside the screen is taking place outside of it. Learn more.

So if you are a game fanatic and you love playing important games like Fortnite and PUBG, AirPods can help you elevate your gaming quality!

Other than the 5 aforementioned points, there countless reasons why you should buy AirPods. So visit our website and place the order!


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